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GPS Left On Dashboard Car In The Sun Keep Lithium Batteries Out of the Sun In 2014 !

Looks like a good lesson to learn. I would bet this also applies to Cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, and other devices that use lithium batteries.  You think this may be a reason why the US Postal Service will not ship electronic devices that contain lithium batteries any longer?
GPS was placed in its bracket in the windshield and left in the sun.
The battery overheated and exploded!

According to the U.S. well-known science writer Marshall Brain series of articles in the lithium batteries introduction, the vast majority of lithium battery explosion caused by a short circuit, and the specific reasons, including charging overvoltage / over-current use of aging.

Lithium laptop battery manufacturing process, because the manufacturing process itself flawed, it is easy to be insulated in this between the two poles, leaving metal dust, copper foil, aluminum foil pieces. The angle is expected in the battery than the fever (more common in long-term use or charging), the like boiling water in a grain of rice, as in the electrolyte to make random thermal motion. If you happen to have the battery positive and negative particles or debris near the middle of the diaphragm level, it could create a divide perforation, triggering micro-short circuit. As the batteries are flammable organic electrolytes, micro-short-circuit may cause an explosion, burning and other accidents, generally have the following three cases:

1. Sparks ignited the electrolyte, and thus bring disaster to come into contact with plastic body and flammable, resulting in fire;

2. Was experiencing an increase of temperature caused by the battery, the discount laptop battery inside the space is small, perhaps because of increased pressure to explode;

3. Batteries slower rise in temperature, the battery case to melt gradually, so that corrosive electrolyte leakage.

Lithium Battery( SONY NP-BG1 battery for sale at sales-battery.com) safety problems can not stop now, because then the advanced manufacturing technology, will inevitably lead to planting the seeds in the electrolyte "missile." Should be noted that the formal sector of lithium battery production and sales have strict norms of acceptable quality lithium batteries, the number and size of debris have been controlled within a small, very low risk of perforation of diaphragm; batteries outside the Shell also used flame-retardant material, is not prone to fire.

The explosion-proof lithium battery of measures

Lithium Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery safety problems, the battery manufacturer, of course well aware, then what they used explosion-proof measures? Li-ion batteries for notebook computers, for example, its working principle is: Lithium batteries near full charge and discharge almost drained when the voltage drop, the control circuit detects this situation, notify the protection circuit cut off power supply to prevent overcharge or excessive discharge, so as not to shorten battery life.

The current notebook lithium batteries possess a more complete multi-level protection mechanism, even in the power charger, notebook computers unusual circumstances, the Dell Inspiron 1300 battery laptop can also be converted to automatic protection status, is generally not an explosion. But once the control circuit and protection circuit of the ability to work reduced hours, the battery on the verge of "dangerous" the. Mobile phones and other electronic products, lithium battery ( Canon lp-e8 Battery ,30% discount now )charge and discharge protection mechanisms, similar to this.

Do not need it "at arm's length"

In recent years, lithium-ion electronic products explosions often found newspapers, aroused a lot of consumer panic, some people for their own mobile phones, MP3 charging often "at arm's length"; also because of fear, simply a long-term will be cast aside Dell laptop battery, cause scrap. However, survey results, the majority of lithium battery explosions are the result of the user pay attention to safety tips, such as unauthorized modification, use of non-matching charger, the A1175 A1079 battery placed in extreme environments such as making.

Should be pointed out that the lithium technology as a kind of after 30 years of study, has successfully commercialized the mature technology, its safety is guaranteed. Regular brands of lithium batteries at the factory will have been numerous Road test procedure after they are sold as well as information feedback mechanism in order to recall the product in question in time.

In recent years, lithium-ion electronic products explosions often found newspapers, aroused a lot of consumer panic, some people for their own mobile phones, MP3 charging often "at arm's length"; also because of fear, simply a long-term will be cast aside Dell laptop battery, cause scrap. However, survey results, the majority of lithium battery explosions are the result of the user pay attention to safety tips, such as unauthorized modification, use of non-matching charger, the A1175 A1079 battery placed in extreme environments such as making.

Should be pointed out that the lithium technology as a kind of after 30 years of study, has successfully commercialized the mature technology, its safety is guaranteed. Regular brands of lithium batteries at the factory will have been numerous Road test procedure after they are sold as well as information feedback mechanism in order to recall the product in question in time.

United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is given following the recommendations of the safe use of lithium batteries:

1. Using the original charger: Li-ion battery ( KODAK CR-V3 Battery hot sale at global-battery.co.uk ) charging time is the high period of bombing. Than the original battery charger is compatible with the battery charger to ensure better security.

2. Use of a reliable battery: try to buy original Sony laptop battery, not to save money to buy "second-hand goods", such batteries may be through maintenance, and reliable than original batteries.

3. Do not place the battery extreme environments: high temperature, collisions, etc. are all important causes of battery explosion, as far as possible so that the battery is in a stable environment, away from the high-temperature areas.

4. Do not attempt to modify: the phone is a sophisticated communications equipment, in the design, manufacturers will have on its security, strictly textual research. After modification, the battery may be at not taking into account the environment before, an increase of security risks.

Lithium-ion batteries are both a blessing and a curse when it comes to mobile electronics

The topic of exploding lithium-ion batteries has been debated to death in the wake of massive battery recalls over the last couple of years. Amidst the deft public relations maneuvering and finger-pointing, however, the question as to why they explode in the first place is still shrouded in mystery for many.

The most important thing to understand here is that lithium-ion technology is considerably more volatile compared to other forms of rechargeable battery technologies. Defects in the insulating membrane can result in a mini-explosion that rips a battery open to release steam in excess of 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Manufacturers are aware that it is statistically probable for a lithium-ion to fail, though the calculations employed to sideline the risk are sometimes quite suspect. To determine the mean time between failures (MTBF), manufacturers take a sample of say, 1,000 batteries, which are then used until one fails.

Assuming that the battery that died did so after 100 hours, the MTBF for that batch is pegged at 100,000 hours, or 100 multiplied by 1,000. While satisfying to the QC manager, it is completely meaningless to the consumer. A MTBF of 100,000 hours implies that the battery will work for more than 10 years. This is false; because lithium-ion cells starts deteriorating the moment they are manufactured. On the shelf in a fairly hot warehouse, a fully charged lithium-ion battery could irreversibly lose up to a third of its maximum capacity in just one year.

This does not tell the full story however; until one realizes that lithium-ion itself is a constantly evolving technology.

The exact chemical composition in a modern lithium-ion cell will be quite different from the first commercial lithium-ion that Sony sold in 1991. This is because manufacturers are constantly working to squeeze the best performance by making variations in the battery chemistry.

In the on-going consumer electronics craze that saw an explosion of ever slimmer, high-drain gadgets, the envelope for performance is constantly pushed outwards. Insulating walls are made thinner for smaller batteries and new mixes of chemicals and surface coatings are put in to eke out that extra iota of battery life.

Problems can arise when -- as with manufactured products from time-to-time -- and enhancements don’t work the same way in the real world as they did in the lab. Also, problems might not even show up in the first generation, or until they are placed in high-drain gadgets that didn’t exist before, for example.

Another facade of the situation has to do with the fact that a rechargeable battery pack is actually made up of multiple battery cells. This is where you have manufacturers advertising “8-cell” or “4-cell” laptop batteries. What it also means is that raw lithium-ion cells are increasingly being shipped to another location for assembly into the final battery pack.

Because not all manufacturers are interested in making everything, many choose to buy lithium-ion cells from third parties to assemble into battery packs. Depending on cost efficiencies, it is possible to have battery cells that are made in Japan, but assembled in China or other lower-cost countries.

There are skeptics who believe that quality control – which is of paramount importance in this context, is less than desirable in China. This is exacerbated by the fact that a completed battery can no longer be inspected from the outside or easily tested.  The argument is that workers can take shortcuts and substitute, say, an original insulator with cardboard. Another possibility, as companies such as Mattel experienced first-hand, is that counterfeit raw materials could creep into the bill of materials – with disastrous results.

Where it is arguable that there is little you can do as a single consumer, at least you can figure out where your battery pack is actually put together.

Lithium batteries are compact, lightweight batteries that hold considerable charge and fare well under constant discharge-recharge conditions. The batteries are found everywhere -- in laptop computers, cameras, cell phones, and electric cars. Although accidents are rare, those that do occur may be spectacular, resulting in an explosion or fire. In order to understand why these batteries catch fire and how to minimize the risk of an accident, it helps to understand how the batteries function.

How Lithium Batteries Work A lithium battery consists of two electrodes separated by an electrolyte. Typically, the batteries transfer electrical charge from a lithium metal cathode through an electrolyte consisting of an organic solvent containing lithium salts over to a carbon anode. The specifics depend on the battery, but lithium-ion batteries usually contain a metal coil and a flammable lithium ion fluid. Tiny metal fragments float in the liquid. The contents of the battery are under pressure, so if a metal fragment punctures a partition that keeps the components separate or the battery is punctured, the lithium reacts with water in the air vigorously, generating high heat and sometimes producing a fire.

Why Lithium Batteries Catch Fire or Explode Lithium batteries are made deliver a high output with minimal weight. Battery components are designed to be lightweight, which translates into thin partitions between cells and a thin outer covering. The partitions or coating are fairly fragile, so they can be punctured. If the battery is damaged, a short occurs. This spark can ignite the highly reactive lithium.

Another possibility is that the battery can heat to the point of thermal runaway. Here, the heat of the contents exerts pressure on the battery, potentially producing an explosion,

How To Minimize the Risk of Fire or Explosion The risk of fire or explosion increases if the battery is exposed to hot conditions or the battery or internal component is compromised. You can less the risk of an accident by:

Avoiding storing at high temperatures. Don't keep batteries in hot vehicles. Don't allow a blanket to cover your laptop. Don't keep your cell phone in a warm pocket. You get the idea.

Avoid keeping all your items containing lithium ion batteries together. When you travel, especially on a plane, you'll have all your electronic items in one bag. This is unavoidable because the batteries have to be in your carry-on, but usually you can keep some space between battery-containing items. Although having lithium ion batteries in close proximity does not increase the risk of a fire, if there is an accident, the other batteries can catch fire and make the situation worse.

Avoid overcharging your batteries. These batteries do not suffer "memory effect" as badly as other types of rechargeable batteries, so they can be discharged and recharged many times nearly back to their original charge. However, they do not fare well if they are completely drained before recharging or are over-charged. Car chargers are notorious for overcharging batteries. Using any charger other than the one intended for the battery can increase risk of damage.

Lithium ion batteries power the portable electronic product market giving us great battery life in a light weight package. Unfortunately, lithium ion batteries have safety issues that can result in the battery catching on fire or exploding, destroying the device and possibly hurting anyone near the battery. There have been several hgh profile lithium ion battery failures in products made by major electronic manufacturers like Apple, Dell and Sony. Proper design, safety measures, testing, and standards can reduce the chance of failure in lithium ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries use a fair amount of lithium in their construction and, unfortunately, lithium is a very reactive and flammable metal and most alloys used in lithium ion batteries are also reactive. If a lithium-ion battery becomes overheated or overcharged, the battery may enter a state of thermal runaway and can rupture, catch on fire or explode. Lithium-ion batteries contain a lot of chemical energy and, in extreme cases, when a lithium-ion battery explodes; the explosion is very powerful, powerful enough to embed metal parts of the battery in a steel I-beam. Safer lithium-ion chemistries are available, but they cannot store as much energy as standard lithium batteries. Safety critical applications, such as electric vehicles and power tools, are the main application for the safer lithium-ion chemistries.

All lithium-ion batteries have safety features integrated in to the battery itself and support circuitry to protect the battery during operation and charging. Battery packs will include circuitry that can provide over voltage, thermal shutoff, and over current protection which help prevent overcurrent and overcharging conditions which can result in rupture, ignition, or explosion. Additionally, individual cells in the battery are required to have the following safety features: Shut-down separator (for over temperature) + Tear-away tab (for internal pressure) +  Vent (pressure relief) + Thermal interrupt (overcurrent/overcharging) Etc.

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