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New Craigslist Trend: Trade Sex for Rent? Renters are seeking financially stressed roommates on Craigslist, offering free housing or paying rent in return for sex.

Is trading sex for rent the new trend on Craigslist? That may be the case, as ABC15 in Arizona is reporting that the housing slump and recession has driven many cash-strapped men and women to Craigslist and other online classified websites. Their purpose? To provide sex in return for housing or rent money.

While the ABC affiliate didn't post direct links to the ads, the station said that many such advertisements were listed on the Phoenix Craigslist site and "other major U.S. markets." Many of the ads were somewhat subtle in nature while others were blunt and to-the-point. But based on the examples provided by the TV station, the listings appeared to be from renters seeking "financially distressed" roommates.

To back up its claim, ABC15 provided a few samples. One ad from Fountain Hills was titled "Free rent and Corvette for live-in hottie girl roommate." Another listing said that there was a spare room for rent, and only ladies were allowed to apply. "I live by myself, am single and good looking," the ad read. "Would like to have a female roommate in good shape and willing to trade favors in exchange for rent. Please include a picture with your response.”

ABC15 said that the Valley police departments keep tabs on Craigslist and other national classified websites for fraud, criminal activity, and sex crimes. Mark Clark, the spokesman for the Scottsdale Police Department, said that the offers described by ABC15 could quality as prostitution. While it's assumed that there are probably female renters looking for male roommates, many of the examples provided by ABC15 were male renters seeking desperate women.

Rent-for-sex ads prey on vulnerable women + PORTLAND, Ore. -- Police said they are concerned about some online ads offering women, who are in a tough financial situation, sex for rent money.

This has been a problem nationally and now it is a local problem as well. KATU News found at least half a dozen ads in the past month on craigslist making pitches like this: “I help you with your bills if you share your love with me.”

Frank of Wilsonville posted one of these ads. He advertised on his posting that he is willing to help with rent and other bills as long as the woman meets his “personal needs.”

Sergeant Mike Geiger of the Portland Police Sexual Assault Unit said he’s never seen this kind of ad in this area.

“My reaction is really? You just advertise for this?” he said. “You know, engaging in a sexual act or sexual contact with another person where there is a fee involved is prostitution.”

Is that what Frank really wants? KATU went undercover to find out.

Frank asked KATU’s undercover reporter to meet him at a Wendy’s in Wilsonville. He wanted to know if she was a cop because he said he could get into trouble.

He said he’ll pay about half her rent for each month – about $300 – in exchange for sex three or four times a week with cuddling before and after to make an emotional connection.

“Well, of course it’s laughable,” said Geiger. “If you wanted to make an emotional connection with somebody, you’re not going to set up a circumstance where you pay them to have sex with you.”

Geiger said he is concerned that local women in desperate financial situations could fall for these offers. He said rent-for-sex offers are not just criminal they’re also dangerous.

He said he sees men who advertise rent for sex as possibly controlling, arrogant, even predatory.

“And know you’re with a person who expects something from you and then will demand it from you and may take it from you,” said Geiger. “You know, you’ve placed yourself in significant harm.”

What’s Frank’s view? It’s unknown if he is dangerous or if he fits the sergeant’s profile because as soon as he saw KATU’s camera outside the Wendy’s he took off running.

Another man, Don, from Southeast Portland, advertised for a college girl in need of help with tuition or rent and called it “our own dirty little secret”.

Instead, what he got was an undercover KATU News producer.

He wanted to meet at a Southeast Portland coffee shop. He told the undercover news producer he’d pay about a third of her rent – $200 a month – plus gas, food, and other expenses in return for a physical relationship and an intimate time with a younger woman.

He said, “Maybe it’s a midnight phone call saying, ‘Man, I could sure use some, you know, get you’re a— over here.’ You know what I mean?”

Again, when confronted with the KATU News camera for comment outside the coffee shop, Don, like Frank, broke into a run.

Neither Don nor Frank has been arrested or charged with a crime. But police want the people who post rent-for-sex ads to know that they’re on to them.

“If you think for a moment we don’t know what you’re doing, you’re wrong,” said Geiger. “If you think you can get away with this and treat people this way, you’re also wrong about that as well.”

KATU News contacted craigslist about this but have not heard back from them. Craigslist has been monitoring the adult postings for illegal ads, but these ads appeared in a different section of the site.

Police said if you’re financially desperate to reach out to someone else in your community for help and not to these kinds of online ads.

Online ads trade rent for sexOrganization fights to remove listingsUpdated: Friday, 19 Mar 2010, 6:57 AM EDT
Published : Thursday, 18 Mar 2010, 9:38 PM EDTOren Liebermann VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) - On Dublin Court in Virginia Beach, the offer sounded like a good deal for a place to stay.

"He was looking for a roommate," said Lisa Newsome, "$400 a month, everything included."

And since November, Newsome has paid rent to the owner and it's been a good place to stay for her and her daughter.

The ad on Craigslist, an online listing site, never struck Newsome as strange. "I responded, I called him with the number that was on the ad and I came out I looked at it and moved in," she said. But an organization called Housing Opportunities Made Equal, or HOME for short, said other housing ads posted by the condo owner were far worse.

"This has got to be wrong, this has got to be discriminatory," said Amy Nelson.

Nelson is an investigator for HOME. A complaint filed by her organization with the Department of Housing and Urban Development said the condo owner posted an ad in December looking for a white female between the ages of 19 and 48, which is already illegal discrimination.

"People see these ads running and don't realize that they're unlawful and they then start using them in their own ads," said Nelson, "thereby perpetuating the discrimination making more ads run."

HOME filed twenty complaints with federal and state governments, saying housing listings discriminate illegally.

But it gets worse.

When an investigator contacted the owner about the ad, the complaint said the owner responded: "It will be like we are married, but we are not, the usual cook, clean an yes sex, you still do your own thing, so you save money an have fun doing it..."

Craigslist has a policy to remove any ads that suggest an exchange of sexual favors for money. And these ads have been removed, even as more are posted.

If you see a discriminatory ad, contact Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia, Inc ., or call 804-354-0641.

A landlord does not want money from his tenant. Sex will do. And he is not alone. In Atlanta, an online ad offers a room in lieu of “sex and light office duty” and in Los Angeles a one room pool house welcomes someone (to a girl obviously) who is skilled and willing. In New York City, a fit female and is willing to provide sex will get a $700 a month room at a much discounted rate.

And wait, there is a choice factor also. These landlords won’t let anyone come in just like that. One Craiglist advertiser says that they have to be attractive.

Don’t blame them after all offering of shelter for sex has been there since the primitive days of human society. Now, whether these guys get the desired rent or not and what happened after that, will be an entirely different story. May be a perfect ingredient to a real life TV show.

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Sex for Rent, Slutty Girl Cravings and One Night Only

Ready for some more crazy roommate-wanted ads from Craigslist?

Quicker than you can say "rental agreement," we have in store for you: someone who just wants to hang out short-term with a cool guy in a hotel room; a woman who will exchange sex for a place for her and her boyfriend to stay; and one charming fellow who apparently likes SLUTTY GIRLS.

Find out about these and other roommates-in-waiting in this edition of Rental Roommate Nightmares.

Atlanta, Ga.:
Tonight only my hotel (downtown)
Looking for cool guys that might need a place to stay tonight. I am bi but not looking for sex...just looking to hang out with a str8 or bi guy who needs to get away. hit me back with a pic or stats and we can talk....im cool, good looking, discreet and just want a buddy for tonight.

Our Take:
So why do you have to be discreet if you simply want a buddy to hang out with tonight in your hotel room. Or are you simply letting a str8 or bi guy crash in your hotel room out of the goodness of your heart? You little angel!

Phoenix, Ariz.:$375 OMG, it can't be this hard to find sane housemates over 40
After past disasters I am taking my time and am not looking to rescue anyone (again). I am looking for someone that is looking for a place to call home not just a landing spot.

Here is my list of things: (If any of these apply to you, please pass me by)

1. No, you cannot use the back room for a meth lab, I don't care how good you are at it and that it's your only source of income
2. I am glad you served your time for murder but my neighbors frown on the ankle bracelet
3. My front yard is not equipped for all the "Get out SEX offender" signs
4. Slumber parties are not for six 18 year olds and you (Mr., they make me feel young again)
5. My home is not a motel for your "dates"
6. Yes, I like men, no I am not looking for a live-in date (my dates go home, not to the other room)
7. I like male roommates because they don't take my clothes, my jewelry or my dates. Well, usually :)
8. I don't care about your sexual preference please don't care about mine :)
9. There is no master bedroom here. We are equals in this house and this is an OLDER home and I am over 40. I love ya, just don't want to raise ya.
10. I am not your cook or maid. See #8
11. I am really glad you are looking for a job and I hope you find one soon. Want to work off the deposit and part of the rent for the FIRST month? Key words there are "WORK" and "FIRST"
12. Yes, your kids and relatives can come for a VISIT. Again, keyword "VISIT"

Our Take: Apparently, if you don't fit the criteria of any of the above, you'll be a dream roommate. Sounds like he's lived with every bad roommate on the books. Gotta question his judgement.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: 2 nights stay for playtime with me! (Amsterdam)
I will be in the area August for two nights. Looking for a very nice place to stay central Amsterdam or nearby for me and my boyfriend. I will trade room for sex with me. We are respectful/professional couple, non-smoking, mid-30s. If interested, send me an email with where your place is located and then I will email you back so you can send pictures of your place.

Serious inquires only!

Our Take: Hmmmm? That's a straightforward offer. What you get to do is have sex with some guy's girlfriend while the two of them stay in your apartment. Nothing funny there. It sounds like some low-end version of the movie "Indecent Proposal" -- except instead of a million dollars it's a two-night stay. And we're intrigued by the photo they included (you'll have to visit the ad for that).



Our Take: I'm not clear on this one: Does this guy happen to like SLUTTY GIRLS? He's being really vague despite the fact that he's using ALL CAPS. Thank god your new roommate who likes slutty girls has a decent job. Otherwise you might think he's a COMPLETE CREEP.

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Tiny Studio, Shower Peeking and Cuddle Partners

Help! There's more crazy potential roommates out there on Craigslist -- and they're waiting for you to move in.

What's on the plate?

A small studio apartment only big enough to fit one bed; a guy who wants to see you nude in the shower; a couple who want to cuddle with you and more.

Read on my friends, read on ...
San Jose: $250 ISO Open-minded guy to share a small studio
I'm gay Asian 40yrs old on the DL looking for open minded guy to share a small studio with kitchen I'm looking for guy whos open minded, friendly and down to earth not a Homophobia and not a druggies but cigarette smoker is ok because i'm a smoker if any guy want a place to stay to get on your feet or just need a place to crash. I just got laid off so i need someone to work with me because the major problem that i have is the studio kinda small can not fit another bed or a couch sound very lame but if u don't mind to share a queen bed. I'm not looking for sex partner or anything If interested please discribe yourself and a pic not that i care just want to know who i am going to meet .

Our Take: Imagine the hours on end you will spend with your new roommate who smokes in a very small studio that has barely enough room to fit a bed. Good thing he will to share his bed with you. Tickle-fight anyone?

San Francisco: $350 i have a room for rent
i need a single female that would share my bath has shower only.you have to be ok with being nude using the bathroom becouse it would be hard to hide when its in my bedroom. im not looking for sex or a girl friend ,please be over 35yrs im 56. I ENJOY SUCKING D*CK TOO!!!!!!!! MEN ARE WELCOME

Our Take: This ad reads like a murder mystery novel. At first you think this 56 year old just likes to see naked girls in the show, then it twists at the end when he shares his other passion as well. What would Agatha Christie make of this?

San Francisco: $any! For OPEN FEMALE: share room (NO sex at all!) with male&female
We're laid back and easy going. 420 Friendly.....

100% NON cig smoker. MUST be OK with unlimited http://CuddleParty.com & http://LupinLodge.com lifestyle. We are celibate and do NOT share ANY sex whatsoever, with anyone, You can, with others (just not us! Tho u will share 1bed & cuddle unlimited with us!)

Our Take: This is plain weird: a celibate couple who only wants to share a bed with you and cuddle -- unlimited -- and belong to a nudist colony. But the question is: will they do their dishes and keep the bathroom clean?

Las Vegas: large bedroom nice house
nice large room with walkin closet full bath for a female who is good looking and fit with no boy friend may be have sex once in a while for room i am also good looking and fit .

Our Take: This isn't an accident waiting to happen. Just remember ladies: You can never have a boyfriend while living here otherwise that might put a damper on the free rent.

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Open-Minded Couples, Annoying Parole Officers and More

Why can't finding a roommate be easy? Do there have to be so many weirdos out there trying to rent rooms? Today we have some great Craigslist Rental Roommate Nightmares, featuring, open-minded couples, annoying parole officers, stumbling drunks and more.
Free rent for married couple
Free rent for married couple with open-minded male. I love to look and would love to let you and wifey stay for free at my home in NW Houston in exchange for our friendship. I am not looking for sex. Just good open-minded people that love having fun. I can give you the home address and you guys can go and check it out. Single females are ok also. Please be serious. I will also take her shopp and spoil her.

Our Take: Hmmm? Should me and wifey consider moving in with this guy? Sure, we're open-minded and I would enjoy it when he takes wifey to shopp and spoil her, but I'm not sure how serious I am.

Houston:I need a roomate who knows how to remodel
NO DRINKING HERE OR COMING HOME STUMBLING DRUNK. NO GIRLFRIENDS/BOYFRIENDS MOVING IN, NO DRUGS OR DOPEHEADS.... I AM 420 FRIENDLY BUT NOT WHILE MY SON IS HOME UNLESS IT'S OUTSIDE. NO EXCEPTIONS OTHER THAN 420. Absolutly no SEX, DRUG OR THEFT charges will be excused. No parolees or probationers as I just don't want your parole or probation officer visiting my home.

Our Take: Someone must have had a pretty messed-up previous roommate experience that involved someone on parole and their disruptive parole officer.

Atlanta: $70 Furnished Room
Furnished room for rent in a three bedroom house in the West Cobb area. $70 moves you in and that includes everything.

Our Take: Nothing seems wrong here. I think I'll take this place!

Atlanta: $70 Re: $70 Furnished Room
WARNING: Something is seriously wrong with the guy who posted this ad. He behaves weirdly and told me I could bring a million females to the house but absolutely no male visitors. As long as I'm paying my rent on time and not having numerous visitors at the house, I feel I can invite whatever sex over to where I lay my head every night. He's unemployed and the house is practically in the middle of nowhere.

Our Take: I know. I shouldn't have agreed to move in so fast. Still it must be enjoyable hanging out with an unemployed creepy guy in the middle of nowhere in the heart of Georgia. I hope he can play banjo.

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Dodgy Brits, Salesmen, and One Cute Tokyo Girl

Okay, more nightmares on the plate in the form of Craigslist roommate-wanted ads.

Today: How they do it in London when it comes to the sleazy roommate department; a man offering a "cool girl" a chance; and an adorable roomie in Tokyo.

All this and more on the next page....



Our Take: Welcome to the world of prostitution.

40 single straight white male and a 25 straight female roomie are seeking another cool, laidback, openminded female roomie to share house with us,

You would be sharing large bed and bedroom with attractive male. Looking for short or long term roommate with benefits situation but long term is preferred. I do have one candidate so far and will make my decision within the next week so if you are interested please reply a.s.a.p.

Please send a picture to be considered.

Our Take: This open minded straight white male has got to work in sales. Notice how he puts the used car hard sell in at the end; stating that you -- a fellow open-minded female roomie -- might be missing out on this open-minded scenario of sharing a bed and bedroom with an attractive male. You better hurry!

London: £1Sex addict with Flat Seeks Horny Soulmate Come Flatmate

Part 1 - Your needs:

(i) A Good Seeing To! – but would rather have a regular lover than a series of 1 night stands (insufficiency of transient pleasure/ health issues provide reason for this preference).
(ii) Have a desire to explore & not necessarily but possibly live out some unusual fantasies.
(iii) You would also like to find someone you connect with on multiple levels – possibly a 'soulmate' :)
Part 2 - About you:

(i) Are Female (in the natural sense).
(ii) Have an openmind to try something unconventional.
(iii) Not an escort.
Part 3 - My needs:

Please refer to title!


(i) A Horny Soul mate and/or
(ii) Flatmate.

NB: "OR" indicates that you may require a roof over your head but not necessarily be horny. However the "And" option is the preferable one.

I may not be an easy lay but I'm a bloody good one!

Look forward to your reply.


Our Take: So that's how they do it in the UK. I like how he adds that British touch of class to being a complete dirtbag.

Tokyo: JPY50000 Female only, a furnished room Available
Available Now!!!!
I'm 26 year old Japanese female. I'm looking for new share-mates. you can just move in with your baggage anytime!!

Share toilets, showers and Kitchen. Shopping street, supermarkets, convenience stores and drugstores nearby. Sex and nationality are unlimited.

If you are interested in sharing the house with me, I will be glad if you can contact me for more information. Waiting for someone friendly and responsible.

Our Take: Oh my god! This is plain adorable. I want to move in. When can I move in? Will my new Tokyo roommate greet me while wearing a Hello Kitty backpack? No nightmare here -- just my dream come true.

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Animal Trade, Assault Weapons and Non-Creepy Nudist

What is on the Rental Roommate Nightmare plate for today? What big red flags will wave in your face via a Craigslist roommate-wanted ad?

Well, sit back and prepare yourself. We've got rent trade that involves sex and possibly animals, a guy with assault weapons, and of course a non-creepy nudist.

Read on to find out about all this and more....
Austin: $450 I am a GWM...looking for a roommate
The man I would like to find as a roommate possibly has issues in his life but is MOVING ON. I do not want drama, the ex wife or boyfriend calling or coming by......NO WAY. I understand that men have issues at times. I have also in the past. Right now, I am settled, love to cook and keep up the home. I know, way to long but hope to get only one or two replies. This is what is known as a long shot.

Our Take: It's great that this potential roommate can open up and share the issues of his life with complete strangers through a Craigslist roommate wanted ad.

Chicago: $375 Room for rent - nudist preferred
Non-creepy nudist guy in his 20s looking for a non-creepy nudist guy in his 20s to rent the extra bedroom in my place.

I have a dog, so no pets (sorry).

This is not a sex ad and I'm not looking for a roommate "with benefits." I'm looking for another guy who shares my lifestyle.

Our Take: I see these ads all the time for nudist looking for other nudist roommates. It just goes to show if you are a nudist and find the perfect nudist roommate, be sure to hang on to them cuz it's hard enough to get along with a complete stranger let alone a nude complete stranger. Question: Do you have to get nude for the roommate interview?

Portland: $1 Free rent/trade
Email with your offers of trade. We are a young m/f couple with animals.

Our Take: Are animals involved in this offer of "trade"?

San Diego: $1 Cheap Room For Rent
So basically I have a one bedroom party house and I am looking for someone to move in with me until summer's over. You would get to share a Cal King size bed with me and maybe one other but the beds big enough to sleep 4-5 people comfortably. I got a sweet set up here and have turned my house into a party style house. I don't throw many parties just like the set up. I am 420 friendly. I got a beer pong set up and a hammock and dart bord a fire pit and all that. I don't have an oven but 2 really nice plus in burners and a really nice bath tub. This ad is for girls only being that you will be sleeping in the same bed as me. I think 2 dudes sleeping together would be a little weird lol. So I ask that you be single because I dont want no drama of a girl sharing her bed with a dude and the other catch is I love to cuddle and stuff when I sleep so yea. I am not going to expect ANYTHING more than that just cuddling. I am not some weirdo looking for sex lol. It just gets lonely some times here and its nice to hold someone next to you when you sleep. If your interested please reply with a few pics.

Our Take: Who doesn't like a party house? I wasn't sure if I wanted to share a bed with a complete stranger who likes to cuddle until I saw the picture of him with an assault weapon. Is the assault weapon in the bed when the cuddling scenario goes down?

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Man in Speedo, Nude Home Worker, and Free Rent With No Catch

You've got to love the roommate wanted ads on Craigslist. Especially the ones where the big red flags wave boldly on the roommate horizon. Sometimes you can smell trouble lying directly down the road.

Such is the case with today's ads. We have roommate rental nightmares involving a new roommate in a Speedo, a nudist who likes to work at home nude, and free rent with oh-so-many strings attached.

Read on to find out about all this and more ...
New York: $100 Special lower rent situation
I may have a situation that might be of interest to you if you are:
-- A female between 18 and 50

Benefits for you:
-- Sharing a decent 1 BR apartment at a 50% discount ($100 per week or so), safe, sex is not a requirement, being friends is Ok

Benefits for me:
-- Companion which I guess I am in need right now, in addition to small $$ contribution

Our Take: I'm glad safe sex is not a requirement to be the roomate of this guy lying on the beach. You can tell this guy needs a companion because he is lying on the beach in a Speedo all by himself.

Los Angeles: $550 nudist male to share apt
Looking for a true nudist male who is clean friendly and pet friendly with cats and a dog. Must have a job and be drug free. I live in a one bedroom apt and willing to give up my room for you to rent or we can share either way as nudist males whats to hide as we do the same and have the same .I work nude from home time to time so my home is oder/very clean i host nude events so my home is active in the nudist lifestyle so you must be too i am not looking for sex or a sexual fantasy. I am a gay male but have lived with my dad and 3 older brothjers ( all straight) in a nude up bringing in TX so i know how to respect others as i have also lived with gay/bi/straight males in a nude home and lived in Harmony so please send a face pic only info on yourself if you are truely serious please
Our Take: Wow. I hope this guy finds the nudist, pet friendly, drug free roommate of his dreams. I wonder what job he has that allows him to work at home in the nude? This wouldn't get old very quickly: Imagine being both angry at your roommate and having to face him nude every day. The ad does nothing to assure that this man isn't 500 lbs. Other than that, this situation sounds nude-tasic!

Los Angeles:$550 Nude male roommate needed
i am in need of help with living expenses so i am looking for a down to earth guy willing to share a one bedroom apt with me andmy dog and two cats you may take the room or share either way i need a drug free pet friendly true nudist with no shame i have a very clean apt in van nuys and i need a true nudist asap by june i host nude events and work nude from time to time so i need somone who isnt shy and comfortable with being nude and not shy about his body actions or function i am gay but i am open to str8 as thats how i was raised with dad and brothers am not looking for sex or fantasies please be real and looking no games send info and face pic

Our Take: Here he is at it again. Apparently the first ad didn't do the trick so this nudist decided to rebrand himself. Why be shy about body actions with your new roommate you met off of Craigslist?

in exchange for company, no sex !!
you will have your own room and bath,
you can use all of the house,

Our Take: How many red-flag catches are there to this scenario?

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