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Valentines Day - When Singles Feel SingleThe lonliest holiday of the year for those not in a relationshipI have a problem with Valentine's day, not a big problem but a questioning one. February 14 is of course the day when large sections of the globe celebrate all things love and romance. They plunder stores and boutiques in search of generally overpriced trinkets and flowers for their special others to say I love you. That's fantastic and I wouldn't have anything to say about that. My problem lays in four separate things that go along with it though.

First is the fact that Valentine's day is a purely commercial venture, it is not based on any patron saint, feast day, religious or pagan festival or other lunar calendar event. No, it is perpetuated simply to fill the gap between Christmas and Easter. Let us be honest, with out it, card manufacturers and red rose sellers may be in serious trouble. That is not to say it is not a worthy day but bear in mind some ruthless organizations want you to spend lots of your money for their own benefit. Today is in fact Valentines day and I have just performed a check, a dozen red roses in my local florist has gone up from $15 to $75. Tomorrow they will be $15 again.

Along with this issue is the associated one of standards. It appears in recent years that 14 February is also associated with all things tacky. Remember well that Valentine cards from the Victorian era were carefully hand crafted love tokens between loving couples, now hugely collectable. Not $6 sparkling plaster cast Goblins with Love hearts. If only the quality of Valentine goods was in keeping with the thoughts behind the day. A friend told me lately that Valentines day is supposed to be tacky. I choose to believe that is an excuse, not an explanation.

My second issue with Valentine's day is simply that it forces those who for 364 days a year have not one ounce of romance in their blood, to confront the tender side of their character. Now one can argue that this is a good thing and to a certain extent I agree. Well except that there is no originality shown. Your average mall or high street will be full of middle aged men in underwear shops guessing the size of the woman they share their bed with every night whilst florists cash in at triple the regular rate for two dozen red roses gift wrapped in advance. Packaged romance in fact. Chocolate shops have gifts pre-wrapped weeks in advance whilst restaurants double their prices for champagne in gleeful anticipation. Hmmm.

My third issue with all things Valentine is that it exploits darkly the isolation of being single. Nothing is more humiliating than not receiving a card. For 364 days a tear it wouldn't matter, but there are few out there who don't note that this year they received - zero cards. And to make it worse, one's friends will ask you in passing how many you received. If you are a good liar you will say one or two, if you are an even better liar you will say none and pretend not to care. But you do. You do because it is the one day when officially you are reminded you are not with anyone.

Valentine's day is a strange day because it has a license to invoke envy, desire and also sadness and regret. Not positive but negative feelings for many. This day has the same affect as couple-only resorts, couple-only campsites and couple-only sports. Nothing polarizes, divides and separates like 14 February. Now I can almost here you stating that I am being too negative but there are millions of single people out here and few would seriously say that they enjoy Valentine's day on their own.

My fourth and final worry about our favorite romantic day is the display of wealth and obligation it provokes. Couples hopelessly in love demonstrate not only how important this day truly is to those of us missing out, but they also demonstrate its importance by the gifts they buy for their better halves. From the richness of exotic scents to the inspiration of expensive jewelry. However much we hate to watch it, we also wonder if in some strange way, we are really missing out. After all, most people are attached aren't they? We don't have anyone to send a card to, or buy a gift for or book a restaurant with, so maybe we are better off pretending it doesn't exist.

But however much we agree with the sentiments proposed above. However much we know how much the Valentine's industry takes us for a ride and however much we loathe those who ram our singleness down our throats, the fact is, if someone sent us a red sparkling chocolate box in the shape of a heart, we would be over the moon in an instant.

Virgo Star Sign Compatibility Chart For Dating Star Sign Romantic Connections

Virgo places a very high priority on relationship and takes it extremely seriously. But the person who becomes involved with a Virgo will have to realize that there is more duty involved in Virgo’s feelings than there is emotional abandon. Virgo doesn’t like to lose control of any situation. So although it’s possible to have a very satisfying relationship with a person born under this sign, it’s a good idea to realize they don’t respond well to purely emotional appeals. Virgo needs to know that a relationship will produce practical returns. And to this service-oriented person, that translates to partner who will be willing to be subjected to Virgo’s improvement program. Virgo will constantly be concerned with making things as perfect as possible, and that includes the partner’s looks, personality and business dealings. As long as you don’t mind having a (very loving and thoughtful) constant caretaker telling you how to run your life, a relationship with Virgo could be a very good thing!

It’s hard for Aries and Virgo to see eye-to-eye. To Aries, action is the solution to most problems, while to Virgo everything must be analyzed and processed as much as humanly possible. Aries is likely to find Virgo excessively critical, while Virgo will think Aries is too impulsive. Despite these differences, Aries and Virgo can still fall in love. When they do, they each need to accept that the other can help them heal some of their all-too-human flaws. In romance, Aries will win Virgo with more conventional ways of courting a partner, while Virgo will have to be open to having a “wild” experience now and then to catch Aries’ eye. Virgo will happily take on Aries as a little project, and Aries will revel in Virgo’s pampering. Sexually, Virgo wants Aries to be more refined and Aries needs Virgo to be more spontaneous. If both are willing to go the extra mile, this combination could turn out to be a successful experiment in human evolution.

This is an excellent combination that can last a lifetime if the two partners are considerate of one another’s feelings. The earthy energy of these two signs connects well, so they work together effectively on practical matters. In terms of love, they both have the tendency to allow the initial passion mellow out and turn into a relationship that features the kind of affection one has for a friend. This will help them to avert fights, since they will not be so guarded about their emotional sides that they are unable to express and accept one another’s needs. However, when it comes to sex, this couple’s flame can quickly be dampened by complacency on both partners’ parts. Taurus, although sensual, could stand to develop more creativity in bed, while Virgo needs a lot of stimulation to keep the desire to have sex alive. A playful attitude about their sex life will help these two sustain their relationship over the long haul.

This is a highly satisfying match. Gemini enjoys being challenged by Virgo’s analytical mind, while Virgo is enchanted by the stream of ideas Gemini brings into the relationship. Gemini easily becomes the perfect “little project” for Virgo to work on. Virgo can organize Gemini’s priorities without restricting Gemini. Gemini can enlighten Virgo with things to think about that Virgo wouldn’t have the time or inclination to pursue without Gemini’s prodding. Virgo is capable of bringing variety into Gemini’s life, yet Virgo’s ability to ground is useful when Gemini gets carried away by the mood or trend of the moment. Sex might be a problem for these two, in that they can both become so busy with their own personal schedules that they have difficulty finding time to be intimate. Once they find one another, though, there can be a meaningful exchange that is stimulating as well as satisfying.

This combination can work very well together, as both have an earnest desire to take care of one another and the relationship. Cancer wants to create and maintain a rich domestic atmosphere, and Virgo wants to be of service, always working toward keeping those home fires burning. If there are fights, they might arise from Cancer’s weepy sensitivity or Virgo’s tendency to criticize. Neatness (Virgo) vs. a tendency to store things like a packrat (Cancer) could be one source of dispute between these two, so they should consider getting someone from the outside to help with the cleaning. These caring people can be very happy together, but both need to take a long deep breath before they act on their impulses. In bed, these two will be content, but Cancer will need to adjust to Virgo’s more cool and detached attitude.

With work, this could be a successful match, but there will be a lot for both of these signs to adjust to. While Leo does in truth like to give to others, it will seem to Virgo that Leo is entirely self-serving. Leo, meanwhile, will annoy Virgo by undermining Virgo’s self-esteem. The sad part is that Leo can do this without even trying. Leo’s personality is quite strong and magnetic, while Virgo is much more quiet and subtle, and this could give Virgo an inferiority complex. Both signs will have to work hard to ensure they give one another enough support, and both will have to accept that the other partner will see decision-making in a completely different way. Money is sure to be a bone of contention, because Leo would prefer to spare no expense and Virgo is a legendary bean counter. Sex could be good, but both might use it to punish one another for an out-of-bedroom slight.

This could make a very interesting match, but they have to work to settle on a common standard of acceptability. Otherwise, they could wage a constant war, each trying to point out to the other what flaws need to be corrected before they “prove” their devotion to this relationship. If this couple can manage to please one another to this degree, then they can have a very rewarding relationship. They both have a desire to be of service and to find new and inventive ways of making contributions to their community. These two are capable of having petty fights, but they probably wouldn’t really threaten the relationship. It’s impossible to get two Virgo people to change their minds when they decide that they’re perfect for each other, and they’ll prove that they’re right in the bedroom.

Virgo and Libra have a lot to offer one another, but it might take some time for them to discover that. Libra’s tendency to weigh every possible alternative each time a decision needs to be made could very quickly drive Virgo mad, and Virgo’s dismissive way to telling Libra what must be done will cause hurt feelings. Once they find that both of them possess traits that they can use to contribute to their partners’ well-being, the relationship will go quite well. One thing these two signs have in common is the ability to detach from their emotions. That means any fights that come up can be settled based on rational ideas, and that makes them easy to resolve. Sexually, this isn’t the most passionate relationship, but these two signs are capable of getting a lot of pleasure from one another.

This match can be challenging, but once the individuals realize that they both have exceptionally sharp minds, things will go along smoothly. There is likely to be at least some struggle between the two about which of them should be the leader in the relationship. Scorpio will want to dominate, but Virgo will carry out a persistent quest to prove how much Scorpio needs Virgo to do things “the right way”. Scorpio is skilled at putting together strategy, and Virgo is excellent with details. The sooner this couple realizes this, they’ll be able to work together quite productively. In bed, they’ll find out that no matter who’s on top, the time they spend together will help both of them recharge their batteries.

The obvious differences between these once these two realize how much they have to give one another. For starters, they’re both tremendously adaptable, and this will be useful when they set out to do things together. Sagittarius moves fast and isn’t terribly concerned with whether a not a mess is left in the wake. Virgo is meticulous and will always try to create order out of chaos. What makes this work so well is their mutual admiration for traits they each could stand to develop. If they learn to work together, Virgo could emerge from the “all work and no play” mode of living and Sagittarius could be tamed long enough to appreciate the simple (but satisfying) things in life. And speaking of filling a person’s needs, these two would make a dynamic couple in bed. Sadge’s puppy dog style would be irresistible to Virgo, and the two could find many creative ways to express their appreciation.

This relationship could last a long time simply based on the fact that both of these people see life as a practical matter that must be mastered. Capricorn wants to organize, manage and achieve, while Virgo wants to make useful contributions to the couple’s efforts. If this couple fights at all, it might be because Virgo thinks Capricorn takes too much on at one time. Capricorn will also (once in awhile) become annoyed at what’s perceived as Virgo’s tendency to nit-pick. But if these two combine their abilities, they’re a team that would be hard to stop in business or in bed. Sexually, both relate well to the straightforward approach, and they both are earthy enough to immerse themselves into the sensual delights they have to offer to one another without getting bogged down in too much emotion.

This combination could be difficult because both partners are convinced they have the “right” answers for everything. When they agree, they can be contented with one another. When they are at odds, both will stick to their way of seeing things, and the fights might go on for awhile. With some patience (and maybe some occasional outside intervention), this couple can find ways to compromise on big issues. When it comes to the “small stuff”, they’re both going to have to give it a rest. To make their relationship work, this pair needs to have a steady diet of time they spend with their separate friends. These experiences can provide them with fresh topics of conversation and inject some excitement into the relationship. Sexually, these two can get it on and remain satisfied, but it they must work hard at achieving emotional intimacy.

These two signs are meant for one another, even though they might be the last ones to figure that out. Virgo’s always looking to make someone into a “little project” to work on, and Pisces could definitely use some help getting organized. Meanwhile, Pisces can provide many creative ways for Virgo to escape the rut that results from so much concentration on the details of day-to-day life. They’ll enjoy doing things together because they will point things out to one another that add depth to every experience. The fights they have will flare up when either of them goes too far into their archetypal behavior. In this relationship, earth meets spirit, and both are focused on providing service. As long as they stick to that, their life together will have a fairy tale ending that they’ll confirm every night they spend together.

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First Dates: First Date Do's & Dont'sTips to make your first date go smoothlyFirst dates can be nerve wracking, and they often render even the most experienced of daters shy, silent and prone to making awkward and embarrassing mistakes that blow the chances of getting a second date even before the initial meeting is over. Here are some pointers to help you put your most attractive foot forward and make a good impression.


1. Do be on time. The last thing you want to do is make a bad impression on your date by being late. Tardiness implies that you don't care. Even worse, the person you're meeting may not hang around to wait for you to turn up.

2. Do make your partner feel comfortable. We're all a bit on edge during a first date with someone. Trying to put your partner at ease and get him or her to relax will also help you stay calm and enjoy yourself.

3. Do be an interesting date. The worst thing you can do is show up for a date with someone and then sit there all night and talk about nothing -- or, even worse, stay so silent that they might as well have eaten dinner alone. Don't make yourself easy to forget.

4. Do laugh at their jokes. Even if you've heard the joke 100 times or more (or it just isn't funny at all), laughing along with your date will communicate that you are interested in them.

5. Do keep the conversation alive. That dreaded silence, during which you're both scrambling to come up with something -- anything -- to say, can seem to last for eternity and will make both of you think the other person is boring. Jot down a few questions ahead of time. Practicing for the date can make all the difference.

6. Do take an interest in your date. Listen when he or she is talking. Be interested in what they have to say, and show how interested you are by asking questions about what they like to do, read, eat for dinner, etc.

7. Do go somewhere unique. First dates don't have to be to the movies or to a restaurant for a nice meal. You will make a longer, lasting impression if you get creative.

8. Do be confident. Confidence says a lot about a person. Being more confident will help you get through that first date with ease and let your partner know you're comfortable with who you are.

9. Do be yourself. You won't fool anyone by pretending to be someone you're not. Also, if you're planning to continue seeing this person, the real you will come out eventually, so you might as well start off by introducing them to who you really are, flaws and all.

10. Do stay safe. Take your cell phone with you, plan to drive yourself and let a friend know where you're going, who you'll be with and when you'll be back.


1. Don't be late. First impressions count, and if you're late, this will make your date think you're lazy and didn't care enough to plan ahead.

2. Don't talk about yourself all night. There is nothing worse then a person that loves to talk about herself all the time. How vain can you get?

3. Don't talk about past relationships. Maybe that's how you lost the last one. Nobody wants to hear you drone on about your ex and what she did or didn't do. Concentrate on this new person, and see if you can get to the second date.

4. Don't eat with your mouth open. It's gross. Your date is there to see you, not your food.

5. Don't bombard your date with extremely personal questions. Like you, they probably don't want to reveal too much about themselves just yet. If you like each other and want to continue the relationship after this first meeting, there will be plenty of time to ask questions and delve deeper.

6. Don't try to be someone you're not. So he likes dogs, but you're a cat person. Pretending otherwise will only make the other person feel deceived and turned off when they discover the truth. Find someone who wants you for you, not for who you're pretending to be.

7. Don't forget to thank the other person for the date. This is not only good manners but also gives you a chance to end it, if you're not interested -- or to ask them out on another date, if you are.

8. Don't propose marriage or kids, unless you never want to see that person again.

9. Don't pursue sex after your partner has said no. Period. It's tacky, and it proves you're a jerk.

10. Don't get drunk! As much as drinking copious of alcohol to calm your nerves sounds like a good idea, think about how bad you're going to feel if you miss most of your date because you're in the bathroom revisiting your meal. Additionally, this kind of behavior will show your love interest that you can't control yourself and don’t know your limits. It also isn't safe -- getting drunk and lowering your inhibitions is likely to put you at risk of unwanted advances, and you won't be in the right frame of mind or body to do anything about them.

The Top 50 Most Romantic Songs Ever + Love songs for singles and couples

o you remember what song was playing when you had your first slow dance? What was on the car radio during that painful breakup? What song always makes you think of the one who got away? Of course you do. Music generates strong connections. 

Associating music with romantic moments and memories is a universal tendency. Have you ever noticed how many songs are about love and attraction? Love is one of the most powerful emotions, and it’s no surprise that it has inspired almost every songwriter since the birth of popular music.

When we here at Top Dating Tips began compiling a list of the top 50 most romantic songs across all genres, we knew hundreds of great classics and lesser known gems undoubtedly would be left off the list. There are just too many to include! Regardless, this list – in no particular order – is a great starting place. If you haven’t heard any of these, get ready to start downloading. You’ll most likely discover at least one old favorite or a few new classics among the list that you’ll want to have at the ready for the next special romantic moment. 

Very Happy listening!

“Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton
An ode to your loved one and sung with heartfelt honesty by the guitar god himself, the beauty of this song is in its romantic simplicity: it’s a song about being proud to be with someone, a song of compliments and a song of love. You can't do better than this for classic, romantic sentiment.

“God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys tended toward sun-drenched harmonies about surfing and cute girls, but “God Only Knows” from the band’s groundbreaking “Pet Sounds” album marked a huge shift. Grown up, heartfelt, and even spiritual, this song still chokes up listeners with its beauty.

“At Last” by Etta James
Hasn’t everyone at this point been to at least one wedding in which “At Last” was the bride and groom’s chosen song? I don’t point this out as disparagement. Rather, it’s the perfect example of how universally adored this song is. Any man can appreciate hearing that his girl considers him the prince and all others who came before him the frogs.

“Crazy in Love” by Beyonce
Love songs don’t always have to be sappy ballads. Just try to resist getting on the dance floor when Beyonce tells her man how crazy in love she is with him. Booty-shaking is as worthy a way as any to show your love.

“How Do I Live” by Trisha Yearwood
There was a time when every Hollywood movie needed a big, bombastic chart-topping song to accompany the climactic scene where the planet is saved, the boy gets the girl, or some other triumph is celebrated. Luckily for Trisha Yearwood, “How Do I Live Without You” is a great song that remains authentically romantic despite its inclusion in the “ConAir” soundtrack.

“When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge
If you’ve never heard this song, stop everything and download it now. Play it, slow dance with your girl, and she’ll be in love. This works better than any potion or alcoholic beverage you can buy.

“Lovesong” by The Cure
“Lovesong” is proof that even the Goth kids at your school cared about love and romance. This sweet song’s chorus of “I will always love you” made it a staple on any mix tape. Lead singer Robert Smith might actually be as romantic as the song’s lyrics imply. He married his high school sweetheart in 1988 and they have been together ever since.

“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Valli
The infomercials for Time-Life music compilations from the 50s and 60s always include this gem. “Can’t Take My Eyes off You” evokes nostalgic memories of date nights at malt shops and sock hops, but still resonates beyond its original context. This is one of the most romantic classics of all time.

“Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye
Original, sexy and very suave – there’s no mystery to where the evening is headed once this song is played. It’s likely that many babies have surely been born thanks in equal parts to cocktails and this sensual tune.

“I’d Die for You” by Bon Jovi
This heartfelt tune from Bon Jovi doesn’t dance around the topic of devotion with metaphors or figurative language; it goes straight to the heart of the matter. If someone sings this song to you, you’ll either be in love forever or need a restraining order quickly.

“You Light up My Life” by Debby Boone
This song definitely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but we all tend to be saccharine sweet when we’re in love. Be warned, though: this song’s like an insulin shot.

“Wicked Game” by Chris Isaac
Chris Isaac’s cooing voice is half country yodeler-half torch singer in this sweeping song of the wicked, wicked things a woman can do to a man powerless to love. The steamy video made a lot more sense when you discovered that Helena Christensen and Isaac were actually dating at the time the song’s release. Gorgeous.

“Love Me Tender” by Elvis Presley
There’s little to say about Elvis that hasn’t been said before, but his velvety voice was never better used than in this ballad. Few songs age as well as this one – it sounds just as romantic and heartfelt as the day it was recorded.

“I Need Love” by LL Cool J
In the early years of rap, romance simply wasn’t on the radar. Rappers just didn’t really take time out from dissin’ sucker MCs to tell a girl they cared. LL Cool J took a break from touting his own lyrical skills to pen what many consider the first “rap ballad.” Nothing makes a girl’s heart swell like a tough guy showing his tender side.

“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star
You may not recognize the title or the band’s name, but you’ve probably been struck by the haunting vocals. Singer Hope Sandoval’s voice is whispery and paper-thin – almost as if it’s about to give out before it soars again. It’s shiver-inducing and simply brilliant.

“No Ordinary Love” by Sade
Sade’s seductive voice immediately turns the mind to romance. The soft undertones of the melody, the lilting notes of the song and the beauty of its lyrics have made it a staple among music collections since its release. 

“Me and Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul
With its velvety notes and deep luscious tones, “Me and Mrs. Jones” is made for smooching. If you find yourself with “a thing goin’ on” as the song says, this song will definitely be the soundtrack to your fling.

“Thank You” by Dido
Dido reminds us that no matter how crummy your day might be or what obstacle might cross your path, it’s always a little easier to swallow when you’re in love. It’s a great sentiment we can all relate to – that favorable byproduct of endorphins produced by romance. But beware, gentleman: playing the Eminem song "Stan" which samples Dido's "Thank You" is not at all romantic, for obvious reasons. 

“I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton
First things first: We didn't choose the Whitney Houston version. It's fine in its own right, but we prefer Dolly's little country voice on this song to Whitney's booming power ballad. But both versions became popular because of the song’s lyrics. Who doesn’t want a former squeeze to love them forever?

“Amazed” by Lonestar
This lilting country tune can charm even the most urbane of city folk. Play it for your girl or boy and it just might become “your” song.

“True” by Spandau Ballet
Most people can’t hear “True” without thinking first of “Sixteen Candles,” one of the classic, teenage romance flicks of the 1980s. For all its 80s smarm and saxophone solos, “True” is still a great love song.

“Destiny” by Zero 7
Most techno and dance pop doesn’t quite express emotion, let alone love. “Destiny” is a swirling, romantic song – and even the electronic chirps and whirrs don’t diminish that.

“I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner
No one, and I mean no one, can resist the chorus to this song. C’mon. Admit that you sing along to this 80s classic when nobody’s around. How can you resist the swelling gospel choir’s background vocals and singer Lou Gramm’s shouts of “I want you to show me!” This song’s been known to make grown men weep like a baby.

“Nothing Compares 2 You” by Sinead O’Connor
Originally done by Prince, Sinead’s Irish warble made this one a surprise hit in the early 90s. If you weren't moved by the song, the video – with the tight shot of O’Connor’s crying face -- surely plucked at your emotions.

“My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion
Regardless of what you think of “Titanic” as a film, its theme song is a classic tale of romance. Though it may have become a bit overexposed, you can’t deny the rousing crescendo-building in piece, or the passion in Celine Dion’s delivery. Besides, what other song would you want playing while you stand, arms outstretched, at the front of an ocean liner?

“You Are the Sunshine of My Life” by Stevie Wonder
Some may find it corny (although undoubtedly less corny than "I Just Called to Say I Love You"), but Stevie can sing anything and make it beautiful. Besides, when you’re wearing the rose-colored glasses of love, your sweetheart probably does seem like the sunshine of your life. "I Was Made to Love Her" may be a better choice for the soul purists out there.

“Fix You” by Coldplay
Organs and acoustic guitar make this track atmospheric and ethereal. Normally a policy of “fixing” a partner isn’t one I’d endorse, but Chris Martin means it in the nicest way possible. See “Protection” by Massive Attack if you like this one.

“I Don't Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith
Indeed I don't, and I would bet that neither do you, which is why this song is such a romantic masterpiece. Steven Tyler sings full throttle, but the sentiment is still tender and real. The opening few words say it all: "I could stay awake just to hear you breathing ..."

“Lotta Love” by Neil Young
The Canadian hippie with the weirdest, and at the same time, coolest voice takes a break from harassing the “Southern Man” with this tender ballad. Check out Nicolette Larson’s version, which is a tad more 70s disco-funk (yes, there’s a disco cover of a Neil Young song!)

“The Look of Love” by Dusty Springfield
“The Look of Love” evokes images of mod, swinging London, but Dusty’s voice oozes sensuality and soul that reminded many of the sounds of 60s Detroit. This one is the perfect soundtrack for your next stay-at-home dinner for two.

“In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel certainly owes Cameron Crowe a thank you for including this song in Crowe’s movie “Say Anything.” The scene in which underdog Lloyd Dobler hoists a boom box overhead blaring “In Your Eyes” has become an iconic moment in romantic cinema and turned the Gabriel song into a classic.

“My Funny Valentine” by Chet Baker
Love songs can tend toward soft jazz drivel, but Chet Baker’s haunting jazz standard “My Funny Valentine” reminds most people of a time when jazz meant “artsy” rather than MOR (middle of the road) or "adult contemporary."

“Love Song” by Tesla
Even if you have a grudge against hair metal, this song will have you waving your lighter in the air in no time. Tesla may have sported the long hair and the acid-wash jeans, but they also had a way with melodies that put them beyond their contemporaries. This is definitely the power ballad you won’t be too embarrassed to admit you actually find romantic.

“Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s
A sweet and sincere song about long-distance love. Apparently the real Delilah never gave the writer the time of day, but knowing that tidbit of unrequited love just makes the song that much more romantic.

“Your Song” by Elton John
Writing a song for someone surely ranks among the most romantic acts on earth. When the song is actually good, the romantic quotient skyrockets. As much as you appreciated your 7th grade boyfriend’s 2-chord jam in your honor, Elton does it better.   

“Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis
Honestly, the lyrics are pretty hard to decipher for this one. Is she singing about a love no one understands? Is this person someone who keeps hurting her yet she’s in love? It’s rather icky in places, with talk closing veins and bleeding love all over the place. Regardless, it’s a beautiful melody with beautiful vocals. Just beware of dedicating this to any potential sweethearts who may get the wrong idea.

“Unchained Melody” by Righteous Brothers
This song is almost obligatory in any list of love songs across the years. It’s a toss up whether this or “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” is the better song, but if we’re talking romance, we’ll go with the uplifting harmonies of “Unchained.”

“You Were Always On My Mind” by Willie Nelson
You may not think “romance” when you think of Willie, but the man’s all heart. Underneath that scraggly beard and the bandana is a sensitive man indeed. If you’re looking for a more upbeat song, check out Willie’s “Maria (Shut Up and Kiss Me),” a song that will make you want to grab a beer and dance.

“Everything Little Thing She Does is Magic” by The Police
Really? Everything? You don’t mind that your love never remembers to put the cap on the toothpaste? Or that when you walk under the umbrella it’s you that keeps on getting wet? Or that she snores really loudly? Now that’s romance!

“Hero” by Enrique Iglesias
Most men are probably wickedly jealous of Enrique’s good looks and his relationships with gorgeous women (tennis player Anna Kournikova, most famously). But having watched his father Julio make women swoon over the years, Enrique probably learned that having the guys hate you is greatly outweighed by the benefits of female attention.

“Alison” by Elvis Costello
Although the song is another one of those “songs to an ex,” the true romance comes from one of the greatest lyrics ever to appear in a love song: “Oh Allison/My aim is true.” 

“Un-Break My Heart” by Toni Braxton
Music charts in the 80s and 90s were absolutely littered with romantic ballads, but many of them were the soulless kind that sounded manufactured on an assembly line. Toni Braxton’s voice prevents this one from becoming one of the Top 40 radio casualties and makes us believe in the power of love to mend a broken heart.

“Wonderwall” by Oasis
The lyrics are nonsense, and if you read any music press you’ll know the lead singer’s a lout, but despite all those things “Wonderwall” is a swoon-inducing love song. The strings and guitar combined with said lout’s soaring vocals make for an earnest, romantic song.  

“Breathe” by Faith Hill
Faith Hill and husband Tim McGraw have sung a few romantic duets, but her solo hit made a huge impression on those who can appreciate a good love song. “Breathe” was a huge crossover hit and proved mainstream record buyers would accept a love song sung by a country singer.

“Protection” by Massive Attack, featuring Tracy Thorn
Not everyone may find a woman singing about protecting her man romantic, but you can’t argue with the sentiment in Tracy Thorn’s voice. Also check out "Missing" by Everything but the Girl, which is Tracy's usual gig. 

“Fallin’” by Alicia Keys
Soulful piano ballad that sounds both like a past era and of its time. Anyone who’s been involved in a rocky love affair can appreciate the sentiment in this song, particularly when you keep finding yourself falling back in love despite yourself.

“Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)” by Cole Porter
There are very few love songs most of us know from the 1920s, but Cole Porter’s song has stood the test of time with its witty lyricism and imagery. The most quoted lines are usually: “Birds do it/Bees do it/Even educated fleas do it/Let’s fall in love.” This is the song that will add a spring to your step when you first fall in love.

“Melt With You” by Modern English
Skinny, pale English new-wavers don’t make for your typical romance experts, but they always seem like big authorities on love when they open their mouths to sing, don’t they? Or at least this particular song has resonated with lovers since its release. The fact that it was used in a Burger King ad for a few years diminished its impact somewhat, but thankfully we can all now hear this song and not immediately think of flame-broiled Whoppers.

“You’re Still The One” by Shania Twain
So many songs are written about infatuation, initial attraction or that spark that exists in the early stages of a relationship – what about the rest of the relationship? That’s probably why so many record buyers were touched by “You’re Still the One.” There’s probably nothing more romantic than knowing that, despite your flaws, idiosyncrasies and other foibles, your sweetheart would still pick you all over again.

“Take My Breath Away” by Berlin
Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" was made for slow-motion camera work, wind machines and billowing curtains. It fit perfectly with the love scenes between Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise in "Top Gun," and consequently became the soundtrack to thousands of 80s crushes.

Honorable Mentions
It’s amazing how few songs aren’t about love and romance, which makes compiling a list of only 50 essential loves songs tough. There are so many great romantic songs out there! Here are a few songs that nearly made the cut:

Top 10 Romantic Movies  Our list of the top ten movies perfect for a date-night viewing!

!Never has a subject been more emotive than when I ran a small survey to find out which were our favorite top 10 romantic movies of all time. First of all there is the problem of defining what constitutes 'romantic'. Then there is the era and age of the movie. Then there is the notion of what counts as a movie. In other words can a made-for-TV program count. Finally, after pulling my hair out with the stress of it all, I whittled the answers down to a final ten. You may not agree, you may send me your own lists and you may threaten me with violence but the point is, there is no definitive list. We all have our own top 10 romantic movies based on what we have viewed over the years. And that is it. Here are our the results of our top 10 romantic moves survey in no particular order.

Love Story (1970)

The music helps I have to say has an amazing impact once again on recent viewing but that's not the whole story by far. One of the best and most popular and enduring love stories on celluloid you can find. Ali McGraw and Ryan O'Neal star in a film that will have you reaching for the tissue box without doubt. Its funny how often romance is linked with sadness but I am not getting into that here. We have everything that a tearjerker can throw at you-  rich boy, poor girl, opposing father, success, disaster, fatal illness etc. Superbly filmed and an emotional rollercoaster. Fabulous and a must-see, just watch it on your own though of you are prone to tears.

Titanic (1997)

Would you like someone to die for you, or want to die for someone? In tragedy we often find the barest soul of romance and so it is with this movie. The romance is not so much in the characters but in the fact that it is so intense and so brief and so unfairly taken away within a setting of huge drama. Self sacrifice may be the romantic ideal being portrayed here but there are few us of who watched this without a tear. At 3 hours, we are overtaken by every emotion and for days afterwards the movie leaves a haunting impact. But it is the drama of the two lovers that affected the worlds audiences the most. Superb.

Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

I cannot believe this is only ten years ago. To me it feels like a film from folklore, certainly in terms of perfect romantic movies. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks may be too sweet a pairing for some but in terms of romantic fantasy land this is about as close to heaven as one can get. Beautifully scripted and filmed and pulling on our heart strings with required, it is the perfect vehicle for the starts of the show to illustrate why they are both romantic stars. Meeting on top of the Empire State building - well who wouldn't! There are some reviews on the web that try and analyze this movie as if it was Ben Hur, lets not bother. Instead grab your pop corn and settle in with your sweetheart.

Pretty Woman (1990)

When asked, it came back in almost every top 10 I was given. Maybe it was the dream pairing of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, maybe it was the story of a girl finally made good. Maybe it was simply about boy choosing girl just when you think he might not. Whatever aspect you wish to focus on, this is top class romantic entertainment that over the years has not aged one bit. Critics should take note of the people's view as there were some unkind reports on this movie. Clearly these guys have no heart. Rent and watch and remind yourself how on screen romance should look. Yes it may be a re make of Pygmalion but quite frankly, who cares.

City of Angels (1998)

My personal favorite and one that is hugely successful in terms of presenting the  answer to the complex romantic equation of romance, love and mortality. Meg Ryan again and based partly on the classic earlier film Wim Wenders' movie, Wings of Desire, City of Angels is beautifully filmed and acted, Meg being particularly on form. Nicholas Cage as the angel Seth finds himself at odds with the world by falling in love with Meg who looks almost as angelic as Nick throughout. Ultimately Seth's fall from grace to be with the woman he loves tugs at the heart but nothing on earth can prepare you for romantic dram of the final moments. From the opening heart breaking scene, to the angels portrayed as beings of light , aloof in high places, this movie appeals on every level Glorious and gorgeous in every way with a music score to match.

Casablanca (1942)

This classic and adored timeless classic is really a romantic melodrama. Often quoted ("here's lookin' at you, kid" and the always misquoted "play it again Sam"), it has lost none of its romantic value in the last 61 years. Against a wartime backdrop we are presented as viewers with a classic love triangle where two men vie of the affections of the same woman. Humphrey Bogart in splendid form as the exiled loner and the film its self attends to the theme of lost love. The ending is a romantic classic. If it is Sunday evening and raining outside this is the one for you (both).

An Affair to Remember (1957)

One of my favorites, the essential romantic storyline is that Cary Grant, an eligible bachelor is set to marry an heiress. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your viewpoint he meets Deborah Kerr whilst traveling alone on a luxury yacht and realizes he's engaged to the wrong woman. Just to complicate matters, she is engaged to the wrong man. In the end they agree to spend six months apart and if they still love each other they will reunite six months later at the top of the Empire State Building. Of course the threat of tragedy strikes. Even today elements of this storyline find their way into modern romantic productions. I have to mention one of the top cinematic romantic moments when Cary Grant walks into Deborah Kerr's room and sees the painting she had bought but which he had painted. A great romantic treat.

The Way we Were (1973)

I have always been a great fan of Robert Redford and it is easy today for the younger generation to forget not only his but Barbara Streisand 's formidable talents. Here we have two young lovers with differing political ideologies who come together, one the conservative, the other a radical. Its an odd thing but there are aspects to the American cinema of the early 1970's that have never been emulated (see The Last Picture Show for example) anywhere else and this embodies many sensitive romantic ideals that are rarely portrayed today. Miss Streisand won a deserved Oscar for her portrayal of the woman in love and the music will make your spine tingle. Lovely.

Doctor Zhivago (1965)

The year I was born was 1965 but Omar Sharif still looks better today than I ever have. The music is mesmerizing, the, film work unbelievable and epic and the love story, simply stunning. Recently re-released in special edition DVD format, this is one for a weekend in and perfect for lovers of romantic movies everywhere. Julie Christie still look as gorgeous as ever and the perfect romantic heroine for this film. Set against the backdrop of the Russian revolution, Sharif and Christie portray two lovers who are separated and brought together again by war and fate. Once again it is a movie that combines romance and tragedy as the two appear to be intertwined but for a treat of cinematic vistas and passion this is a must see.

Brief Encounter (1946)

Celia and Johnson and Trevor Howard star in this romantic classic. A housewife by chance meets a married Doctor at a railway station. What transpires is a cinematic masterpiece of inspired passion and unrequited love between an English middle-class man and woman. Even the title has moved into general romantic speak. If you haven't seen it then put it at the top of the pile because you cannot be classed as educated in the art of romance until you have. My own note is that I was told it was filmed at Carnforth railway station at the edge of the English Lake District.

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