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All states carry traffic laws that specifically require "obedience to traffic control signals and devices" (or similarly-worded language), meaning that drivers must observe and obey all traffic lights and stop signs when operating vehicles.The most common traffic violation associated with traffic control signals and devices is "running" a red light or stop sign -- when a driver proceeds through an intersection:While a red light (or red turn arrow) is displayed on a traffic signal, orWithout coming to a complete stop and following right-of-way requirements when a "stop" sign is posted.

Lawful Turns on Red Lights
State traffic laws related to traffic control devices usually allow drivers to execute a turn on a red light only in certain situations. For example, drivers may make a right turn at an intersection on a red light if there is no sign prohibiting "right on red", and if it is safe to do so under the circumstances. Similarly, some states allow a left turn on a red light when a driver is turning left from one one-way street onto another one-way street, and it is safe to turn under the traffic (vehicle and pedestrian) conditions.

With the implementation of red light cameras at intersections throughout the country, some drivers may face the unpleasant surprise of a red light camera ticket. These tickets must be dealt with, as they are a criminal offense and can result in fines, a suspended license and/or a point on your license if not dealt with promptly. These citations can be successfully challenged in court by following certai guidelines

The most common traffic ticket is probably a citation for running a red light. These days, cops don't even have to be there to cite you. Instead, cameras capture the violation and officers use that evidence in court to convict you. Follow these instructions to beat them at their own game! 

Instructions How to Fight a Red Light Camera Ticket fight-red-light-camera-ticket.

# 1  Verify its authenticity. In the past, fake tickets have been sent out to unsuspecting drivers by local police departments to get a driver to admit fault and pay a fine. Others may send out fake tickets to solicit personal information. Before taking any action, verify the ticket's authenticity with the court system for the county the violation took place in. In most counties, this can be done through the county website. If the ticket does not come up on the website, you can call the court or visit in person to verify that the ticket is legitimate. Real tickets will instruct you to contact the court to resolve this matter while fake tickets may tell you not to contact the court. Before proceeding, make sure your ticket is a court matter.

1.1  Once you've been issued a citation for running a red light, captured on a traffic camera (NOT cited by an officer) appear in court on the date you are notified of.

# 2  Understand the way it works. The majority of red light camera tickets will come with two photos of the incident as evidence. One photo will be of the car's license plate and the other will be a close-up shot of the driver. These photos are crucial as they serve as the main evidence that you ran a red light. If the license plate matches the plate on your vehicle but it was not you who was driving, you can ask the court to dismiss the charges. You can also ask for a dismissal if it is questionable if the person in the vehicle is you or not. Since an actual police officer was not present to identify the person who was driving, it is harder for the police to prove that you were operating the vehicle at the time.

If the photo caught you red-handed, you will need to try to fight your ticket on a technicality. Just because they have a photo of you from a camera at a photo-enforced intersection does not mean the ticket will hold up in court.

2.1  Rather than immediately paying the ticket when you get to the courthouse, request a trial. It will be a bench trial because running a red light is a traffic infraction. For all infractions, there is not right to a jury trial so it will be a "bench trial;" that is, it will be a trial decided by a judge not a jury of your peers

# 3  Educate yourself on the laws in your state regarding red light camera tickets. Most states requires photo enforcement notification signs within 300 yards of an intersection that utilizes this technology. In these states, the tickets are not enforceable if the signs are missing, damaged or otherwise do not notify drivers of photo enforcement. In many states there is a statute of limitations defining the amount of time law enforcement personnel have to issue a citation. In California, law enforcement has 15 days to mail the ticket. The state also mandates that in addition to the ticket being signed by a law enforcement officer, the ticket must also include the physical address and phone number of the court. If you find your ticket is missing any of these variables, you can argue against its legality in court.

3.1  Avoid stipulation. The day you show up for your hearing, the officers who are appearing against you will likely be waiting outside the courtroom with their snazzy equipment offering to show you the video/picture images of you committing the violation. They'll explain how it all works and sheepishly apologize for your bad luck of getting caught. Then they usually tell you that to make everything go "smoothly" in front of the judge, when he asks if you want to "stipulate" to letting the video be seen by the court, just agree. Here is where you nod along with the officer and when you get into court you confidently say, "NO, thank you, your honor." By stipulating you give up your ONLY chance to beat this ticket. The officer knows he can't lay the foundation to get the video admitted into evidence unless you stipulate because the alternative would involve bringing the custodian of these videos, who are usually located in another state, along with him to the hearing.

# 4  Collect evidence to build your case. A visit to the intersection where the alleged incident took place can tell you if the correct signs are in place for proper notification. If the signs are missing, damaged, hidden or vandalized, take pictures to present to the judge. Signs to notify drivers of photo enforced intersections must follow the guidelines set forth by the state, so taking pictures of the existing signs can prove non-compliance to the court. Also, make note of dates on your ticket that may prove law enforcement took too long to inform you of this incident.

Most tickets also give you a time record of the crime. The ticket will include a second-value that tells you how many seconds after the light turned red that your vehicle
crossed the stop line. If this number is fractional, such as 0.1, you can  argue to the judge that you did not have time to come to a safe and complete stop.

4.1  You win! If the court doesn't get to see the video, because you didn't stipulate and there was no officer there to see you run the alleged red light, there is no evidence of your crime and you win! No fine, no traffic school, no increase in insurance rates.

# 5  Go to court to fight your red light camera ticket. Before you appear before the judge, practice your defense so that you will perform strongly in court. Bring all your evidence to your appearance and show the judge why the ticket is invalid. If the person in the photo is not you, argue to the judge that you cannot be held accountable for this crime. If state laws regarding photo enforcement were not properly followed, illustrate this to the judge with your ticket, photos and other evidence. Evidence will be your strongest defense in court

5.1  Red Light Cameras: Are Ticket Fines Voluntary?

Tickets from red-light cameras are not as enforceable as most motorists think, and now their high cost and the widespread public backlash against them may be leading to their removal in America's car capital.

As the bright light flashes when a car zips through a red light, most motorists are not really sure if they have been caught, until a ticket shows up in the mail, along with a fine of up to $500. The "gotcha!" cameras have even led some drivers to put a box over their head or even wear a mask to avoid the ticket.

In the city of Los Angeles -- considered to be the driving capital of America -- the fines for these tickets are, unbeknownst to many, voluntary.

City officials in L.A. said that they were shocked to learn that there's no real enforcement of the tickets due to the fact that courts find the cases difficult to prove, as the person receiving the ticket is often not the person driving the car at the time the photo was snapped. The courts have now ruled that violations caught on a photo are unenforceable, since there is no live witness to testify against an alleged offender.

Discovering this has angered those who've shelled out hundreds in fines, leading many to ask if they can have their money back. Tim Mueller/AP PhotoAn automated traffic enforcement camera that... View Full Size Tim Mueller/AP Photo An automated traffic enforcement camera that records red-light violations is seen in this April 23, 2009 photo in Baton Rouge, La. The city of Los Angeles may soon be putting the brakes on red-light cameras, claiming the courts and drivers ignore the summonses and they don't make traffic safer. Traffic Cameras Nab Speeders and Controversy Watch Video Putting the Brakes on Running the Red Watch Video Study: Red Light Cams Increase Accidents Watch Video

"If you paid the fine, you paid the fine. If you didn't pay the fine, you were pretty much able to get away with it," Paul Koretz of the Los Angeles City Council told ABC News.

Approximately 40 percent of ticketed drivers got away with not paying those hefty fines that come with a red light camera ticket -- which is why Los Angeles is dumping the cameras altogether.

"Get rid of 'em … if you can't collect any revenues for them, then what good are they doing for the city? Absolutely none," Los Angeles driver Gregory Adams said.

And the trend to rid cities of the unpopular cameras may go nationwide.

The city of Houston has already banished the cameras, and according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, a total of nine states have banned the red-light cameras. Several others have passed laws limiting the use of camera enforcement.

Getting rid of the cameras will ultimately save the city of Los Angeles around $1million per year. But some are still concerned that without them, there may be more collisions.

On the other side of the debate, a study this year by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety claims that in 14 of America's largest cities the cameras have saved 159 lives during a four-year period. The study also said that if all 99 of the country's largest cities had them installed, 815 lives could have been saved.

Still, some believe they may cause more harm than good when motorists stop short because they are thinking about the camera, causing a rear-end collision.

"If people are stopping short because they are thinking about the camera, that is making things much more dangerous," said Patrick McElroy, a driver in Los Angeles.

Jay Beeber, a Los Angeles resident and anti-red light camera activist, says that most of the tickets are for rolling right turns -- a far less dangerous violation that is just as pricey.

"If they were interested in safety they would have made sure that they enforced the tickets," Beeber said.  

Welcome to How To Fight Red Light Ticket! What You Need to Know Automated red light tickets are a reality of the modern age. As cities and police departments have embraced new technology, they have started looking for ways to reduce their operating costs. One of these measures is the installation of red light cameras.

What are automated tickets?
Automated tickets are the product of Red light cameras. Red Light cameras are cameras that are typically installed above a traffic light, in order to catch people who run red lights. They work through a series of triggers that may be either above or below ground. When the light turns red, the system is activated, and can sense when a vehicle has passed the intersection line. If a car passes the line, the camera takes a series of shots of the vehicle. These shots are analyzed by whichever company administers the lights. If a car is caught in any of these shots, then the company sends the photos to the local police department. If the shots are reliable and clear, the police department may choose to prosecute the person who was caught running the red light.

Where are they Located?
Red-light cameras are now found in most industrial countries in the world, and are popular in the UK and China. In the United States, however, red light cameras have proven to be very controversial and are disallowed in several states as a result. Even in states where they are allowed, red-light cameras have been subject to various restrictions that prevent them from being used in certain areas. The red-light cameras are also considered relatively expensive. Most cities cannot afford to place red light cameras at every intersection, so red-light cameras are placed at only the busiest intersections. Most cities host information about automated tickets on the cities website. Local police departments will be able to provide information on the red light cameras in their own city.

Why are Automated Tickets Controversial?
Automated tickets are controversial for a variety of different reasons. When they were first installed, many of the red light cameras could not take a clear picture of the driver, just the car. Several state courts, as a result, found that no one could be prosecuted unless the face was clear.

Other legal cases included challenges that the red light cameras deprived the driver of their right to a jury trial, that even modern cameras couldn’t always identify who is actually behind the wheel, and that corporations should not have a legal right to issue citations. The US court was also forced to address the issue that constantly-operating public cameras violated that right of privacy.

Opponents also frequently challenge the fact that red-light camera providers make large profits from citizens even when policing areas that have few accidents. It has been found by several different organizations that red-light cameras have the potential to increase accidents of all types, as it causes some otherwise safe drivers to engage in risky behavior in order to avoid fines.

Seeing Red: Fighting an Automated Traffic TicketRed-light cameras are one of the more recent attempts by cities to cut down on traffic accidents assorted with running red light cameras. Unfortunately, what may have been an attempt to make streets safer has largely backfired. Red-Light Cameras have been manipulated as a fund-raising tool, and in some cities, have caused more accidents than they could prevent as drivers change their behavior around red lights. Red-light cameras are also challenged because of the danger they represent to judicial rights. Since the cameras are automated, the owner of the car may be ticketed no matter who is driving it, and the tickets are administered without the benefit of a constitutionally-protected jury.

Many red light tickets that are issued may be invalid for a number of reasons, and many resources have since been created to help citizens fight these unfair tickets. What follows is a guide that collects some of the best ticket fighting advice available and compiles it all in one place.

WARNING: None of the information that follows may be considered to constitute legal advice. The information is the result of the success of private citizens in their respective districts. For any questions regarding the legality of any options, you must consult a licensed attorney.

Make sure the ticket is Genuine

Several sources have verified that companies which handle automated tickets may be using false tickets. When it is evident that the driver of the car is not the owner of the vehicle, a ticket may be issued that has no power unless the receiver pays it (thus admitting guilt), or implicates another person for running the camera. For that reason, these false tickets are called “snitch tickets”. To verify your ticket, simply contact the court (The ticket may ask you not to). If the court has no record of the ticket or any proceedings related to it, you may freely ignore the fake ticket.

Gather All the Evidence Related to Your Case

To properly fight the ticket, you need to get copies of all the information that relates to the red light cameras and your specific violation. Of upmost importance is the picture that demonstrates that you ran a red light. If your vehicle, your face, or your license plate is not visible, the case may possibly be thrown out of the court on any of those grounds. In addition to the photo, you may want to get copies of the installation and maintenance guides for the cameras, as they may be faulty and frequently wrong. Make sure that you also review all the necessary state laws that relate to how a traffic light must be run. An inability of the prosecutor to provide any piece of this may also be grounds to throw out the case.

Come to Court PreparedIt may seem hopeless to fight red-light cameras sometimes but the truth is they have been defeated and even outlawed in some states as a result of cases just like yours. It’s important for you to review the cases where red-light cameras have been defeated and base your defense around them. In addition to case law, there are many resources online that have archives of cases where red light cameras have been defeated. Make sure you understand all of them. If you still don’t feel confident, then hire a lawyer to speak on your behalf. Most traffic tickets are based upon very shaky reasoning, and a talented lawyer will often be able to get the ticket thrown out.

Technology has now made its way in human life. Red light cameras are very common in western states and counties. Red light camera is commonly known as red light safety camera. Moreover, people also recognize these cameras as intersection safety camera. These cameras are used to capture the image of vehicle, which crosses the signal when the traffic light is red. It is an automated camera, which only captures images of those vehicles passing the signal when light is red. This is because the camera is only activated when the traffic light is red. The camera has a built in mechanism, which activates the camera only when the traffic light is red, otherwise the camera remains inactive. Moreover, in some cameras a timer is set, which actives the camera according to the traffic light changes

Once the red light camera captures an image, it gives evidence to the state police regarding that vehicle and the police then investigate about the car owner. If it is the owner, who has performed the criminal act, he is taken to the court, and if the car was on rent, then the state police find the person, who performed that criminal act. The camera evidence will be cited by the official, and if he believes that an offense has occurred, the state will mail that photo to the car owner, getting the mail address from the public directory. The history of red light cameras is not too long, and it has been used since 1960’s in the western countries. Red light safety camera was designed in the Netherlands, but was not used frequently.

There is a debate going on the use of red light cameras. People against the use of these cameras argue that they are used to gain financial benefits from customers, while authorities in favor, which use these cameras, argue that these cameras are solely used for public safety. This is a long debate, which may continue long, but it is for sure that it is great technology developed by humans to assist the state against criminal activities. Technology has advantages and disadvantages, and if advantages overcome the disadvantages, then there is no reason people should condemn the use of that technology. Same is the case of red light safety camera. It provides safety to the public, and side by side the state can get some financial benefits from the accused, which pays fine in the court.

In this overview about red light safety cameras, it must be stated that these cameras are installed in a metal box attached to the signal pole. The camera has a sensor, which detects the vehicle that has violated the red signal and passed by the road ignoring the light. The camera is of two types, one is that captures images, while the other is that makes a small video clip of the vehicle violating the red signal. The red light safety camera is not the only way to keep people away from red light running.


Info & Advice about California Red Light Camera Tickets - - for Free!

Opened Sept. 23, 2002.  Content updated Sept. 30, 2011.

"Traffic rules account for most of the contact by average citizens with law enforcement and the courts.  Enforcement of laws which are widely perceived as unreasonable and unfair generates disrespect and even contempt toward those who make and enforce those laws."
The Appellate Department, in People vs. Goulet

"Our research in Gardena has revealed there is no significant traffic safety impact as a result of the use of the red light cameras. At almost every intersection where we have cameras, collisions have remained the same, decreased very slightly, or increased depending on the intersection you examine. When combining the statistics of all the intersections, the overall consensus is that there is not a noticeable safety enhancement to the public."
Gardena, California Police Chief Edward Medrano, in staff report prepared for Feb. 9, 2010 city council meeting.


Does your "ticket" have the address of the Court on it?  If it doesn't, or if it says (in small print on the back of the page), "Do not contact the court," it's not really a ticket at all - it's a police trick!
See the section entitled "Police Going Too Far...  Snitch Tickets" on the Your Ticket page.
Go there also, if you don't yet have a ticket but want to be prepared.
Then come back here!

Was someone else driving your car, and now the police (or even the clerks at the courthouse) are twisting your arm, trying to get you to identify that driver?  You don't have to.  See the "It's Not Me!" section on the Your Ticket page.
Then come back here.

The 2012 legislation season is about to start in Sacramento, so NOW is the time to call your assemblyperson, your state senator, the governor, and your auto club.  See the details on the Action/Legis page.  Then come back here!

Is your photo enforcement ticket seriously delinquent or "in collection?"  See the big box near the top of Section # 3, Handling Your Ticket, on the Your Ticket page.

Is your ticket from a town in LA County?  If so, be sure to read the "Countywide Information," which is Docs Set # 2 on the LA County Documents page.

Read about the recent court decisions - twelve new appeal decisions in 2010!

Is your ticket for a straight thru violation (not a turn) and the yellow seemed shorter than normal?  Videotape that signal!  And have a look at Defect # 2, below.
Then come back here.

Was your ticket for making a right turn?  If so, see Defect # 9 (below), and the Legislation section on the Action page.
Then come back here.

California photo enforcement tickets can put a point on your driving record.  So, they have to have a good picture of your face.  A picture of your license plate isn't enough.  See Defect # 1, below.
Then come back here.
Defect # 1.

If you want more information about traffic school, see the traffic school Editorial on the Links page.
Then come back here.

Are you worried that you may have had your picture taken in the last few days? 
See FAQ's # 8 and # 9 on the Links page.

Do you have a 0.40 or less "Late Time" ticket?  Check out Defect # 7, below.
Defect # 7.

Do you have a cover on your license plate?  Or a reflective spray?  You could get a $1000 ticket!  See FAQ # 11, on the Links page.

Want word-for-word details of how an actual photo enforcement trial goes?
Trial transcripts, and decisions, are available.
Index to Transcripts, Briefs, Decisions.

On your ticket, does the supposedly "red" light look yellow?  To find out if it really is red, or yellow, see FAQ # 20 on the Links page.

If you're not sure what an extension to a "respond to" date is, and what the difference is between an arraignment and a trial, please read the big green Confusing Terminology box on the Your Ticket page.

Does your "ticket" have the address of the Court on it?  If it doesn't, or if it says (in small print on the back of the page), "Do not contact the court," it's not really a ticket at all - it's a police trick!
See the section entitled "Police Going Too Far...  Snitch Tickets" on the Your Ticket page.
Your Ticket page.

Lost, or want to find something quickly?
There's now a detailed
Site Index.
Also, the FAQ will answer many questions.

What is a red light violation?

Simply put, a red light violation is any time you have a steady or flashing red signal, whether round or arrow, and you fail to COMPLETELY stop the movement of your vehicle prior to crossing the stop line. All intersections that are monitored by this program have thick painted white stop lines prior to the marked crosswalks. For the complete law, click on the following link: Revised Code of Washington 46.61.050

How will this affect my driving record?

The infraction is issued against the car's registered owner, like a parking ticket, so your insurance rates and driver's license WILL NOT be affected. However, if you fail to pay the fines and/or respond to the court in the time allowed, the Department of Licensing can hold your vehicle tabs until the fine and all related late fees are paid.

The camera flashed...Will I get a ticket?

Not necessarily...There are two images required to enforce a red light citation. The first image is as the vehicle comes to the stop line at an intersection. The second is as the vehicle goes through the intersection. If your vehicle approaches the intersection at a certain speed, the camera will take the first picture in anticipation that you'll run the red light. However, if you come to a COMPLETE stop, you will not receive a citation. The data collection is the automated part of the system. After the data is collected, several different people view the information to determine whether or not it is a good violation prior to it getting sent to the police department for final approval. The camera does not make the decision whether or not to cite a vehicle, an actual officer does.

How do the red light cameras work?

The camera system used by American Traffic Solutions has three basic components: a high resolution camera for taking still color photos, a video camera that provides a broader view of the offending vehicle and any other vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists in the intersection, and a vehicle sensing device that activates the still cameras and captures video of approaching vehicles that the system “predicts” will violate a red signal.

Photographic and video images of violation events are sent electronically from the traffic safety camera system to the ATS data center where they are reviewed against criteria established by the Spokane Police Department. Events that clearly are not violations are rejected at the data center. Trained officers in the SPD Traffic Section, who authorize issuance of citations for those deemed in violation, review events that appear to meet SPD criteria. Click on the link below for an illustrated version of this explanation.

Why do we have red light cameras in Spokane?

This is a safety program. Automated safety systems have been shown to reduce red-light violations and intersection crashes. Numerous studies throughout the U.S. and worldwide, as well as the experience of many other cities, indicate significant decreases in red-light running violations and collisions after cameras were installed. Often times, a spillover effect results from automated enforcement: other intersections not monitored by automated enforcement also see a decrease in violations and accidents because of the presence of enforcement in other areas of the community.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:

“Cameras have been shown to substantially reduce red light violations. Institute evaluations in Fairfax, Virginia, and Oxnard, California, showed that camera enforcement reduced red light running violations by about 40 percent. In addition to reducing red light running at camera-equipped sites, violation reductions in both communities carried over to signalized intersections not equipped with red light cameras, indicating community-wide changes in driver behavior. An Institute evaluation of red light cameras in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, found that after red light violations were reduced by 36 percent following increased yellow signal timing, the addition of red light cameras further reduced red light violations by 96 percent.”

In a study completed by AAA, crashes cost American drivers more than $160 billion per year. In Spokane specifically, research showed 4,681 injuries in 2007 with a cost of $429 million to the community, averaging $975 per person in Spokane County.

Where are the cameras in Spokane?

Right now, we have fifteen cameras monitoring ten intersections. One camera can cover up to four lanes of travel in one direction.

Our current approaches are as follows:

North and southbound Division St. at Francis Ave.
Northbound Hamilton St. at Mission Ave.
Southbound Browne St. at Sprague Ave.
Northbound Freya St. at Third Ave.
West and southbound Second Ave. at Thor St.
Eastbound Wellesley Ave. at Ash St.
Northbound Division St. at Sprague Ave.
Southbound Maple St. at 2nd Ave.
Westbound 2nd Ave. at Walnut St.
Southbound Browne St. at 3rd Ave.

How can I view the video of the violation?

Log on to www.ViolationInfo.com. To log on to the site you must enter the Notice Number and the PIN Number located at the top right of your Notice of Violation.

You may also access the website at a kiosk in the Public Safety Building, 1100 W. Mallon Ave., Spokane, WA 99260. For further questions or information, you can email inquiries to photored@spokanepolice.org or call (509) 625-4181.

What day and time are the hearings scheduled?

Hearings are held on Thursdays starting at 1:30pm. Hearings last from 10 to 15 minutes and will be scheduled accordingly.

How do I know that these violations are valid?

Images of your vehicle were captured and recorded by an Automated Intersection Safety System. You can review your images and video of the actual occurrence online. The images and video were reviewed by several qualified technicians and finally by the Spokane Police Department before the alleged civil infraction was affirmed and mailed to you as the registered owner. You have the option of contesting the Notice of Violation by requesting in writing an administrative hearing, at which time you may discuss the validity of the images and video captured on the date and time detailed on the Notice of Violation.

What if the camera was not working or defective?

If you look at the front of the Notice of Violation – at the paragraph under the close-up of your license plate – the Spokane Police Department states in the first sentence that the Automated Intersection Safety System was operating correctly at the time of this violation.

What company provides the program in Spokane?

City of Spokane has contracted with American Traffic Solutions Inc. to provide the red-light camera enforcement program. ATS will install and maintain all equipment related to this program and process all violations before forwarding the data to the Spokane Police Department for their review and issuance. More information about ATS is available here.

What are my options?

There are three options.

1. Pay the fine:

Pay Online Logon to www.ViolationInfo.com by entering your Notice number and Pin number shown in the red box on the front right of your notice. Click the Pay button. There is a convenience fee of $4.00 that will be assessed at the time of payment. Pay by mail Mail your check or money order to:
City of Spokane
Photo Enforcement Program
P.O. Box 742503
Cincinnati, OH 45274-2503 Pay by Credit Card Call toll free 1-866-790-4111 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST. There is a convenience fee of $4.00 that will be assessed at the time of payment.

2. Ask for a Hearing:

You must request an adjudicative hearing in writing before the due date listed on the top and bottom right of your Notice of Violation. Remove the coupon located at the bottom of the Notice of Violation, sign the back and mail it in the enclosed envelope. You can chose to either contest or mitigate and both of these can be done by mail or in person. Mitigation means that you admit to the infraction but want to explain the circumstances and request a reduced fine. Contesting the citation means you contest the fact the violation occurred.

3. Submit an Affidavit stating you were not driving the car:

You may only submit a Affidavit of Non-liability if at the time of the violation one of the following was true:

Vehicle was stolen (must provide police report) Vehicle was sold (must provide valid proof of sale) Your company is in the business of leasing or renting vehicles and the vehicle was leased or rented at the time of the violation (must provide lease or rental agreement)

You may obtain an Affidavit of Non-liability by visiting www.ViolationInfo.com . This affidavit must be filled out accurately and in its entirety, it must be notarized, and all submitted paperwork must be postmarked by the due date for the original notice. Mail the Declaration and pertinent information to: City of Spokane, Violation Processing, PO Box 12129, Scottsdale, AZ 85267-2129.

How do I contact someone with other questions?

You can call (509) 625-4181 or email inquiries to photored@spokanepolice.org

City of Spokane being sued for red light ticket payments June 16 2014 About Time.

SPOKANE, Wash.--A class action lawsuit was filed against the City of Spokane for red light ticket fees paid after a judge ruled them invalid.

The lawsuit filed with Spokane County Superior Court said red light tickets were issued by the city between November 1, 2008 and June 20, 2011 after a judge had found them to be void.

READ: Judge rules Spokane's red light tickets invalid

The lawsuit also claims the city refuses to repay people who wrongfully paid the tickets and they are not dismissing collection efforts against those who have not paid the tickets.

On June 17, 2011 Judge Jerome Leveque ruled that red light tickets were invalid because the tickets were not physically signed in the state of Washington.

MORE: Spokane City Council rejects giving money from red light tickets to other programs

The lawsuit wants the city to pay up to $124 to everyone who got a ticket, which is the price of the ticket, plus any collections fees or costs.

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