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After 30 years of intensive research, much has been learned about how brain cells work and what goes wrong when disease arises. One of the great enigmas has been the connection between vaccinations and certain brain disorders such as:Autism ADD ADHD Gulf War Syndrome

More common neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s dementia and ALS)

As we learned more and more about how brain cells should work, we discovered that often normal processes, such as metabolism, could result in the accumulation of powerful chemical byproducts, called free radicals, that have the capacity to destroy these cells.

Free radicals, basically, are very reactive particles that bounce all around the cell damaging everything they touch. Most originate during the process of metabolism but can also arise from toxin exposure, irradiation and toxic metals. Because they are so destructive, cells have a network of defenses designed to neutralize them. This antioxidant network is composed of numerous components that include vitamins, minerals and special chemicals called thiols (glutathione and alpha-lipoic acid).

What Causes the Free Radicals

The idea that free radicals play a major role in all of the conditions listed above is now proven--the big question is why are so many free radicals being generated? In the case of autism, ADD and ADHD many came to support the idea that mercury derived from vaccines was the source of the radicals. And it was known that mercury could cause free radicals to be generated in large numbers within the brain. Evidence connecting mercury to the autism spectrum disorders, neurodegeneration and the Gulf War Syndrome is strong, but not exclusive.

Interestingly, all of these diseases also share another common event--over activation of a portion of the immune system.

It is important to appreciate that only a certain part of the immune system is overactive, because other parts, such as cellular immunity, are actually diminished. In some instances, as with the childhood disorders, the problem is congenital and in others it develops as a result of many factors such as aging, toxin exposure, poor nutrition and excessive vaccination itself. Mercury can impair immune function as well.

How Vaccines are Made

Basically, vaccines contain either killed viruses or bacteria, germ components, toxic extracts or live organisms that have been made less virulent--a process called attenuation. To stimulate an enhanced immune reaction against these organisms, manufacturers added powerful immune-stimulating substances such as squalene, aluminum, lipopolysacchride, etc. These are called immune adjuvants.

The process of vaccination usually required repeated injections of the vaccine over a set period of time. The combination of adjuvants plus the intended organism triggers an immune response by the body, similar to that occurring with natural infections, except for one major difference. Almost none of these diseases enter the body by injection. Most enter by way of the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, pulmonary passages or GI tract. For example, polio is known to enter via the GI tract. The membranes lining these passages contain a different immune system than activated by direct injection. This system is called the IgA immune system.

It is the first line of defense and helps reduce the need for intense activation of the body’s immune system. Often, the IgA system can completely head off an attack. The point being that injecting organisms to induce immunity is abnormal.

Because more and more reports are appearing citing vaccine failure, their manufacturers’ answer is to make the vaccines more potent. They do this by making the immune adjuvants more powerful or adding more of them. The problem with this approach is that in the very young, the nutritionally deficient and the aged, over-stimulating the immune system can have an opposite effect--it can paralyze the immune system.

This is especially prevalent with nutritional deficiency.

An early attempt to vaccinate Africans met with disaster when it was discovered that many were dying following vaccination. The problem was traced to widespread vitamin A deficiency among the tribes. Once the malnutrition was corrected, death rates fell precipitously.

Another problem we see with modern vaccines is that the immune stimulation continues over a prolonged period of time.

This is because of the immune adjuvants. They remain in the tissues, constantly stimulating immune-activating cells. With most natural infections the immune activation occurs rapidly, and once the infection is under control, it drops precipitously. This, as we shall see, is to prevent excessive damage to normal cells in the body.

What Happens to the Brain With Vaccination?

It seems the brain is always neglected when pharmacologists consider side effects of various drugs. The same is true for vaccinations. For a long time no one considered the effect of repeated vaccinations on the brain.

This was based on a mistaken conclusion that the brain was protected from immune activation by its special protective gateway called the blood-brain barrier. More recent studies have shown that immune cells can enter the brain directly, and more importantly, the brain’s own special immune system can be activated by vaccination.

You see, the brain has a special immune system that operates through a unique type of cell called a microglia.

These tiny cells are scattered throughout the brain, lying dormant waiting to be activated. In fact, they are activated by many stimuli and are quite easy to activate. For our discussion, activation of the body’s immune system by vaccination is a most important stimuli for activation of brain microglia.

Numerous studies have shown that when the body’s immune system is activated, the brain’s immune cells are likewise activated. This occurs by several pathways, not important to this discussion. The more powerfully the body’s immune system is stimulated the more intense is the brain’s reaction. Prolonged activation of the body’s immune system likewise produces prolonged activation of the brain’s immune system.

Therein lies the danger of our present vaccine policy.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Practice have both endorsed a growing list of vaccines for children, even newborns, as well as yearly flu shots for both children and adults. Children are receiving as many as 22 inoculations before attending school.

What Happens When the Brain’s Immune System is Activated?

The brain’s immune system cells, once activated, begin to move about the nervous system, secreting numerous immune chemicals (called cytokines and chemokines) and pouring out an enormous amount of free radicals in an effort to kill invading organisms. The problem is--there are no invading organisms. It has been tricked by the vaccine into believing there are.

Unlike the body’s immune system, the microglia also secrete two other chemicals that are very destructive of brain cells and their connecting processes. These chemicals, glutamate and quinolinic acid, are called excitotoxins. They also dramatically increase free radical generation in the brain. Studies of patients have shown that levels of these two excitotoxins can rise to very dangerous levels in the brain following viral and bacterial infections of the brain. High quinolinic acid levels in the brain are thought to be the cause of the dementia seen with HIV infection.

The problem with our present vaccine policy is that so many vaccines are being given so close together and over such a long period that the brain’s immune system is constantly activated. This has been shown experimentally in numerous studies. This means that the brain will be exposed to large amounts of the excitotoxins as well as the immune cytokines over the same period.

Studies on all of these disorders, even in autism, have shown high levels of immune cytokines and excitotoxins in the nervous system. These destructive chemicals, as well as the free radicals they generate, are diffused throughout the nervous system doing damage, a process called bystander injury. It’s sort of like throwing a bomb in a crowd.

Not only will some be killed directly by the blast but those far out into the radius of the explosion will be killed by shrapnel.

Normally, the brain’s immune system, like the body’s, activates quickly and then promptly shuts off to minimize the bystander damage. Vaccination won’t let the microglia shut down. In the developing brain, this can lead to language problems, behavioral dysfunction and even dementia.

In the adult, it can lead to the Gulf War Syndrome or one of the more common neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s dementia or Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS).

A recent study by the world-renowned immunologist Dr. H. Hugh Fudenberg found that adults vaccinated yearly for five years in a row with the flu vaccine had a 10-fold increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. He attributes this to the mercury and aluminum in the vaccine. Interestingly, both of these metals have been shown to activate microglia and increase excitotoxicity in the brain.

Direct Effect of the Cytokines

Various cytokines have been used to treat cancer patients as well as other common diseases.

Studies of the effects of these cytokines on brain function reveal some very close parallels to the diseases we have been discussing. For a more in-depth study of these effects I suggest you read my article appearing in the Journal of the American Nutriceutical Association (volume 6 [fall], Number 4, 2003, pp 21-35) and in the summer issue 2004 of the Journal of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

One can see:
Confusion Language difficulties Disorientation Seizures Memory problems Somnolence Low-grade fevers Irritability Mood alterations Combativeness Difficulty concentrating A host of other behavioral problems

In the child, brain immune over-activation has been shown to be particularly damaging to the amygdala and other limbic structures of the brain. This can lead to unusual syndromes such as the loss of "theory of mind" and " Alice in Wonderland syndrome." It has also been shown to damage the executive functions of the frontal lobes.

In essence, what is lost is that which makes us social human beings, able to function in a complex world of ideas and interactions.

Several studies have indeed shown elevated levels of cytokines in autistic children. It is also interesting to note that these cytokines, especially interleukin-1ß and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-a) dramatically increase the damage produced by excitotoxins. So, what we see is a viscous cycle of immune activation, excitotoxin and cytokine excretion, and free radical production. The latter starts the cycle all over again.

The Role of Autoimmunity and Viral Persistence

Studies in autistic children have shown that a state of immune attack on the brain is occurring. Similar findings are seen with neurodegenerative diseases and the Gulf War Syndrome. It must be appreciated that this autoimmunity was triggered by the vaccinations and by organisms contaminating the vaccinations. Once started, the immune reaction cannot stop, thus triggering all the destructive reactions I have discussed.

Dr. Garth Nicolson has shown a direct connection between mycoplasma contamination of vaccines and the 200 percent increased incidence of ALS in Gulf War veterans. The disorder is produced by the same mechanism described above.

Another, even more common, problem is the use of live viruses in vaccines. The reason live viruses can be used is that they are weakened by passing them through a series of cultures--a process called attenuation. These attenuated, non-disease-causing viruses are then injected in hopes of stimulating the body to produce an immune attack.

The problem with this idea is two-fold.

First, we now know that in far too many cases these viruses escape the immune system and take up residence in the body--for a lifetime. A recent autopsy study of elderly individuals found that 20 percent of the brains contained live measles viruses and 45 percent of the other organs contained live measles viruses. Similar findings have been described in autistic children and the measles virus is identical genetically to the one used in the vaccine.

The second problem is that most of these viruses were found to be highly mutated. In fact, different mutations were found among viruses in various organs in the same individual.

This has been a secret kept from the public.

These attenuated viruses undergo mutation brought on by the presence of free radicals in the tissues and organs and they can mutate into virulent, disease-causing organisms. Recent studies have confirmed this frightening finding. In fact, a large percentage of Alzheimer’s disease patients have live viruses in their brain as compared to normal individuals.

Once these live viruses are injected, they cannot be removed. Because the viruses stay in the body, they will be under constant free radical exposure, which can increase during times of stress, illness, exercise and with aging. It is the free radicals that cause the virus to mutate.

In essence, the viruses can exist in the brain, or any organ, either silently and slowly producing destruction of the brain or spinal cord or producing sudden disease once the virus mutates to a highly lethal form.


We have seen that the policy of giving numerous vaccinations to individuals, especially infants and small children, is shear idiocy.

A considerable number of studies have shown conclusively that such a practice can lead to severe injury to the brain by numerous mechanisms. Because the child’s brain is undergoing a period of rapid growth from the third trimester of pregnancy until age 2 years, his or her brain is at considerable risk from this insane policy.

We have also seen that live-virus vaccines and contaminated vaccines hold a special risk in that the viruses tend to persist in a substantial number of individuals and that free radicals can cause the latent viruses to transform by genetic mutation into disease-causing organisms later in life.

It is vital that anyone scheduled for vaccination follow a schedule that allows no more than one vaccine every six months, allowing the immune system time to recover.

Live-virus vaccines should be avoided.

This was recently illustrated by the switch from the live polio vaccine to the killed virus. All cases of polio after the introduction of the vaccine, in the developed world, came from the vaccine itself. This was known from the beginning.

Finally, it is vital that anyone undergoing vaccination should start nutritional supplementation and adhere to a healthy diet before vaccination occurs. Vaccine complications are far fewer in individuals with good nutrition.

DANGER!  -  Vaccinations Will KILL You!!
The NWO wants to KILL YOU with vaccines

The best prevention against common infectious diseases
is an adequate diet and frequent hand washing

There is probably not one organ, tissue, or cell
not adversely affected by vaccinations.
I have listed many and there are many more that I did not list.
Do vaccines affect our pancreas, gallbladder, spleen, thymus, thyroid?  YES!
Do vaccines cause many diseases?  YES!
Do vaccines create health.  NO!

"The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the
dangerous and ineffective efforts made to prevent them."
Robert Mendelsohn, MD

"Since the beginning of laboratory investigation of vaccines,
researchers have known that immune system dysfunction can follow vaccination."
Harold Buttram, MD and John Chriss Hoffman

Vaccination subdues one disease, only increases others.
Herbert Spencer in "History of Epidemics in Great Britain"

"Man cannot infringe upon nature without paying the penalty,
and human blood is incapable of accepting animal pus, serums, or other,
and alchemically turning it into a healthy, vital fluid."
The Randolph Society (Gross! yuk!)

"The more vaccine that is used the more the actual infection that comes about."
Wm F Koch, MD, PhD, The Survival Factor, 1961

"Vaccination is an illogical practice and may be the underlying cause of illnesses such as cancer.
Disorders of the immune system often occur as a consequence
of the after-effects of receiving viral vaccines, presumably related to the cell
associated immunity responses, where a graft rejection type phenomena may occur."
Dr Eva Snead, "Some Call it AIDS, I Call It Murder", 1992 mercola.com

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

You have the RIGHT to REFUSE any vaccination!
There are health alternatives of many kinds - yes even against this bio weapon!
But there is NO DEFENSE against a vaccination!

Bush Suggests Using Military In Bird Flu Quarantine
Get the movie 'OUTBREAK' - watch it.
President George W. Bush said any part of the country where the virus
breaks out could be quarantined and use the military to enforce it. October 4, 2005

"The best way to deal with a pandemic is to isolate it
and keep it isolated in the region in which it begins."
Bush had consulted a book on the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic
that killed 40 million and meeting with staff and experts. Hmmm

This requires a change in law, and some in Congress and the states worry
it would increase the power of the federal government at the expense of local control.
Bush acknowledged that a quarantine is no small thing for the government to undertake
and that enforcing it would be tricky.

In April 2005 Bush signed an Executive Order that added pandemic influenza
to the government's list of communicable diseases for which a quarantine is authorized.
Bush has been urging world leaders to improve reporting on outbreaks of the virus.
Yet it is the pill Tamiflu (look in search engine), which makes symptoms of the illness
less severe, in short supply.  (Fox, NewsWithViews)

There are rumors both President Bush and VP Dick Cheney were indicted
secretly in August, 2005.  I have no idea. Many rumors.


Mystery virus Kills 10

Ten people have died from a mystery viral outbreak at a Toronto nursing home
and another 40 are in hospital in isolation.  October, 2005

All of the dead were aged between 50 years to 95 years.
Residents with less severe symptoms are recovering at the
nursing home which is closed to visitors and new patients.

Age - over 50 - NWO doesnt want you.
THE PLAN of the NWO is to kill off 200 million Americans
That comes from a military man who had just attended a meeting.
He said - notice deaths and the ages of those who die. I have.
MOST who died in Hurricane Katrina in 2005 USA were over 60.
NWO wants elderly, infirm, and the very young - DEAD!

Mystery virus - probably spliced together from several known virus by evil man.
It is possible those escaped plague rats have something to do with this.   
Several bio labs have been breached in summer, 2005.

And the Terri Schiavo execution began this.

Vaccines TOXIC - POISON! - Ingredients!
Formaldehyde, Aspartame, Mercury, and aborted fetal tissue - MURDERED BABIES

If you believe CDC, WHO, or govt, you perish.
Formaldehyde is used to embalm dead people!
Acute mercury poisoning from thimerosal. Enter these ingredients in search engines.
This following list of common vaccines and their ingredients should shock anyone.
The numbers of microbes, antibiotics, chemicals, heavy metals and animal byproducts is staggering.
Would you knowingly inject these materials into your children?

DPT and DTaP - Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis
diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis adsorbed,
formaldehyde, aluminum phosphate, ammonium sulfate, and thimerosal,
washed sheep RBCs (aluminum hydroxide in the DTaP shots)

Influenza B
Haemophilus influenza Type B, polyribosylribitol phosphate ammonium sulfate

HiB Titer - Haemophilus Influenza B
haemophilus influenza B, polyribosylribitol phosphate, yeast,
ammonium sulfate, thimerosal, and chemically defined yeast-based medium

3 types of polio viruses neomycin, streptomycin, and polymyxin B formaldehyde,
and 2-phenoxyethenol continuous line of monkey kidney cells

Attenuvax - Measles
measles live virus neomycin sorbitol hydrolized gelatin, chick embryo

Biavax - Rubella
rubella live virus neomycin sorbitol hydrolized gelatin, human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue

BioThrax - Anthrax

nonencapsulated strain of Bacillus anthracis aluminum hydroxide, benzethonium chloride, and formaldehyde

Dryvax - Smallpox
Live vaccinia virus, with "some microbial contaminants," polymyxcin B sulfate,
streptomycin sulfate, chlortetracycline hydrochloride, and neomycin sulfate glycerin,
and phenol -a compound obtained by distillation of coal tar vesicle fluid from calf skins Engerix-B

Havrix - Hepatitis A
hepatitis A virus, formalin, aluminum hydroxide, 2-phenoxyethanol, and polysorbate 20 residual MRC5 proteins
human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue

Recombinant Hepatitis B

genetic sequence of the hepatitis B virus that codes for the surface antigen (HbSAg),
cloned into GMO yeast, aluminum hydroxide, and thimerosal

influenza virus, neomycin, polymyxin, beta-propiolactone, chick embryonic fluid

trivalent influenza virus, types A&B gentamicin sulphate formadehyde, thimerosal,
and polysorbate 80 (Tween-80) chick embryonic fluid

rabies virus adsorbed, neomycin sulfate, phenol, red indicator human albumin,
human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue


And do more often than you think !!!!

THESE  ARE  DEADLY  TOXIC  CHEMICALS !!!   And  these are  just
a few  of  the  poisons  vaccines  are made  with !!

The government is NOT going to ever let this information out -- they want  
YOUR   child for their experiments; - -  Plus they want YOU to believe
and trust  in  them - - so YOU will  willingly  hand  over  your  child  or
baby  to  them,  so they can use your child as their lab rat !!

And you know what ?  YOU  HAVE  BEEN  DOING  JUST  THAT  FOR

Are young parents completely brainwashed by the government ?

You bet they are !!!

[Unless they had parents who were not brainwashed themselves, and
searched for the truth and taught their children the truth.  But all others
ARE  brainwashed and controlled by the government, and don't even
realize it !]

The public has been continually lied to, intimidated, and manipulated via the
Media and the doctors !  Doctors are threatened with loss of their medical
license if they don't comply to the government's pressures !  Doctors are
not  allowed  to tell you the truth;  and in fact, very few of them even
know the truth about the vaccinations themselves.  They are only taught
to push the vaccination program in medical school;  they are not taught
what the adverse reactions are.  They are taught that everything that
happens to a child\baby after a vaccination is  "to be expected!!"
They are taught how to get reluctant parents to  "obey the rules" set forth
by the government.  The drug companies are the ones who foster the
medical schools, and primarily are the ones who dictate what doctors are
taught.  After all,  these future doctors are the drug companies future
drug pushers  and salesmen !! [See on home page topic list: "Vaccinations=
Death ?]

The government controls  all the public schools and what and how  YOUR
child is molded to believe.

It's time for parents, especially the young government raised parents, to
get their brains UNscrambled - - and to get the true facts about what the government has been doing to our children all these years  ---
and how YOU have helped them do it !!!

The public has become such "trained seals" and they are so well "trained"
that they are not even aware of the puppets  they have become !!
The government is killing and maiming your child !!!   WAKE  UP  !!!

The problem - - - -

YOU  believe what the government doctors tell you !  DON'T !!!
They are  FORCED  to tell you certain things a "certain way" - -
they are TRAINED on  HOW to do this and to  get your trust  in the
process !!!

This TAKE OVER of our children (face it, that's exactly what it is ! Take over !)
is top priority to  THIS government for their one world government


Stop letting them take you over and own you !!!  Because that's
exactly what it is !!  This goes against God, and everything else that we have
ever held  sacred in this country !!

Don't even call yourself a  "parent" if you have never checked into what
you are told is  "ROUTINE" - - - get to  HATE  that word !!

Never let  ANYONE  use that word on  you again !

It's a  government  word  used to manipulate your mind !!

Whenever you hear  ANYONE  use that word,  a WARNING
should flash immediately !!!

The truth is out here - -  but it won't be for long - -  because the government
is steadily closing down everyone that is trying to get the  real  truth  out
to the people !  The government stops books, people, printers, etc. - -
and soon they will find a way to stop the truth on the web, as well.
They are already working on it.

They are calling it "censorship of pornography to protect our children"
---but  that's a cover to really get at the web sites that are trying to warn and wake up the people to the truth !  Once they pass a "web censorship law" (and they will),
they can  label anything they want as "pornography" by the way they will have
this law worded !  It's all in the  PLAN  of the government to control  YOU
and everybody else !

By the way, this also goes against our US Constitution - - - for  ANY
law passed that is  NOT  VOTED  IN  BY  THE  PEOPLE, is an ILLEGAL
law !!!

I suggest all you out there get a full copy of our U.S. Constitution and
memorize it, while we are still able to get it.  Go to the libraries, if you
don't have an encyclopedia at home.  The older the source, the better.
That will show you the  ORIGINAL  Constitution.  You can probably
find it on the internet and print it out.  It won't be long and it won't be
available anymore, so get it now.  This government will (and has already)
altered our Constitution in interpretation and context, to fit into their
take over of the U.S.!    Eventually, they will "dismiss'' it altogether !
It's in their PLAN.  [See list on home page-"Why Didn't I See THAT On
The Main Stream Agenda Media News ?"]

You and your child play a big role in this government take over of the lives
of every man, woman, and child in America !  Controlling you is of the
utmost importance !  If you are a young parent, and you have just gone
along with the flow, and have not made any waves in doing what    "is expected"  of you, and you have  never questioned  the "ROUTINE"
things that seem to be in our everyday life - - -  then you are the Government's
"perfect little (brainwashed & controlled) citizen!"  YOU  ARE  OWNED,
and don't even know it !!   They want to keep it that way !

They don't want you to hear the truth - -  for then you'd rebel - - and they
can't have any of their "perfect brainwashed little citizens"  rebelling how,
can they !

If you are under the age of  30,  then you  have  been  brainwashed since
birth !  Yes,  your parents also fell for the government lies too !!  True
information was not available to them back then, as it is now for you.
Thirty years ago people still had blind faith in their government - - they
trusted  the government; they really didn't have much in the way of other
options.  They didn't have the communications that we have today;  nor did
they have the internet.

But also, those  30  and under, were  molded  by the government's  public
school system.  Yes, the public schools  ARE  Federal  Government schools,
and they control them - - - and the children in them !!

AND   HOW  THEY  ARE  TAUGHT !!!                                        
[See Book List- "Outbased Education"]

So, you can at least now get a picture of how the citizens of the  U.S.
(YOU)  are  totally  surrounded   by  government  manipulations !!
They own the medical establishments, they own the doctors, and they
own the public schools and brainwash your kid from kindergarten to
12th grade !  I can remember when our little country school was first   "centralized"  --  how upset my parents were !  Things changed drastically   after that.  They are even getting their hands into the pre-schools.
They control the Media and use them to manipulate the public, especially
on health issues;  for if you control the peoples'  health -- you control
the  people !

By the way - - The Clinton Health Care program is designed to do just
HEALTH  (or lack thereof),  and it controls what doctors you are allowed
to use.  They already have done that with Medicaid.


When you see the government's FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
involved - - -
 This  FDA  government  agency  CONTROLS  what you put into your
body - - - and your children's body !!   Even if you don't want certain
chemicals (poisons)  in your foods - - Guess what ?   They're  in  there
anyway !  And you eat  them !!

I dare you to go into a regular grocer and find any candy, pastries, foods,
even produce,  that has not had some damaging chemical added to it !    You can't !
[See - "This Chemical Generation" on home page list]

The government  IS  controlling  YOUR  health and life quality,
and life span ! [See topic list on home page- "Is the Government Poisoning
Our Foods?"]

They  ARE  controlling you - - and your child,  from the cradle to the
grave !  WAKE  UP  !!  Get out of that trained brainwashed condition !
Get the truth while it is still available.  It  WILL  save your life and your  child's
life !

You have  NEVER  been told the truth about child vaccinations - - NEVER !
And you will  NEVER  hear the government  (or their doctors) admit  that
they have maimed and killed  thousands  of  healthy innocent babies and
children,  AND  CONTINUE  TO  DO  SO !!!  {They will never tell you
or allow you to know about the millions of dollars that they pay out regularly
to the parents of the children that have died or are permanently brain damaged
from these child vaccinations !!!  They have a special fund set up just for this,
because of the thousands upon thousands of cases annually !!}  This is not
a rare situation.  One out of every 9 children\babies  that get the vaccinations,
are affected !!  You probably have a child who has had brain damage and don't
even know it because you were told certain reactions  "WERE  TO  BE
YOU  WERE  LIED  TO !!!!!!                                                                          
See topic on home page - "Vaccinations = Death ?"  for the list of    reactions to look for.]

The government makes  YOU  fear  THEM - - They get you in a panic
that if you do not do as THEY want, you will lose your child !  They
threaten you,  they use their schools against you, they sabotage you with
their doctors,  they hold the HRS (now called Childrens Services) over
your head, they have their Media News deliver their threats, daily throwing
their new laws and rules at you and telling you what will happen to YOU
if you dare to disobey !!!  Hey !!  THIS  IS  BLACKMAIL  !!  THIS

DO  something  NOW - - - TOMORROW  MAY  BE  TOO  LATE !!!
THIS  government passes out  "laws"  like candy being thrown out to a  crowd, - - - and these ILLEGAL  laws are taking away  YOUR  freedoms,
and the freedom to choose !


Those pro-choice people should do something beneficial for a change, and
fight pro-choice for our lost freedoms in this country, that the government
has taken away from us !!  If you don't know THE  BILL OF  RIGHTS
in our U.S. Constitution, then you don't know how we have been stripped
of our rights and freedoms.  We need to  fight = not each other =  but
join as Americans, and fight for  OUR  COUNTRY,  OUR  CONSTITUTION,

Whether you realize it or not - - THIS  government  HAS  TAKEN
all those things away from us !  We are  NOT  suppose to  FEAR  "our"

And you probably also don't know, that  THIS  present  "U.S. government"
IS  NOT  the same  government that was formed in 1776 with our U.S.
Constitution, by the founding fathers !  That  ORIGINAL  government
has been gradually and steadily taken over !

[see my home page listings - "Why Didn't I See THAT  On  The Main Stream Agenda Media News ?"]

[Also on Book Corner list - "The Planned Destruction of America" --
Everything is documented in this little book.  Everyone who calls themselves
an 'American' needs to read THIS book !]

Don't get so wrapped up in your own personal problems (we all have them)
that you just let things  slide by;  you become "conditioned" to just following
'orders'  that are fed to you.  Question  everything !  We are talking about life
and death here =  YOURS  AND  YOUR  CHILDREN !

Don't let  YOUR  baby  be the next victim of brain damage or death
in the government's bit to USE  us all as  experiments !    The  FACTS
this government does  NOT  want you to know is  --for one,  all  these
diseases  were  already  dying  out  on their   own  !!
Then  THIS  "wonderful"  population  controlling  government, brought
all these diseases back via  vaccinations,  only in a  MORE  DEADLY
AND  UNTREATABLE  FORM !!!  The man made disease vaccines  are
NOT  the same thing as the Natural  diseases -  but they don't want you to
know that either !!  How do you like your horse urine and mercury and
formaldehyde ---  served with your food, or on the side ?  These are just
a few of the things used in the making of these vaccines !  Would you put
it into your baby's bottle with his formula ?   You'd be arrested if you
did that !  But the government is pouring those things (and more)  directly
into your baby's blood stream,  WITH   YOUR  BLESSING !!!
Oh, how brainwashed we  ARE  !!!

Then they  "convinced"  the American people to believe their  LIES  about
how  "their vaccinations"  saved the day !!  And the people fell for it !!!
For three generations  they  have fallen for it !!  They are still lying to us
today, plus they are  pushing  the vaccinations even harder !
The vaccinations do NOT  work;  all  they do is permanent damage !  The
government KNOWS  they do not work;  but they keep forcing them on the
people !

Remember, once you let your baby get any vaccination,  YOU  HAVE
DOWN !!!!

And  you wonder why we people today have so easily fallen into the
"planned" Aids epidemic ?!  It begins with that first shot after the baby is
born !  This begins to weaken the immune system, and destroy it.
Remember, a baby's immune system is  NOT  DEVELOPED  until the age
of  4.  And it  WON'T  develop, with all the vaccines that has been poured
into a child by that age  either !!   Nature gives us the 'perfect'  immune
system and the way for it to develop, when we are born.  When we take our
first breath in this polluted world, we begin to  "adapt"  NATURALLY,
the immune system becomes strong and develops.  Diseases  MUST

So, your doctor tells you the "routine story" of how there's an 'outbreak'
of some childhood disease,  and you just  MUST  get your child vaccinated

These  vaccinations  CAUSE   the  diseases !!

That's the only reason why they are still here !!

If every child GOT the childhood diseases as Nature intended (they
are very mild and treatable in children) -- none of those diseases would even
be around  today !!  Getting the  REAL  disease ( or exposure to it) as a
child, gives  LIFE  LONG  IMMUNITY !!  That's how God meant it to be,
because if an adult gets these diseases (and we are seeing a LOT  of this
happening now) ,  it can be deadly.  But getting them as a child, not only gives
life long immunity, but this is  HOW  diseases  die out  NATURALLY,
and they all would have, if this government had not come up with these
vaccines to keep the diseases going !

You see, the government  NEEDS  these diseases  to  control  you  and
your  child,  generation  after  generation !   That's why they push
and manipulate the public so hard on these vaccinations !  They are planing
to  enforce  babies  after  birth  to  be  fully  vaccinated  !!!   They will
make it so you cannot go to a hospital to give birth  UNLESS  YOU
COMPLY !!!!  Blackmail  AGAIN !!!  Threats, and more threats,  that is
all the American people keep getting !!   It's past time to DO  something
about this !!!  Not to just sit and let it all keep going on !  We the people
need to storm  Washington  and  force  OUR   government  back into
office,  where  WE   have the voice and the vote !!!  [You must read
"The Planned Destruction of America"  - you just  must;  you will not be
able to get this book much longer !!  This little book  will shock your
brain  alert faster than an electric shock !  It's a  MUST  READ !]
[Also - "Votescam-The Stealing of America"]

This government NEEDS  to be able to  CONTROL  you  and  have you
at  THEIR  mercy.  They want you to 'depend'  on  THEM.  They  will
do all they can to keep you from  being independent  from them.  They want
you to  NEED  them !   If you 'need' them, then they control you.
The child vaccination program, and the  public school system has put them
in control over you and yours.  It's part of their  "PLAN."  Yes,  their
"plan"  that they have had since the late 1770"s.  [See home page listings=
"Why Didn't I See THAT  On the Main Stream Agenda Media News ?"]

If you are any kind of person (and parent) at all, you will fight them fiercely,
and not give in to their blackmailing pressures !!

Spread the word !  We need to wake up the parents of America  before
it's too late, which it is almost already !!

Take  back  your  rights !!

Write  letters  to the newspapers !! {Many won't even print them!}

Create picket lines nation wide at the same time -- Wake up

the people who are asleep, and not paying any attention to what
we are having done to us !!








Dr. Selye of the University of Montreal, one of the world’s foremost authorities on human stress, stated:

"After inoculations, elderly people and the chronically ill are particularly predisposed to have certain stress reactions such as heart failure." (Enquirer 12/21/76)

In spite of this and other similar findings, the vaccine promoters urged all the senior citizens, the old and ill the high risk cases to be the first in line to get their shots. Because of this mad rush for profits the promoters are guilty of causing all those needless deaths of the elderly people a few hours after they had their shots.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, of Allegheny, Pa. performed autopsies on several of the flu vaccine victims and said:

"People should have been advised to ask their doctor if the shots were safe for them, especially if they’d had heart attacks or high blood pressure — but this was not done."

What good would it do to ask their doctor? Most doctors don’t know the dangers of vaccination, and if they did they wouldn’t tell their patients, as long as it was profitable to them to keep silent about it. The individual doctors usually do what their medical hierarchy tells them to do, and when they are promoting a vaccination drive the doctors are ordered to comply.

My previous research on vaccination revealed many cases of sudden death from heart failure after vaccinations. As stated many times before, all vaccines are poison and when they are shot directly into the bloodstream they circulate throughout the body including the heart, in a matter of seconds, and continue to circulate and cause corrosion and malfunction of all the delicate tissues of the body. The heart valves are made of fragile membrane which is affected by the poisons, in such a way as to render it incapable of proper functioning, leading to heart failure. At the same time, all other vital organs are impaired by the same poisons.

Most doctors and coroners try to deny the obvious when protecting a favorite money making racket like vaccination. For instance, the Los Angeles County Coroner, Thomas Noguchi performed autopsies on people who had died within 48 hours after being inoculated with swine flu vaccine. His statement, published in Los Angeles Times, Nov. 2, 1976, savored of both whitewash and sales propaganda when he said: "We do not believe the vaccine had anything to do with their deaths . . . Heart disease of various types was the cause of death in each case The patient with heart disease is clearly at risk of getting flu if he or she is not protected. Therefore, under guidance of their physician, it is advisable for such high risk persons to get their shots."

If we all followed his advice and got poisoned with the vaccines we would all be dead from vaccine induced heart failure or some other disease of blood contamination.


In a KABC radio interview, recently, Edgar Berman, M.D., consultant on medical affairs to the White House and associate professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine made some startling statements, a few of which are as follows:

"At least some 200,000 M.D.’s practicing medicine today are guilty of incompetence. . . I estimate at least 10% of these are actually fraudulent and corrupt ... And an unfortunately small percentage — certainly less than 15% —are intelligent, hardworking, compassionate, and moral

The scramble for the dollar shows up in statistics. Approximately 1 500 000 (unnecessary) tonsillectomies a year Some 14 000 to 16,000 persons die each year because of the 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 unnecessary operations performed, and God knows how many hundreds of thousands have complications.

"Over the past 50 years doctors have been implicated in producing more infections, crippling and suffering than all the accidents caused by the combustion engine plus every illness foisted on the laborer by industry, from black lung to radiation poisoning.

"Studies at Cornell and Yale have shown that 1,250,000 hospitalizations a year are caused by prescribed drugs. And once in a hospital, you’re still far from safe. Our hospitals, even the best in the land, produce over 5,000,000 cases of disease a year."

Dr. Berman wrote a book titled, THE SOLID GOLD STETHOSCOPE. It’s a shocker. It "gives the low-down on the high-ups" in the medical field and has the authenticity of a man — a medical doctor — who knows the story from the inside — the seamy side. It’s not only informative, it’s a million laughs.

There is so much bungling, guesswork, faulty diagnosis and cover-up, both inside and outside of the hospitals, that the doctors conceal their manslaughter cases by calling them "Accidents." There are so many doctor-caused diseases that they have given them a name, "iatrogenic." It means doctor-caused diseases. People think they go to the hospitals to get well — to be healed, but instead, millions of them are made sicker by the treatments, and even killed by the poison drugs, operations and experiments. Most, maybe all, of the hospitals have a separate section set aside for their "iatrogenic diseases." Why are they kept separate? It is probably because the doctors don’t want the visitors to see what they have done to them, and also to use them for experimentation. They justify this by claiming they must experiment to find a cure for the diseases they have caused. But they use the same deadly drugs and treatments that caused the diseases in the first place.

The famous Dr. Charles Mayo, in a radio broadcast a number of years ago was honest enough to admit that with all their latest equipment and medical training at the Mayo Clinic, they are able to get only 20% of their diagnoses and treatments right. The autopsies on the dead bodies showed them what they did wrong.

An article in Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review (Dec. 76) quotes some interesting statements from a group of 18 internationally known scientists. The Chicago Tribune (Dec. 22/76) also carried the article by Ronald Kotulak. Here are a few of their remarks:

The shocking conclusion is that drugs are so widely misused that only 10% of the medications taken in the industrialized world are for disease-related purposes.

"They point out that there is no such thing as a safe chemical, a fact that doctors tend to forget and that most people do not know . . . Doctors frequently prescribe drugs even though they know little about them, and the people eagerly take them. The price which the patients pay in terms of adverse side effects are horrendous.

"Studies in America and England have revealed that, out of every 20 hospital patients, one is admitted because of the harm done by drugs.

"Once in the hospital the risk increases. Up to 18% of the patients suffer from bad side-effects caused by medications prescribed in the hospitals.

"‘The annual cost of treating this unnecessary and preventable abuse of medications is close to $3 billion,’ said this international Commission of Internal Pollution — a staggering waste of money and health

"Who is to blame for our medicinal extravaganza? The responsibility must be shared by the drug industry, the government agencies that oversee them, the doctors and those who take the drugs.

"Another breakdown occurs when it comes to test new drugs on people. A spot check conducted by the Food and Drug Administration in 1973 disclosed that 20% of the doctors doing these clinical trials were guilty of unethical practices, including prescribing wrong doses and falsifying records."


All chemicals and drugs are inert, foreign substances which act as irritants when taken internally. They do not have power to act in the body or cure anything. The only reason why they seem to cause some changes which people like to believe are curative is that the internal defense system tries to eject this unwanted foreign matter, and that sets up a reverse action to remedy the harm done by the drugs or chemicals. This taxes the bodily reserves and delays healing. In the case of some drugs it makes healing impossible.

I talked to a young medical student who said that the med. schools were dominated by the drug houses which are flooding the market with so many new drugs which the students are required to learn that they didn’t have time to study anatomy and the things which doctors are supposed to study. No wonder the new doctors don’t seem to know anything except how to give drugs, shots and whatever the pharmaceutical houses dish up to them.

The antibody theory collapsed with scientific tests and that leaves the vaccine business without a leg to stand on. (See Chapter on Germ Theory.)


Now that the vaccine racket is being exposed, the vaccine promoters are trying to squirm out of it by making confessions or trying to lay the blame on others. The day after the scare headlines came out in the papers — "Swine flu can cause death" — and "the flu vaccine is safe and will protect you. . .", etc., a top virologist for the CDC (Center for Disease Control) which heads the flu program — admitted that the CDC knew the headlines were false." (Enquirer Probe, 12/21/76).

"An official working with the CDC — Dr. Elmer Spurner, director of laboratories for the Missouri Division of Health, admitted, ‘Our tests were not meant to confirm that there was a swine flu outbreak. I don’t know how that got into newspaper stories.’ "He knows.

He and the other promoters did not issue any denials when the headlines across the country read: "Swine Flu Case is Confirmed," and "Flu Vaccine Rushed to Missouri in Crisis." (Ibid)

After the many deaths, heart attacks, paralysis and other cases of vaccine poisoning began to mount, some of the promoters were asked to justify their widely advertised claims that the vaccine "would protect 85% to 90% of those vaccinated" . . . and that the side effects would be few and "inconsequential." One of the favorite tricks of the guilty was to lay the blame on others. As an example, Dr. John Seal of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said:

"The public should be much more careful in interpreting what we mean when we make such statements." (Ibid) What did he mean?

Another man on the advisory committee admitted:

We don’t know what the vaccine will do when it faces the virus." Yet, they all told the people it was "tested and perfectly safe."

In other words, they don’t know what they’re doing, but they tell lies to lure people into their vaccination centers, and when the deaths and disasters occur, the doctors tell us in effect — "It’s your fault for being stupid enough to believe us."

"Dr. Ernest C. Harrmann, associate professor of microbiology at Peoria, Ill., School of Medicine, believes that "the time has come to ask for resignations of all those behind the swine flu vaccine rip off.’ "(Enquirer Probe—12/21/76)


Not all of our Congressmen are hopeless. Some are actually on our side. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is also a doctor and is able to see both sides of the swine flu question. Most doctors have tunnel vision and see only one side — the side with the dollar mark.

Congressman Paul, in an interview with the Enquirer (Dec. 21, 76) said: "I am outraged by this program. It has been a shocking misuse of funds ... and an evil political maneuver. There are people whose careers are in question because of this program. And I predict these blatant advertising efforts to panic the people into taking swine flu shots will fail.

"I think Congress has wasted more than one hundred million dollars. The swine flu program should be brought back to Congress and discontinued at once. The program should be stopped, and those who were responsible should be held morally accountable to the American public."

Congressman Larry McDonald of Georgia, also a medical doctor, said: "I think the swine flu program is a tailor-made hoax that finds its roots in frightening the American people . . . I believe that a full investigation of those in charge should be launched . . . and if it turns out to be a dishonest promotion, everyone responsible should be removed from their jobs."

It’s heartening to find that all our Congressmen are not corrupt. But where were they, the good ones, when the vote was being taken to endorse and finance this mass poisoning program?




FEBRUARY 10. Because I've received so many emails about my articles on the dangers of vaccines, I'm reprinting here an excerpt from my October newsletter as an article, so that more people will read it. I hope you copy and send this far and wide.
When the toxic anthrax vaccine was given to gigantic numbers of soldiers departing for Gulf War One, did you immediately hear about health problems? No, you heard NOTHING. It was only long after the cessation of activity in Iraq that the first reports came trickling in, and they were quickly discredited.

We are taught to believe that vaccines are very safe and very effective in preventing diseases. We are shielded from reports that come to opposite conclusions.

Here is a collection of lesser-known data on vaccines in general. On various vaccines. Keep in mind that when I compiled this collection, many years ago, I was writing about AIDS. I was demonstrating that AIDS is really IMMUNE SUPPRESSION stemming from a number of different causes, none of which was HIV. I was saying that one of these causes was VACCINES.

Once you break through the disinformation barrier on vaccines, you can look at the currently announced OP on smallpox vaccine with a new set of eyes.

For years, critics on the fringes of medicine have pointed to problems with vaccines. It is generally acknowledged that, given to people whose immune systems are compromised, they can be immunosuppressive. And from time to time, stories have surfaced about vaccines which have been contaminated by extraneous viruses or bacteria, as a result of the manufacturing process.

We are taught to believe that untoward reactions to vaccines are rare, and that there has never been a question about the overwhelming success of all vaccines at all times, wherever they have been used.

The recent history of vaccines, though, shows a much more spotty record than one might think. In fact, it raises very disturbing questions about what vaccines do and don't do to the human body. Here is simply a series of excerpts from several authors on the subject. It is a quite different slant on vaccines.

"The combined death rate from scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and measles among children up to fifteen shows that nearly 90 percent of the total decline in mortality between 1860 and 1965 had occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunization. In part, this recession may be attributed to improved housing and to a decrease in the virulence of micro-organisms, but by far the most important factor was a higher host-resistance due to better nutrition."
Ivan Illich, Medical Nemesis (Bantam Books, 1977)

"The principal evidence that, vaccines are effective actually dates from the more recent period, during which time the dreaded polio epidemics of the 1940s and 1950s have never reappeared in the developed countries; and measles, mumps and rubella, which even a generation ago were among the commonest diseases of childhood, have become far less prevalent, at least in their classic acute forms, since the triple MMR vaccine was introduced into common use.

"Yet how the vaccines actually accomplish these changes is not nearly as well understood as most people like to think it is. The disturbing possibility that they act in some other way than by producing a genuine immunity is suggested by the fact that the diseases in question have continued to break out even in highly immunized populations, and that in such cases the observed differences in incidence and severity between immunized and unimmunized persons have tended to be far less dramatic than expected, and in some cases, not measurably significant at all.

"In a recent British outbreak of whooping cough, for example, even fully immunized children contracted the disease in fairly large numbers; and the rates of serious complications and death were reduced only slightly. In another recent outbreak of pertussis, 46 of the 85 fully immunized children studied eventually contracted the disease.

"In 1977, 34 new cases of measles were reported on the campus of UCLA, in a population that was supposedly 91% immune, according to careful serological testing. Another 20 cases of measles were reported in the Pecos, New Mexico, area within a period of a few months in 1981, and 75% of them had been fully immunized, some of them quite recently. A survey of sixth-graders in a well-immunized urban community revealed that about 15% of this age group are still susceptible to rubella, a figure essentially identical with that of the pre-vaccine era.

"Finally, although the overall incidence of typical acute measles in the U.S. has dropped sharply from about 400,000 cases annually in the early 1960s to about 30,000 cases by 1974-76, the death rate remained exactly the same; and, with the peak incidence now occurring in adolescents and young adults, the risk of pneumonia and demonstrable liver abnormalities has actually increased substantially, according to one recent study, to well over 3% and 2%, respectively."
Richard Moskowitz, MD, The Case Against Immunizations, 1983, American Institute of Homeopathy.

"Of all reported whooping cough cases between 1979 and 1984 in children over 7 months of age - that is, old enough to have received the primary course of the DPT shots (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) - 41% occurred in children who had received three or more shots and 22% in children who had one or two immunizations.

"Among children under 7 months of age who had whooping cough, 34% had been immunized between one and three times,

", Based on the only U.S. findings on adverse DPT reactions, an FDA-financed study at the University of California, Los Angeles, one out of every 350 children will have a convulsion; one in 180 children will experience high-pitched screaming; and one in 66 will have a fever of 105 degrees or more."
Jennifer Hyman, Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, New York, special supplement on DPT, dated April, 1987.

"A study undertaken in 1979 at the University of California, Los Angeles, under the sponsorship of the Food and Drug Administration, and which has been confirmed by other studies, indicates that in the U.S.A. approximately 1,000 infants die annually as a direct result of DPT vaccinations, and these are classified as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) deaths. These represent about 10 to 15% of the total number of SIDS deaths occurring annually in the U.S.A. (between 8,000 and 10,000 depending on which statistics are used)."
Leon Chaitow, Vaccination and Immunization, CW Daniel Company Limited, Saffron Walden, Essex, England, 1987.

"Assistant Secretary of Health Edward Brandt, Jr., MD, testifying before the U.S. Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources, rounded, figures off to 9,000 cases of convulsions, 9,000 cases of collapse, and 17,000 cases of high-pitched screaming for a total of 35,000 acute neurological reactions occurring within forty-eight hours of a DPT shot among America's children every year."
DPT: A Shot in the Dark, by Harris L. Coulter and Barbara Loe Fischer, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

"While 70-80% of British children were immunized against pertussis in 1970-71, the rate is now 39%. The committee predicts that the next pertussis epidemic will probably turn out to be more severe than the one in 1974/75. However, they do not explain why, in 1970/71, there were more than 33,000 cases of pertussis with 41 fatal cases among the very well immunized British child population; whereas in 1974/75, with a declining rate of vaccination, a pertussis epidemic caused only 25,000 cases with 25 fatalities."
Wolfgang Ehrengut, Lancet, Feb. 18, 1978, p. 370.

", Barker and Pichichero, in a prospective study of 1232 children in Denver, Colorado, found after DTP that only 7% of those vaccinated were free from untoward reactions, which included pyrexia (53%), acute behavioral changes (82%), prolonged screaming (13%), and listlessness, anorexia and vomiting. 71% of those receiving second injections of DTP experienced two or more of the reactions monitored."
Lancet, May 28, 1983, p. 1217

"Publications by the World Health Organization show that diphtheria is steadily declining in most European countries, including those in which there has been no immunization. The decline began long before vaccination was developed. There is certainly no guarantee that vaccination will protect a child against the disease; in fact, over 30,000 cases of diphtheria have been recorded in the United Kingdom in fully immunized children."
Leon Chaitow, Vaccination and Immunization, p. 58. "Pertussis (whooping cough) immunization is controversial, as the side effects have received a great deal of publicity. The counter claim is that the effectiveness and protection offered by the procedure far outweigh the possible ill effects, annual deaths, per million children, from this disease over the period from 1900 to the mid-nineteen seventies, shows that from a high point of just under 900 deaths per million children (under age 15) in 1905, the decline has been consistent and dramatic. There had been a lowering of mortality rates of approximately 80% by the time immunization was introduced on a mass scale, in the mid-nineteen fifties. The decline has continued, albeit at a slower rate, ever since. No credit can be given to vaccination for the major part of the decline since it was not in use."
Chaitow, Vaccination and Immunization, p. 63.

", the swine-flu vaccination program was one of its (CDC) greatest blunders. "It all began in 1976 when CDC scientists saw that a virus involved in a flu attack outbreak at Fort Dix, N.J., was similar to the swine-flu virus that killed 500,000 Americans in 1918. Health officials immediately launched a 100-million dollar program to immunize every American. But the expected epidemic never materialized, and the vaccine led to partial paralysis in 532 people. There were 32 deaths."
U.S. News and World Report, Joseph Carey, October 14, 1985, p. 70, "How Medical Sleuths Track Killer Diseases."

"Despite (cases) in which (smallpox) vaccination plainly failed to protect the population, and despite the rampant side-effects of the methods, the proponents of vaccination continued their attempts to justify the methods by claims that the disease had declined in Europe as a whole during the period of its compulsory use. If the decline could be correlated with the use of the vaccination, then all else could be set aside, and the advantage between its current low incidence could be shown to outweigh the periodic failures of the method, and to favour the continued use of vaccination. However, the credit for the decline in the incidence of smallpox could not be given to vaccination. The fact is that its incidence declined in all parts of Europe, whether or not vaccination was employed."
Chaitow, Vaccination and Immunization, pp. 6-7.

"Smallpox, like typhus, has been dying out (in England) since 1780. Vaccination in this country has largely fallen into disuse since people began to realize how its value was discredited by the great smallpox epidemic of 1871-2 (which occurred after extensive vaccination)."
W. Scott Webb, A Century of Vaccination, Swan Sonnenschein, 1898.

"In this incident (Kyoto, Japan, 194 - the most serious of its kind - a toxic batch of alum-precipitated toxoid (APT) was responsible for illness in over 600 infants and for no fewer than 68 deaths.

"On 20 and 22 October, 1948, a large number of babies and children in the city of Kyoto received their first injection of APT. On the 4th and 5th of November, 15,561 babies and children aged some months to 13 years received their second dose. One to two days later, 606 of those who had been injected fell ill. Of these, 9 died of acute diphtheritic paralysis in seven to fourteen days, and 59 of late paralysis mainly in four to seven weeks."
Sir Graham Wilson, Hazards of Immunization, Athone Press, University of London, 1967.

"Accidents may, however, follow the use of this so-called killed (rabies) vaccine owing to inadequate processing. A very serious occurrence of this sort occurred at Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil, in 1960. No fewer than 18 out of 66 persons vaccinated with Fermi's carbolized (rabies) vaccine suffered from encephalomyelitis and every one of the eighteen died."
Sir Graham Wilson, Hazards of Immunization.

"At a press conference in Washington on 24 July, 1942, the Secretary of War reported that 28,585 cases of jaundice had been observed in the (American) Army between 1 January and 4 July after yellow fever vaccination, and of these 62 proved fatal."
Wilson, Hazards of Immunization.

"The world's biggest trial (conducted in south India) to assess the value of BCG tuberculosis vaccine has made the startling revelation that the vaccine 'does not give any protection against bacillary forms of tuberculosis.' The study said to be 'most exhaustive and meticulous,' was launched in 1968 by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) with assistance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia.

"The incidence of new cases among the BCG vaccinated group was slightly (but statistically insignificantly) higher than in the control group, a finding that led to the conclusion that BCG's protective effect 'was zero.'"
New Scientist, November 15, 1979, as quoted by Hans Ruesch in Unclad Empress, Civis Publishers, Switzerland, 1982.

"Between 10 December 1929 and 30 April 1930, 251 of 412 infants born in Lubeck received three doses of BCG vaccine by the mouth during the first ten days of life. Of these 251, 72 died of tuberculosis, most of them in two to five months and all but one before the end of the first year. In addition, 135 suffered from clinical tuberculosis but eventually recovered; and 44 became tuberculin-positive but remained well. None of the 161 unvaccinated infants born at the time was affected in this way and none of these died of tuberculosis within the following three years."
Hazards of Immunization, Wilson.

"We conducted a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial to test the efficacy of the 14-valent pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide vaccine in 2295 high-risk patients, Seventy-one episodes of proved or probable pneumococcal pneumonia or bronchitis occurred among 63 of the patients (27 placebo recipients and 36 vaccine recipients), We were unable to demonstrate any efficacy of the pneumococcal vaccine in preventing pneumonia or bronchitis in this population."
New England Journal of Medicine, November 20, 1986, p. 1318, Michael Simberkoff et al.

In the spring of 1955, Cutter Labs started selling their standard polio vaccine. The vaccine was infective, and 200 cases of polio resulted among vaccinees. Of these, there were eleven deaths. About 100 cases of paralysis resulted. JR

"But already before Salk developed his vaccine, polio had been constantly regressing; the 39 cases out of every 100,000 inhabitants registered in 1942 had gradually diminished from year to year until they were reduced to only 15 cases in 1952, according to M. Beddow Baylay, the English surgeon and medical historian."
Slaughter of the Innocent, Hans Reusch, Civitas Publishers, Switzerland, and Swain, New York, 1983.

"Many published stories and reports have stated, implied and otherwise led professional people and the public to believe that the sharp reduction of cases (and of deaths) from poliomyelitis in 1955 as compared to 1954 is attributable to the Salk vaccine, That it is a misconception follows from these considerations. The number of children inoculated has been too small to account for the decrease. The sharp decrease was apparent before the inoculations began or could take effect and was of the same order as the decrease following the immediate post-inoculation period."
Dr. Herbert Ratner, Child and Family, vol. 20, no. 1, 1987.

"So far it is hardly possible to gain insight into the extent of the immunization catastrophe of 1955 in the United States. It may be considered certain that the officially ascertained 200 cases which were caused directly or indirectly by the (polio) vaccination constitute minimum figures, It can hardly be estimated how many of the 1359 (polio) cases among vaccinated persons must be regarded as failures of the vaccine and how many of them were infected by the vaccine. A careful study of the epidemiologic course of polio in the United States yields indications of grave significance. In numerous states of the U.S.A., typical early epidemics developed with the immunizations in the spring of 1955, The vaccination incidents of the year 1955 cannot be exclusively traced back to the failure of one manufacturing firm."
Dr. Herbert Ratner, Child and Family, 1980, vol. 19, no. 4, "Story of the Salk Vaccine (Part 2)."

"Suffice it to say that most of the large (polio) epidemics that have occurred in this country since the introduction of the Salk vaccine have followed the wide-scale use of the vaccine and have been characterized by an uncommon early seasonal onset. To name a few, there is the Massachusetts epidemic of 1955; the Chicago epidemic of 1956; and the Des Moines epidemic of 1959."
Dr. Herbert Ratner, Child and Family, 1980 vol. 19, no. 4.

"The live (Sabin) poliovirus vaccine has been the predominant cause of domestically arising cases of paralytic poliomyelitis in the United States since 1972. To avoid the occurrence of such cases, it would be necessary to discontinue the routine use of live poliovirus vaccine."
Jonas Salk, Science, March 4, 1977, p. 845.

"By the (U.S.) government's own admission, there has been a 41% failure rate in persons who were previously vaccinated against the (measles) virus."
Dr. Anthony Morris, John Chriss, BG Young, "Occurrence of Measles in Previously Vaccinated Individuals," 1979; presented at a meeting of the American Society for Microbiology at Fort Detrick, Maryland, April 27, 1979.

"Prior to the time doctors began giving rubella (measles) vaccinations, an estimated 85% of adults were naturally immune to the disease (for life). Because of immunization, the vast majority of women never acquire natural immunity (or lifetime protection)."
Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, Let's Live, December 1983, as quoted by Carolyn Reuben in the LA Weekly, June 28, 1985.

"Adminstration of KMV (killed measles vaccine) apparently set in motion an aberrant immunologic response that not only failed to protect children against natural measles, but resulted in heightened susceptibility." JAMA Aug. 22, 1980, vol. 244, p. 804, Vincent Fulginiti and Ray Helfer. The authors indicate that such falsely protected children can come down with "an often severe, atypical form of measles. Atypical measles is characterized by fever, headache, and a diverse rash (which), may consist of a mixture of macules, papules, vesicles, and pustules, "

To even an untrained eye, these quotes should signal the fact that THERE IS MUCH MORE WE HAVE NOT SEEN.

“My child had no reaction to the vaccines, so there is nothing to worry about, ”

, or is there?

The documented long term adverse effects of vaccines include chronic immunological and neurological disorders such as autism, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorders, dyslexia, allergies, cancer, and other conditions, many of which barely existed before mass vaccination programs. Vaccine ingredients include known toxicants and carcinogens such as thimersol (a mercury derivative), aluminum phosphate, formaldehyde (for which the Poisons Information Centre in Australia claims there is no acceptable safe amount that can be injected into a living human body), and phenoxyethanol (commonly known as antifreeze). Some of these ingredients are gastrointestinal toxicants, liver toxicants, respiratory toxicants, neurotoxicants, cardiovascular and blood toxicants, reproductive toxicants, and developmental toxicants, to name a few of the known dangers. Chemical ranking systems rate many vaccine ingredients among the most hazardous substances, and they are heavily regulated. Even microscopic doses of some of these ingredients are known to be able to cause serious injury. In addition, some vaccine mediums used in the production of vaccines contain human diploid cells originating from human aborted fetal tissue, a fact that might affect many people’s vaccination choices—if they only knew this was the case.

Medical historian, researcher and author Harris Coulter, Ph.D. explained that his extensive research revealed childhood immunization to be “causing a low-grade encephalitis in infants on a much wider scale than public health authorities were willing to admit, about 15-20% of all children.” He points out that the sequelae [conditions known to result from a disease] of encephalitis [inflammation of the brain, a documented adverse effect of vaccination]: autism, learning disabilities, minimal and not-so-minimal brain damage, seizures, epilepsy, sleeping and eating disorders, intimate disorders, asthma, crib death, diabetes, obesity, and impulsive violence are precisely the disorders which afflict contemporary society. Many of these conditions were formerly relatively rare, but they have become more common as childhood vaccination programs have expanded. Coulter also points out that pertussis toxoid is used to induce encephalitis in lab animals. The pertussis vaccine’s ability to cause brain damage is thus not only known, but relied upon by clinical researchers studying brain disorders.

A German study found correlations between vaccinations and 22 neurological conditions including attention deficit and epilepsy. Another dilemma is that viral elements in vaccines may persist and mutate in the human body for years, with unknown consequences. Millions of children are partaking in an enormous, crude experiment, and no sincere, organized effort is being made to track the negative side effects or to determine the long-term consequences. Since long-term studies on the adverse effects of vaccines are virtually non-existent, their widespread use in the absence of informed consent and adequate safety testing constitutes medical experimentation. As the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons and the National Vaccine Information Center have pointed out, this is a violation of the first principle of the Nuremberg Code, “the centerpiece of modern bioethics.”54,55

Bart Classen, MD, PhD, founder of Classen Immunotherapies and developer of vaccine technologies, conducted epidemiological studies around the world and found vaccines to be the cause of 79% of insulin type I diabetes in children under 10. The increase risk ranged from 9% with the diphtheria vaccine to 50% with the Hepatitis B vaccine. According to Classen, CDC data confirms his findings. However, the implications of Classen’s findings go well beyond diabetes, as his comment in a 1999 issue of the British Medical Journal points out: “The incidence of many other chronic immunological diseases, including asthma, allergies, and immune mediated cancers, has risen rapidly and may also be linked to immunisation.”56 The diabetes findings may be only the tip of the iceberg.

Recent studies in the U.S. and England suggest that vaccines cause autism.57,58,59 Mercury poisoning and autism have nearly identical symptoms,60 and a single day’s vaccination regimen may inject 41 times the level of mercury known to cause harm.61 California’s autism rate has mushroomed 1000% over the past 20 years, with dramatic increases following the introduction of the MMR vaccine in the early 1980’s. England had dramatic autism increases beginning in the 1990’s, following the introduction of the MMR vaccine there. Some infants receive 100 times the EPA’s maximum allowable amount of mercury through vaccines. In January, 2000, the Journal of Adverse Drug Reactions reported that the MMR vaccine was not adequately tested and should not have been licensed. Further reinforcing the suspected vaccine-autism connection is the fact that many physicians using a systematic mercury-detoxification regimen with autistic patients have seen dramatic improvements in the health and behavior of their patients.62 Today, one out of every 150 children are affected by autism, according to the National Vaccine Information Center. In the early 1940’s, prior to the introduction of most vaccines in current use, it was considered a rare condition that few doctors would ever encounter in their practice.

Vaccinations:  Good, Bad or Just Plain Ugly

The FDA and other "watchdog" government agencies seldom are called to account for erroneous or irresponsible decisions. In the Dow Chemical silicone breast implant suit, the government was recently awarded $9.8 million for medical expenses paid out through Medicare and Medicaid. It didn't seem to matter that another agency, the FDA, of the same government had previously approved the use and sale of these implants and is currently considering whether to allow them to be sold again.

Further, these same agencies show definite bias when it comes to evaluating the risks associated with drugs. A good example is the fact that the agencies are constantly pushing for vaccinations and flu shots. For some reason, however, they neglect to tell the public that the preservative in these flu shots and vaccines is mercury.Is there such a thing as healthy mercury?

When it comes to other sources of mercury, though, they are extremely vigilant. They have issued repeated warnings on the consumption of various fish, including tuna, shark, swordfish, and mahi-mahi, because of possible mercury contamination. And since mercury is particularly harmful to nerve cells, government health authorities have stressed that infants and small children shouldn't be fed these foods, and pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid eating tuna also.

However the facts state that most canned tuna contains less mercury contamination than tuna steaks, which come from larger tuna. It's hard to tell how much, if any, mercury these products contain. Smaller fish are safer, and so are fish like sole, sardines, herring, bass, catfish, salmon and shellfish.

Although the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has determined that the maximum allowable daily exposure to mercury is 0.1 microgram per kilogram of body weight, the new flu vaccine for babies, called Fluzone, contains 25 micrograms of mercury per 0.5 ml dose.

Practically all vaccines contain mercury and aluminum. And vaccines are not "safer" sources of these toxic minerals. It doesn't matter if the mercury comes from fish or from a vaccine. The potential for neurological damage remains the same. But for some reason, even though we're warned about fish consumption, vaccines and flu shots are strongly encouraged and, in many instances, even required by law. It shouldn't come as any surprise that more babies seem to be developing autism problems, and the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease is steadily increasing.Alzheimer's linked to flu shots

In the year 2000, there were approximately 5 million people in the U.S. with Alzheimer's, and it has become the fourth leading cause of death in individuals over the age of 75. By the year 2010, it is estimated that over 7 million individuals will have the disease, and by 2025, 22 million will develop Alzheimer's.

As the general population continues to consume more contaminated food, water, and medicines, these predictions may very well prove accurate. One expert at the 1997 National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) International Vaccine Conference stated that anyone who had five consecutive flu vaccine shots increased their risk of developing Alzheimer's disease by a factor of 10 over someone who received only two or fewer shots.A powerful herb to prevent alzheimer's

It's worth mentioning, while we're on the Alzheimer's topic, that the elderly in India have the lowest incidence of Alzheimer's disease in the world. Only 1 percent of the elderly in India suffer from Alzheimer's. In contrast, the Alzheimer's Association in this country says that 10% of our population over 65 years old has the disease, and half of those over 85 have Alzheimer's. Researchers have theorized that the low incidence of Alzheimer's among the Indian population could be due to their increased consumption of the spice turmeric, a component of curry. Animal studies have supported this theory.

Studies have shown that when either turmeric or curcumin, (a major component of turmeric) was added to the diets of animals bred to develop Alzheimer's, the brain damage was significantly lessened. [Neurobiol Aging 01;22(6):993-1005] [J Neurosci 01:21(21):8370-8377]Turmeric has been shown to have very strong antioxidant properties that can be very effective at normal dietary doses. This spice may be one of the easiest and least expensive methods of combating the growing epidemic of Alzheimer's disease.Better than a flu shot

When it comes to beating the flu, selenium can increase your odds. Selenium is a necessary mineral for the production of antioxidants within the body. New animal research from the University of North Carolina has found that a dietary deficiency of selenium may cause a harmless strain of the flu virus to mutate into a virulent pathogen.

When selenium-deficient mice were given a known flu virus and compared to mice with normal selenium levels, researchers found that the selenium-deficient animals experienced far more serious symptoms, such as lung damage. Based on this new research, other researchers are wondering if the more potent viruses, such as HIV, also mutated in environments where there were selenium deficiencies. It makes sense when you consider the well-known fact that most of the worldwide flu outbreaks originate in China, where large segments of the population are selenium-deficient.

Whether you decide to get flu shots or other vaccinations is a personal choice but as you weigh the pros and cons of such a decision, don't be naive enough to think any of our government agencies have your best interests as their top priority. It could be a fatal mistake.

Vaccines:  The Whole Truth + Nothing But"You are what you eat" has a whole new meaning these days. Humans have invented at least 10 million new chemicals, approximately 3500 of which are in our food, with an equal number in our homes and household products. Roughly 300 known harmful substances can now be found in most blood samples!

One widespread toxin now invading our system is mercury, found in fish, dental fillings and vaccinations. Mercury is detoxified by methylanon, and your ability to methylate can be measured by your homocysteine level. In other words, if mercury is a problem, you are more likely to have high homocysteine levels. The good news is, if you lower your homocysteine, you can immediately improve your ability to detoxify not only mercury, but also most heavy metals.

In the case of vaccinations, today's children can receive up to 30 by the time they go to school, with many given in the first six months of life. This article takes a closer look at what this is doing to our children and evaluates the necessity of this practice.What exactly are vaccines?

Vaccinations are based on the idea of introducing a dead or disabled infectious agent into a person, then allowing the immune system to respond and produce antibodies. The theory is that by "memorizing" the antigen and how to make the antibody, your immune system has an advantage in dealing with an infection, should you become exposed to the agent again, because it can act quickly. The orthodox view is that vaccines give your immune system a head start in dealing with such an infection, and therefore, are essential, save lives, have few drawbacks, and are the reason for the decrease in deaths from many infectious diseases. They are heralded as one of the wonders of modern medicine, a triumph of science versus nature.

However, many of these views are not supported by the current research. The main questions regarding vaccinations are as follows:

1. How effective are they?

2. How dangerous is the disease?

3. How dangerous is the vaccine?

4. Are combination vaccines more dangerous?

5. When, if at all, is the best time to be vaccinated?

6. What are the alternatives to vaccination?

 How effective are vaccinations?

The scientific literature is far from conclusive on the effectiveness of vaccinations, with reports claiming anything from 20-90% effectiveness, depending on the vaccine. The fact is, many epidemic diseases come in cycles, and have declined due to improvements in sanitation, as well as isolation of those people infected with the disease.

A case in point is the 1870-1872 smallpox epidemic in England. The outbreak claimed 44,000 lives, even though most of the population had been vaccinated. During the next outbreak in 1892, the town of Leicester decided against vaccination on the grounds that it didn't work, and instead relied only on sanitation and isolation. This outbreak saw just 19 cases and one death per 100,000. Compare this to nearby Warrington that had six times as many cases and eleven times the death rate, even though 99 percent of its population had been vaccinated. [Campaign against Fraudulent Medical Research Newsletter 2(3):5-13 (1995), quoting statistics from the London Bills of Mortality 1760-1834 and Reports of the Registrar General 1836-1896, as compiled by Alfred Wallace in The Wonderful Century (1898)]And despite the use of vaccination, the incidence of many infectious diseases still continues to rise and fall. For example, in the United States, the incidence of measles continued to rise all the way into the 1990s, despite the introduction of the vaccine in 1957. And in England in the 1970s, deaths from pertussis (whooping cough) dropped only after the vaccination rate dropped by 30%.

Conversely, measles, mumps, smallpox, whooping cough, polio, and meningitis outbreaks have all occurred in vaccinated populations. In 1989, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported, "Among school-aged children, [measles] outbreaks have occurred in schools with vaccination levels of greater than 98 percent. [They] have occurred in all parts of the country, including areas that had not reported measles for years." The CDC even reported a measles outbreak in a population that had been 100 percent vaccinated. A study examining this outbreak found, "The apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunized persons."

Finally, one of the "success" stories for vaccination is polio. Yet, during a 1962 U.S. Congressional hearing, Dr. Bernard Greenberg, head of the Department of Biostatistics for the University of North Carolina School of Public Health, testified that cases of polio not only increased after mandatory vaccinations-up 50% from 1957 to 1958, and up 80% from 1958 to 1959 -- but that the statistics were deliberately manipulated by the Public Health Service to give the opposite impression.When should we vaccinate?

Vaccinations are available for certain strains of microbes causing measles, mumps, chickenpox, rubella, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, polio, meningitis, hepatitis, and tuberculosis.

Arguably, some of these diseases are more life-threatening, and more prevalent, than others. For example, measles and mumps are very common, yet are rarely fatal, except in poorly nourished infants with compromised immune systems. Therefore, if your child is optimally nourished, you can make a good case for delaying immunization. If your child has not contracted either of these diseases before his or her teenage years, and thus has not conferred their own natural immunization, vaccinations may be given at this time, as measles and mumps can have more serious health implications in adults.

In the case of rubella, it makes sense to give the vaccine to girls early in their teenage years, since mothers who contract the disease at some time in their first trimester have a one in four likelihood of giving birth to a child who has one or more birth defects, including mental retardation, blindness, and cerebral palsy. As for diphtheria, while it is more life-threatening, your chance of dying from the disease (with or without vaccination) is less than 1 in 100,000. In fact, many medical reports indicate that early vaccination confers little benefit.

Whooping Cough and Tetanus

According to Dr. Gordon Stewart, one of Britain's top medical experts, whooping cough is no longer a serious threat to the life and health of children. Among well-nourished children in the U.K., there were no cases of brain damage or death in any children during three different outbreaks in the country. However, more adults have contracted whooping cough since the introduction of early immunization, which may suggest that the vaccine is suppressing the disease.

Tetanus is even rarer. However, the risk is minimal and, when treated correctly, 80% of people recover. Fortunately, tetanus can be easily controlled. The risk with this disease involves cutting yourself, then picking up the virus in manure or dirt. However, you can massively reduce this risk by cleaning wounds properly, and not allowing a wound to close until healing has occurred below the skin's surface. If you do decide to get a tetanus shot, keep in mind that the presence of the tetanus antibodies reduces rapidly after a vaccination. Therefore, you'll need to keep getting one every five or so years to confer a degree of protection.Polio

Polio is one vaccine that many authorities consider essential, yet contrary to public perception, vaccinations are less effective than you might think. Because vaccinations are for specific strains of polio microbes that are permanently evolving and changing, there's no guarantee of protection. For example, an outbreak of polio occurred in Taiwan, where 98% of young children had been immunized. [Patriarca, P.A. 1994. Polio outbreaks: a tale of torment. Lancet 344(8923):630-631]In 1961, a polio outbreak in Massachusetts resulted in more cases of paralysis among those vaccinated than those who were not. [James, W. 1988. Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth. Praeger Publishers, Westport, CT.] And another study found that three out of five Americans who had contracted polio during foreign travel had previously been vaccinated. [Strebel, P.M., et al. 1992. Epidemiology of poliomyelitis in the United States one decade after the last reported case of indigenous wild virus-associated disease. Clin Infect Dis 14:568-579.]And still, most authorities will highly recommend that you receive a polio vaccine if you are traveling abroad. A more common sense approach might be, if you haven't had a polio vaccine in 10 years, then first find out how common polio is in the country you are visiting. For example, in the U.K., there are no more than two cases per year. In fact, you are more likely to be hit by a double-decker bus than to contract polio in Britain!Meningitis

One of the diseases that it makes sense vaccinating against is the Haemophilas influenza type B (Hib) virus, the most common cause of meningitis, which causes upper respiratory and ear infections, pneumonia, and inflammation of the spinal cord. It most often affects children between the ages of 6 to 12 months, with 75% of all cases occurring before the age of two. Lack of hygiene in day care centers is partly blamed for the spread of the disease, so vaccinating young infants with the Hib meningitis vaccine can make sense.

More recently the spotlight has focused on a new form of meningitis caused by the bacteria Neissetia meningirides-meningitis C. While much rarer, it can be fatal about 10% of the time. But because it often affects teenagers, you may want to have your children and teenagers inoculated, especially if they live with groups of other children, such as at a boarding school or university. Unfortunately, these vaccines are so new, it is hard to say how effective they are and what side effects they may have.What is the down-side of Vaccines?

Perhaps the most contentious question of all involves the negative side effects, including permanent damage or death, due to the vaccination itself. Most commonly, a negative response to a vaccine is a result of a reaction to one or several ingredients in the vaccine, while other cases involve a person's immune response to the infectious agent.

Until recently, most vaccines contained a germicidal compound called thimerosal, which consisted-in part-of mercury. Many vaccines also contain formalin, a 37% solution of formaldehyde, the main ingredient of embalming fluid. Many also contain phenol or ethylene glycol, the main component found in antifreeze. While all of these ingredients are disturbing, thimerosal is particularly concerning, not only because mercury is a highly toxic element, but many children are allergic to this compound.

A recent investigation into thimerosal and the neurological development of children found that the sum total of mercury an average child would receive from normally recommended vaccinations exceeds the Federal Safety Guidelines for orally ingested mercury, and is in fact correlated with a greater risk for neurodevelopmental disorders. Galer, M.R and Galer, D.A. 2003. [Thimerosal in childhood vaccines, neurodevelopment disorders and heart disease in the United States. Journal of American Phesicians and Surgeons 8(1):6-11]But worse still is the vaccine for whooping cough, which accounts for more than half of all reported reactions to vaccinations. Because whooping cough is rarely deadly among well-nourished children, there is a serious question in regards to the benefits of the vaccine in view of its known risks. According to research at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford, England, a child vaccinated against whooping cough is 50% more likely to develop asthma or allergies later in life. This may be because the whooping cough vaccine promotes an abnormally strong immune response to potential allergens such as pollen or gluten, and may disturb early immune programming.Combination Vaccines

While no one yet knows the combined risks of having a number of vaccinations, two of the most common combination vaccinations -- MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) and DPT (diphtheria, pertussis or whooping cough, and tetanus) -- were thoroughly investigated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In monitoring 500,000 American children after vaccination, 34 major side effects were identified, the most common being seizures. Researchers found that the day after a DPT shot, children were three times more likely to have a fit. After the MMR injection, fits were 2.7 times higher after 4-7 days and 3.3 times higher after 8-14 days. And that's just seizures. In some cases, DPT reactions have resulted in permanent neurological damage (1 in 30-50,000 children vaccinated) and even death.

Meanwhile, the link between MMR and the risk of autism is growing. According to a statistical analysis published in a recent issue of the Lancet, the correct interpretation of the statistical data from currently published studies show an appreciable number of autism cases being triggered by MMR vaccination.

It certainly makes sense that a child's immune system is more likely to react to a combination of infectious agents delivered in one package. However, it is probable that reactions are more likely to occur in a child who has a poor nutritional base, and therefore cannot restore balance after his or her immune system has been forced to react to the threat of an invading organism.

In immune-compromised children, vaccinations may overload their immune systems, resulting in toxic damage to their nervous system and brain. For this reason, more and more parents are demanding single vaccines instead of combination vaccines.Alternatives to Vaccination

The best alternative to vaccination is to ensure that you and your child have a robust immune system. For infants, there is no better way to confer immunity than through breast-feeding for at least the first year of life. Once weaned, you can help to ensure immunity by providing an optimal intake of immune-boosting nutrients. For example, vitamin A offers protection against measles and probably polio. In underdeveloped countries, deaths from measles have been virtually eliminated with adequate amounts of vitamin A.

Another way to minimize risk in infants, whose immune systems are immature, is to restrict their exposure to large numbers of other potentially infected infants. If possible, avoid placing children in day care or involving them in large playgroups until the age of three, when their immune systems are much stronger.

If you do choose to have or give your child a vaccination, ask your doctor for (1) a list of ingredients in the vaccine, (2) evidence that it works, and (3) a list of adverse effects. You should also be wary of continuing with vaccinations if your child has had a bad reaction to a previous vaccine, is currently sick, or has a history of epilepsy, convulsions, neurological disorders, severe allergies, or immune system disorders.

Finally and most importantly, use your common sense. The truth is, we don't have all the answers and don't know the long-term consequences of mass immunization. This is why some pediatricians are opting against many vaccinations. In the meantime, gather all the information you can, then let the facts rather than habit or social pressure guide your decision.

Think of vaccines and you might envision teary-eyed kids at the doctor’s office or flu clinic getting a cartoon character bandage on their arm after getting a shot. But there are plenty of reasons adults should get vaccines too.

The vaccines you need as an adult depend on everything from your age and lifestyle to high-risk medical conditions, travel plans, and which shots you’ve had in the past.

“Vaccination is as important for adults as it is for children, and yet many adults are not optimally vaccinated,” says William Schaffner, MD, president of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases and chairman of the department of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville.

Although there has been a slight increase in adult vaccination rates in recent years, Melinda Wharton, MD, MPH, deputy director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization & Respiratory Diseases, says “there clearly is a gap in getting adults vaccinated.”

You can keep track of vaccines you may need as an adult with an online CDC scheduling tool or by taking a CDC quiz. You can also ask your doctor or your pharmacist because in many states they are licensed to give adult vaccines.12 Reasons

The best reasons to get vaccinated are to protect yourself and to protect the people around you. The details:

1. You may no longer be protected. You may have received a vaccine as a child. But some vaccines require a booster if you want to remain protected. Protection may not be life-long for diseases like pertussis (whooping cough) or tetanus, which is usually given with the diphtheria toxoid. The CDC recommends a booster for the latter every 10 years after an initial childhood series. 

 2. Getting vaccines helps protect your kids -- especially babies too young for vaccines. Whooping cough vaccines are recommended for people who have contact with young babies. The same is true for the flu vaccine. There’s no flu vaccine licensed for infants younger than 6 months old. “We call that creating a cocoon of protection around the baby,” Schaffner says.

3. Some vaccines are just for adults. The shingles vaccine is a good example. Shingles (also known as herpes zoster or zoster) is caused by a reactivation of the chickenpox virus. It can cause a severe and painful skin rash. The risk for shingles increases as a person ages. The vaccine is recommended for adults 60 and older.

4. You may need them when you travel. Headed to the developing world? You may run into illnesses you’d never find at home. The yellow fever vaccination is required for travel to parts of sub-Saharan Africa and tropical South America. The Saudi Arabian government also requires the meningococcal vaccination -- but only for travel during the hajj, or annual pilgrimage to Mecca. You can check the CDC's web site for details about what you may need for your destination. 

5. Everyone needs a flu vaccine, every year. The CDC recommends that everyone 6 months of age and older get a flu vaccine annually if they do not have a medical reason not to receive the vaccine. Each year’s vaccination is designed to protect against the three strains of influenza anticipated to be most commonly circulated in the upcoming flu season.

6. Your kids have set an example. Most children don’t have a choice about getting shots. But why should they be the only one getting stuck with a needle? Want to show them that prevention through vaccination works? “Mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa should get their vaccinations just as children do,” Schaffner says.

7. You didn’t get fully vaccinated as a child. Not everyone was, or is, fully vaccinated as a child. If you didn’t get vaccines for things like measles, mumps, and rubella or chickenpox (or varicella) as a child -- or any of those diseases themselves -- you need them as an adult. And don’t forget. Some older adults were born at a time when children weren’t vaccinated “as comprehensively as we vaccinate people today,” Schaffner says.

8. Newer vaccines have been developed. Some vaccinations recommended for adults are fairly new. For instance, the FDA approved the first HPV vaccine and shingles vaccine in 2006. Although the rate of adults being vaccinated with newer vaccines is increasing, awareness remains a challenge, Wharton says.

9. You’re going back to college. The downturn has forced many adults back to school. But many colleges require proof of routine vaccinations. You may not have those records. Your parents may not have those records. And your childhood doctor may no longer be practicing. It’s OK to repeat a vaccine. But, Wharton says, it’s “a hassle and cost” that could be prevented by keeping good records.

10. You work in the health care profession. Health care providers are exposed to all sorts of potential infections, as well as blood and bodily fluids. Most are required to have not only a complete vaccination series and evidence of immunity, but also to get annual influenza vaccination. This includes things like measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), and hepatitis B.

11. You’re sexually active with a number of partners. The hepatitis B vaccine is highly recommended. Hepatitis B can be transmitted from person to person through contact with blood, semen, and vaginal fluid. It is 50-100 times more easily to be infected by hepatitis B than by HIV. Your partner may not appear ill, but could be carrying the disease.

12. You have asthma, heart, lung disease, diabetes, or other chronic disease. Or you smoke cigarettes. Or your immune system is otherwise compromised. The pneumococcal vaccine helps prevent serious disease such as pneumonia, meningitis, and blood infection caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae. Get it because you may be at increased risk for these infections, Schaffner says.

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