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Visit Spokane is the official destination marketing organization for Spokane County and its jurisdictions. As the primary programmatic arm for travel and tourism promotion for the region, Visit Spokane leads Spokane’s tourism industry to work together to generate visitor spending by developing and implementing comprehensive destination marketing and sales programs. Visit Spokane is a self-governing, private not-for-profit corporation with a Board of Directors; some of whom are elected by dues paying members and some who are appointed by funding partners.

Living in Spokane Thinking about moving to Spokane? The Spokane region is the perfect place to call home! We think you'll be impressed with how many quality opportunities Spokane has to offer. If you want more information about our region, request a relocation packet or visit the Spokesman Jobs page for current job listings and information.

Spokane's family and business friendly environment will make you feel right at home. The Spokane Visitor Information Center is packed with lots of valuable information about our distinctive communities, Spokane's rich arts scene, delicious local eateries and must-see area attractions. They'll tell you about great neighborhoods to live in, the local school districts and so much more. Feel free to drop by during business hours, seven days a week. The Visitor Information Center is located on the main level of River Park Square Mall in downtown Spokane.

City of Spokane

Did you know Spokane, the undisputed heart of the Inland Northwest, hosted the first environmentally themed World's Fair in 1974? Of course, now we know it was only a sign of the great things to come. As a thriving mountain side metropolis, Spokane boasts a population of nearly 500,000, a hearty economy and an entertainment and nightlife scene that is second to none.

City of Spokane Valley

Spokane Valley is the 10th largest city in Washington State and the home of about 90,000 people. Our community was once known as "Spokane Valley, the Valley Bountiful," because of the beauty of the surrounding area, fertile farmlands, business opportunities, outdoor sports and activities and local recreational areas. Today, Spokane Valley is a growing and thriving community that continues to provide bountiful opportunities for families and businesses that choose to live, work, or play here.

City of Liberty Lake

A hot spot in the Inland Northwest at the turn of the century, Liberty Lake once drew more than 14,000 people to its shores for the Fourth of July. Now Liberty Lake is one of the up and coming cities in the Spokane region. A dynamic and active city of more than 8,000 residents, less than 15 minutes outside of Spokane, Liberty Lake is quick to be recognized as a family and business friendly community.

Cities of the West Plains

The West Plains is made up of three small towns each offering unique events, history and plenty of things to do. Eastern Washington University helps Cheney grasp that home town pride with their national champion East Eagles football program and their famous red turf field. Airway Heights is a growing hub for business and entertainment with Spokane international Airport, Fairchild Air Force Base and Northern Quest Resort and Casino. Medical Lake, Known for its scenic beauty, has abundant wildlife, lakes, parks and outdoor recreation. Modest in size, the West Plains is a great place to visit, wonderful place to live and provides quick access to a major metropolitan area.

Research is an important part of marketing our region and we take it seriously at Visit Spokane. The numbers help us analyze and target specific markets as well as understand visitor trends and economic impact from events. Here are some great resources and reports we have compiled:

The Visit Spokane Annual Report contains information on organizational funding, operating expenditures, program results and overall visitor spending in Spokane County. The report includes program highlights from Visit Spokane's Convention Sales, Services and Destination Marketing departments as well as milestones and strategic goals.

Contact Us Visitor Information

River Park Square Kiosk
808 W Main Ave, Main Level
Spokane, WA 99201

More information and hours

Spokane Valley Mall Kiosk
14700 E Indiana Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99216

More information and hours

Spokane Airport Visitor Information Center
9000 W Airport Dr, AB Terminal
Near Baggage Carousel 3
Spokane, WA 99224

More information and hours

Mobile Visitor Center | ACE

More information and schedule

Call us toll free at 1.888.SPOKANE
or email

Visit Spokane Administrative Offices
801 W Riverside, Ste 301
Spokane, WA 99201

Office Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

Call us at 1.509.624.1341

Government City of Spokane
This web site provides general information as well as information about City operations and includes links to other agencies. 

City of Spokane Valley
This web site provides general information as well as information about City operations and includes links to other agencies. 

City of Airway Heights
This web site provides general information as well as information about City operations. 

City of Cheney
This web site provides general information as well as information about City operations and includes links to other agencies. 

City of Liberty Lake
This web site provides general information as well as information about City operations.  

City of Medical Lake
This web site provides general information.

Spokane County
This web site offers links to other agencies and provides information about County departments. 

Washington State Tourism 
The official site of Washington State Tourism. 

Business Associations & ResourcesDowntown Spokane Partnership
The DSP is a private, non-profit membership organization that serves as Spokane's central city advocate and service provider, dedicated to enhancing the quality and vitality of Downtown Spokane as the basis for a healthy region.

Greater Spokane Incorporated (GSI)
GSI advocates for local and regional businesses by supporting initiatives, connecting professionals and facilitating events that drive progress for the Spokane region.

Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce
The Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce's purpose is to advance civic, commercial and industrial interests and to promote the general welfare and prosperity of the Spokane Valley. 

Innovate Washington 
Innovate Washington is an economic development agency of the State of Washington that focuses on accelerating the development and growth of technology companies in the Inland Northwest.  Our target clients are innovative technology companies with defensible intellectual property, large market potential, and principals who show a strong desire to grow their business.  See our website for more information.

Spokane Hotel Motel Association
SHMA exists for the purpose promoting Spokane and all the things that make it a wonderful place to visit.

Spokane Winery Association
Spokane is home to more than twenty wineries and tasting rooms, offering award winning, hand crafted wines in eclectic tasting rooms throughout Spokane.

Washington Tourism Alliance
A collective effort by Washington State DMOs (Destination Marketing Organization) to market Washington State on a national and international level.

Arts & Entertainment Spokane Arts
A primary function of the Spokane Arts Fund and Spokane Arts Commission is coordinating the selection, placement and other planning and design factors of municipal art projects in accordance with the overall municipal arts plan. Community Information / Demographics

Spokane Community Indicators
Provides comprehensive information about the community in key areas like education, arts and leisure, health, economics, transportation, etc.Education

Spokane School District #81
Located throughout the City of Spokane. Includes 35 elementary schools, 7 middle schools and 6 high schools. 

Central Valley School District #356
Located in Spokane Valley. Includes 12 elementary schools, 5 middle schools and 3 high schools.

East Valley School District #361
Located in Spokane Valley & Liberty Lake. Includes 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 1 high school.

Mead School District #354
Located in north Spokane. Includes 8 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 3 high schools.

West Valley School District #363
Located in Spokane Valley. Includes 4 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 2 high schools. Higher Education

Community Colleges of Spokane

Eastern Washington University

Gonzaga University

North Idaho College

University of Idaho

Washington State University

Whitworth University Facilities

Spokane Convention Center
Owned and operated by the Spokane Public Facilities District, the Spokane Convention Center offers modern, river front meeting space with downtown shopping, dining and lodging within walking distance.

INB Performing Arts Center
The INB Performing Arts Center, connected to the Spokane Convention Center, is the ideal auditorium for Broadway concerts, shows, meetings and events.

Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena
This state of the art venue, operated by the Spokane Public Facilities District, hosts an incredible variety of events, including NCAA tournaments, concerts, family shows, rodeos and more.

Spokane County Fair and Expo Center
The Fair & Expo Center, situated on 97 acres, offers a facility for tradeshows, meetings, livestock events, rodeos and more.

CenterPlace Regional Event Center
Located in Spokane Valley's beautiful Mirabeau Point Park, CenterPlace offers 13 meeting rooms and state of the art audiovisual amenities in a comfortable, contemporary setting.

Libraries Spokane County Library DistrictSpokane County Library District connects people with resources 24/7.  We have 10 libraries throughout the county and outreach services.

Spokane Public Libraries
General information about the Spokane Public Library, its board and services.   Sports Organizations

Spokane Regional Sports Commission
As an economic and community development non-profit organization, the Spokane Regional Sports Commission (SRSC) is a coalition of regional government, business, and volunteers supporting and managing the efforts to recruit new sporting events and build on their associated benefits for the betterment of the Spokane region. 

For a Complete Staff Directory
Click Here

Leadership TeamCheryl Kilday, President & CEO

Keith Backsen, Vice President of Sales & Services

Jeanna Hofmeister, Chief Marketing Officer

TJ Hake, Senior Director of Business Development

Convention SalesKeith Backsen, Vice President of Sales & Services

Shannon Shannon, Director of Sales

Ann Garvey, CMP, CEM, Director of National Accounts Midwest Region

Kim Ritten, Director of National Accounts Midwest Region

Brooke LaFleur, Director of National Accounts
EmailSonja Hughes, Director of National Accounts

Lisa McHaffie, Director of National Accounts
EmailScott Zellers, Director of National Accounts


Marla Allen, Research & Systems Administrator

Susie Long, Sales Associate 

Joanne Ross, Sales Associate

Diane Riser, Sales Associate

Convention ServicesAmy Cabe, Director of Convention Services 

Ashley Reese, Convention Services & Housing Manager

Mary Rosner, Convention Services Coordinator/Receptionist

Destination MarketingThe Destination Marketing team focuses on delivering new and repeat visitors to our Region, enhancing our economy through visitor spending to the extent that it creates new resources to be enjoyed by both residents and non-residents alike.

Jeanna Hofmeister, Chief Marketing Officer
Email Charlotte Finnegan, Director of Leisure Sales

Melissa Skomer-Kafton, Visitor Engagement Specialist

Karen Montague, Senior Travel Counselor | Fulfillment

Tim Robinson, Director of Communications & Public Relations

Peyton Scheller, Communications Manager

Kaylen McRae, Marketing Manager

Peter Dunau, Content Manager

Keytra Wickenhauser, Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Business DevelopmentThe Business Development team generates new income and maintains continued private financial support for Visit Spokane in the form of private membership investments, corporate sponsorships, advertising and event revenue. 

TJ Hake, Senior Director of Business Development

Julianne Kerley, Business Development Sales Manager

Julie Morin, Business Development Sales Manager

Brooklyn Gibson, Business Development Services Manager

Administrative TeamThe Administrative team provides clear leadership for all aspects of Visit Spokane and guides the staff in fulfilling the organization's mission. Our Administrative Team additionally manages all aspects of the budget and financial resources.

Cheryl Kilday, President & CEO

Maureen Dodroe, Finance Director

Valeta Sweet, Director of Operations & Information Technology 

Jody Chambers, Executive Assistant

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