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This article is intended to take a cursory look at the history of the popular phrase "Mail Order Brides." "Mail Order Bride" is a very emotional phrase that automatically comes with a negative connotation. It is perceived as demeaning even though the vast majority of people are unclear of the rich history associated with the phrase. Unfortunately, that history led to some of the common stereotypes and stigmas that have carried over to today.Today's matchmaking landscape is much different then what we had twenty years ago, let alone 200 or 300 years ago, yet the same term Mail Order Bride is still used to describe International Introductions; in other words, a man and a woman who reside in different countries who form a relationship and ultimately marry. Despite all the governmental and private studies proving that International marriages enjoy much lower rates of divorce and spousal abuse than domestic marriages, they still are viewed by many as existing on a lower level than a marriage between two individuals from the same country. Part of this attitude by the general public may be attributed to the history of the phrase "Mail Order Bride," which many still mistakenly equate with couples who meet Internationally today. Let's take a look at the history of "Mail Order Brides" and see how the men and women back then compare to the men and women of today.

We could spend weeks talking about all the different cultures and how Mail Order Brides impacted each, but due to time and resource constraints, we will focus mainly on America and its history with Mail Order Brides.

We can trace the first Mail Order Brides all the way back to Jamestown in the early 1600's.

Jamestown was prospering and growing significantly. John Rolfe, who had married Pocahontas, introduced the cultivation of tobacco and gave the colony the economic stimulation it badly needed.

With the new charter in effect that gave each free colonist a tract of land, the settlers were moving forward. Now that each man had his own piece of rich Virginia soil to plant and build a house, they lacked one very important element: women!

One of the most significant events in colonial history took place in 1619 - the arrival of the first white women to Jamestown. The Virginia Company of London had sent several shipments of Mail Order Brides in return for payment in tobacco for the women's passage to America.

We can clearly see that Jamestown had a large demand for women. We can also see that there were women who were not meeting the men they desired in London and were willing to take the chance to go to Jamestown. If you think about it, if not for "Mail Order Brides," our country may not have evolved into what it is today. Those were very lonely and trying times, and at certain points the colonists came very close to failing. I am sure the women that came over contributed greatly to the success of the colonies and helped to build the foundation of our country.

If we fast-forward a couple hundred years, we move in to something more closely resembling what most Americans think of as "Mail Order Brides," and it all began with the great California gold rush of the mid 1800's.

On January 24th, 1848, gold was discovered at Sutters Mill in California. It did not take long for that news to spread and the great gold and land rush to begin. Courageous, adventurous men - men who thought outside of the box and were willing to take chances - packed up and moved West in search of land, gold and fortune. They started carving out cities and territories, settling the west, but one main ingredient was still missing: women! Sounds familiar.
Where there is a need, there is someone to fill it. In 1849, there was an average looking woman named Eliza Farnham who knew that she was no beauty but was astonished to be the target of admiring eyes wherever she went in the Gold country. She was so shocked at the barbaric lives the men were leading that she began a campaign to bring proper ladies to the West which she thought were needed to civilize it. There was a rigorous application that the women had to complete to guarantee that only the best and most virtuous women would arrive on the ship Angelique. To the dismay of the hopeful bachelors, only three women disembarked, leaving many angry and frustrated. Even though Eloza had the right idea, she was unable to turn her idea into a successful enterprise.

Men outnumbered women nine to one in the Washington territory in the 1850's and 1860's. Again there was a need, and in 1864 an entrepreneur, probably the first "Mail Order Bride Agency" or Marriage Broker as the government unfortunately refers to them, Asa Mercer, attempted to fill that need. He hatched a plan to fill a ship of beautiful, willing ladies from the Eastern seaboard and bring these marriageable women to Seattle. Only eleven women came, again leaving a lot of disappointed bachelors. Trying again in 1866, to the bachelors delight, he brought over 200 ladies. Asa was also able to find his own bride among those he recruited.
The constituents of the territory were so pleased with Asa's matrimony efforts that they elected him to a seat on the legislative assembly. One paper ran the following: "Mr. Mercer is the union candidate for joint councilman for King and Kitasp counties, and all such bachelors, old and young, may, on election day, have an opportunity of expressing, through the ballot box, their appreciation of his devotedness to the cause of the union, matrimonial as well as national."
Imagine what would happen if someone like Asa ran for public office today, championing their efforts in bringing men and women together - what has changed? Why was it so positive then, and now so negative? The answer may very well have to do with the change in marriage itself and cultural differences, but we will get to that soon.

What was notable in Asa's case is that the women themselves paid $225.00 each for the opportunity to risk the long journey in hopes of meeting their special someone. Why would they do that? The civil war was winding down. War casualties and the mass exodus of men to the West meant there were far more ladies than gentlemen in the eastern U.S. Marriage was a very important institution then and if a woman married by her early twenties she was in danger of becoming an old maid or spinster. It is funny how we always look at this through the male perspective - we call the women "Mail Order Brides" as if they have no say or choice in the matter. However, they were the ones paying for their own passage in search of Mail Order Husbands!

Then, as now, the media had conflicting ideas about the legitimacy of Mr. Mercer's enterprise. The New York Times endorsed the plan to ship women to the new territory, and that helped in Asa's recruitment efforts. Other papers, however, sounded alarms, saying that Asa was a procurer for dens of iniquity in the West and warning that those leaving the safety of their families and communities would suffer unmentionable fates. There were other negative editorials as well.
The Lacrosse Democrat printed that "the surplus sweetness of Massachusetts spinsterhood would be wasted on the Washington Territory. Dr. Mercer has arrived in Boston and perfected arrangements to return at once with a cargo of bay State Virgins, in black stockings, candlewick garters, shirt waists, spit curls, green specs, false teeth, and a thirst for chewing gum".

Another detractor, Anna Dickinson, was vehemently against the plan. She wrote many newspaper articles citing arguments such as "How your Washington bachelors can be fathers is a subject rather for a hearty laugh than for any serious debate."

It is truly amazing how similar those arguments are to the ones we hear today. We hear the men are unfit and the poor women are too weak and fragile and will have a terrible life. How dare they do something so different to try changing their lives for the better. Those opposing this didn't really care that there were not enough men for the women in the East at the time and didn't care that these women may never know the joys of marriage or motherhood.

It was also around this time that the newspapers started getting involved, and the personal ad was employed as a way of communicating with and finding your match. The Matrimonial News, a San Francisco matchmaking newspaper, was dedicated to 'promoting honorable matrimonial engagements and true conjugal facilities' for men and women through personal ads. This was truly the forerunner for matchmaking organizations today. Even then, not all matrimonial agencies were legitimate, and many disappointed brides or grooms were left with empty pockets after contracting for a mail order mate.

The Matrimonial News was a legitimate and respected tool for those seeking matrimonial assistance. Each edition began with the same words:

'Women need a man's strong arm to support her in life's struggle, and men need women's love."

The first paper or brochure for 'Mail Order Brides" had a strict code of rules and regulations. You were required to accurately and truthfully describe your personal appearance, height, weight, and your financial and social positions, along with a general description of the kind of persons with whom you desired correspondence. (not much different than today. Ads of forty words or less for males were published once for twenty-five cents; it was free for the women. If either the man or the woman went over forty words they were charged at the rate of one cent per word. To avoid publishing names and addresses, the ads were numbered and the publisher sorted them to their correct destination.

Considering the history, what seems to be the common factor that motivates the men and women to be willing to leave their communities and travel vast distances to unknown lands in search of their soul mate?The answer seems to be clear - a lack of opportunity on both sides. This lack of opportunity to find that one special person is what has driven the so-called "Mail Order Bride" phenomenon since the beginning. It really is simple supply and demand. Now, it really depends on your point of view to determine what the supply and what the demand actually is. Look at the West in the 1850's. Many men went west to settle the frontier where they were missing one very important element: women. However, the women in the East were also missing a very important element: men. Many of the bravest and most desirable men were killed in the Civil War, still fighting its battles, or exploring the west in search of land, gold and fortune, so the women living there at that time had very few marital prospects. This is why many of them opted for the so called "Mail Order Bride" approach, but you can just as easily say "Mail Order husband" approach. In the West, the demand was high for women but the supply was low. In the East, the demand was high for men, but that supply was low as well.

Today it seems that the women who choose to place their profiles on sites like ours are passive, almost like a commodity, just waiting for someone to come along and take them away from their terrible lot in life. That concept is just not the case, we know that here, and we have been assisting these men and women in finding each other for fifteen years. These women cannot find a suitable husband where they live and are actively involved in their search for a husband. In many cases the women greatly outnumber the men and, furthermore, the available men are not desirable due to factors such as alcoholism, fidelity issues, not wanting the responsibility of marriage, etc. Why should these women be forced to choose only from this prospective pool of possible grooms when there is a much more attractive, much larger population outside their community? These women are not passive; they are active in their pursuit of a husband and are taking charge of their destiny, much like their sisters did who got on that boat in London for passage to Jamestown. It was easy for these women. They were warned by the media and others, even their families, that they were going to end up as prostitutes and their lives were going to be a living hell. However, they endured and found success despite pleas from their family and friends. The vast majority of women who made the trip did find their soul mate, did get married, and did live very happy and more prosperous lives. Just like today, the more things change, the more they stay the same!

While there are groups trying to prevent foreign women from their opportunity to meet their soul mates abroad (and better their lives) based on the premise that she may be abused, may have a tough life, or may be used as a prostitute - all things that were said in 1850 - the domestic women here today in America, are being abused, living tough lives, and becoming prostitutes at much higher rates according to every study we have seen. Who is helping them? Why are Mail Order couples held to such a higher standard than domestic couples? There is an abuse shelter here in Phoenix that is celebrating 10 years this month and they do a great job helping abused. During their speech this week they said that 1 out of 4 American women are abused; that is twenty-five percent of all American women. That number is far higher than the studies that have followed Mail Order couples, yet the perception is that these women are at a much higher risk.

In order to get an even better idea of the negative stigmas associated with the term "Mail Order Bride," I think it is important to look at how marriage has changed and evolved in the United States. Again, we do not have enough time or resources to investigate the concept of marriage across different cultures; even today marriage varies greatly from culture to culture. Some allow cohabitation, some don't. Some allow divorce, some don't. Some give all the power to the husband, and some don't. For our purposes, we will focus on marriage in the United States.

In many cultures in the past and even today, marriage was arranged by the parents or the elders for economic and other reasons. Love had very little to do with it. If you were lucky enough to be in love with or fall in love later with the person that you were told to marry, that was fortunate but by no means the rule. When our country was founded, some of the most important tenets our society were based on freedom of choice. Freedom to choose your own religion, your own occupation, and of course your own life-mate. This is where love started entering into the equation and men and women were free to follow their hearts. However, marriage also was a very important part of society. It allowed two people to come together and assist each other in forming a life, sharing and passing down property, and most importantly raising children.

Obviously there were changes to marriage as our country matured, but it was still a very important institution, almost a cornerstone to the fabric of our society. Because of that, there were social stigmas for people who did not marry, gave birth to children outside of marriage, or divorced. Then came the 60's, the sexual revolution, the pill, and the feminist movement. All of these factors changed the marital landscape dramatically, for bettor or for worse. The most dramatic change was the skyrocketing rate of divorce and single parents in the 70's and 80's. The image of the Ozzie and Harriet lifestyle, whether it ever really existed or not, was now gone for good, replaced by a much more individualized, "me first" thinking. Marriage and children were no longer one in the same. Single parenthood became much more prevalent and was even promoted by Hollywood.

After the 1960's, women no longer felt it necessary that their lives follow the once popular child hood rhyme- first comes love, then comes marriage, then the baby carriage. Alternate families and lifestyles are much more prevalent in our modern society.

The problem is that today we see that the nuclear family did and does, according to most studies, a much better job raising children than alternative family structures such as single parent families or co-habitating families. There are many reasons for this and scholars debate this issue constantly, but what seems to be clear is that children raised with a mother and father in a loving and committed relationship tend to do better than those who are not. That is not to say that every nuclear family is perfect, but again, if you look at the overall statistics you will find that a traditional nuclear family seems to be the best. One of the reasons for that compared to a single parent structure, is of course that if you have two people sharing and dividing the duties. You are going to have more time and resources to devote to the children. Curiously, children fare better with a married couple than a co-habitating couple, but why is that? The answer may be in the type of people who choose to marry. Those people may think in more traditional and committed ways and there may be a greater sense of commitment to each other and the family structure. It can also provide more security than other structures such as just co-habitation. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, since the 60's the nuclear family has come under assault and is not as popular as it once was. This may help to explain why both the men and the women who are searching harder and outside the normal parameters are looked at differently; they are suspect. Both the men and the women are searching for something that is more traditional in nature, which is frowned upon by many in today's society. Again, if we look at what has happened to the idea of marriage since the 60's and the fact that many women view marriage much differently than they did then, it takes us back to the supply and demand equation. If a man is searching for a woman that shares a more traditional view of marriage, his pool of prospective candidates is going to be much more limited than it once was. Many foreign women find that their pool of responsible, marriage-minded men are very limited as well. Thus, both groups are forced to expand their search outside of their boundaries, very much like what took place here over 150 years ago.

Based on what we have discussed in this article thus far, I believe that a list can be compiled listing the top ten factors, contributing to the "Mail Order Bride."

1. In the past, the women came to the men (or vice versa in some cases) sight unseen to marry, sometimes very quickly, much like the arranged marriages of the old country. America is all about choice and opportunity and controlling ones destiny, so even today when one says "Mail Order Bride," it is as if the man is bargaining with some entity to purchase a woman. In today's International Introduction arena, nothing could be further from the truth.

2. Newspapers and other social commentators denounced the men of the West as unsuitable husbands and fathers, warning that the women venturing off to marry these men would be forced into prostitution and face unimaginable horrors. We know that was not the case. Most women eventually married and lived very happy and fulfilling lives. However, those stereotypes persisted. The media today continues to prolong and enhance the stigma by only focusing on negative, isolated stories. For the most part, they ignore thousands of success stories, just as they did in the 1850's

3. There were some unethical companies operating in the 1850's, just as there are now, that have given the industry a bad name. However, these instances seem quite exaggerated. You can take any industry and find the good, bad, and ugly. Try taking your car to ten different mechanics or calling ten different plumbers to you r house and observe the range of ethical treatment you get. I believe any industry will include both ethical and unethical companies.

4. Some of the women in the 1850'S were not as virtuous as advertised and took advantage of the men, deceiving them with fake teeth, fake bosoms, etc. Some of the men will deceive the women. Again, we are dealing with real people here and, whenever you do that, you are going to have good, bad, and ugly. That hasn't changed since the beginning of time, so to blame that on Mail Order Brides is a bit of a stretch.

5. Not every marriage succeeded. The marriages then, as now, were held to a much higher standard. If they did not succeed, it was thought to be indicative of all "Mail Order Bride" marriages. However, Mail Order Bride marriages then and International marriages today actually survive much longer and suffer a drastically lower divorce and abuse rate than domestic marriages. That's a fact that the media just doesn't want to discuss, even though studies support it.

6. "Mail Order Bride" was seen as an act of desperation by the majority. It was publicly and privately denounced, as many new and innovate ventures frequently are.

7. Change in the way we view marriage and family, beginning in the 60's, continued to have a profound effect during the 70's, 80's, and even today. Those that sought a more traditional family structure with a committed nuclear family were not looked upon favorably; the institution of marriage itself has been assaulted since the 60's.

8. Egocentrism - cultural differences - as recently as 1967, it was a felony in the state of Virginia and many other states to marry outside of your race. The aptly named "Loving" case made it to the Supreme court in 1967. The court rejected the century old argument suggesting that bans on marriage across the color line imposed equally on all races. They called such laws an effort to maintain white supremacy, insupportable in view of the 14th amendment. The opinion reiterated that marriage was a fundamental freedom.

9. Age differences - In American culture even small age differences are seen as a possible problem. In many other cultures, the women seek older men because they feel they will be more responsible, loyal, mature, etc.

10. Threatened. We have received many calls through the years from American women wondering why we provide this service and what is wrong with them. I talk with them and assure that there is someone for everyone. Some people feel the need to search the world over for the right person while others are content to limit their search to their immediate surroundings. It is simply a matter of preference, but some people are threatened by the fact that these options exist.

Mail order brides are getting relevant day by day. But who is a mail order bride exactly? Well, this term for those women who list themselves with the international matrimonial agencies for a foreign groom. Previously, the entire matter was conducted through letters but gradually through upgrades in the communication system and the extensive use of internet, the entire affair has been brought online. The facilities in online communication have resulted in the growth of many cross border matrimonial sites where women advertise themselves.

However, it’s interesting to note that the exact concept of mail order brides is a historical incident which was arguably started in the 1800s. It was started actually by the early settlers of America who having found success there was planning to reside permanently. But soon they started missing company and began to seek brides. Thus the American guys started to write to their correspondences in Europe to find a wife for them. This is how the concept of this service was first introduced. The process received a good response and it’s believed that the British women were the first brides who used this service.

Today you have possibility to contact with these girls from various parts of the world. However South-East Asia seems to enjoy a great monopoly here with a large number of brides arriving from the varied S. E. Asian nations such as Taiwan, Philippines, Japan and Korea and to some extent even China. Besides, women from the soviet countries (Russia and Ukraine) too seem to enjoy unanimous preference among the American hunks. Apart from these, some of the stunning Latinas, German blondes, Polish beauties and Swedish damsels have also been found to contribute their bit to the scene of mail order brides.

American men were always fond of the foreign women across the world. In fact, records reveal that every year approximately 6000 girls are found to land in the United States with the dream to settle down here with their American groom. Now you might wonder, why this is getting hugely popular today since unlike the initial settlement period there’s no dearth of women in America now. The problem somewhat lies in the native beauties. The American girls today have overburdened themselves with so much of workload that they hardly get time to think of a family and a normal marital life. This has on the other hand forced the native men to look the other way.

In such a situation, the mail order brides seem to be a great revelation for the American hunks who really want to have a happy family with wife and children. The mail to order brides are usually reared up with deep family values where they are taught to place family above everything. Matrimony is an auspicious bond to them which they treasure to preserve forever and are willing to adjust with almost anything for a joyous family. The divorce rate is really low when it comes to an alliance with brides through this service and statistics display that till date more than 80% of inter-state couples in America are enjoying a rocking bond. Moreover, the girls from South Asian Countries and Russian lands are famous all over given their enchanting charm and beauty.

As told earlier, the ease in the communication process has further accelerated the spread of the mail order bride phenomena. The advancement in internet since the 1990s has resulted in the formation of ample such a websites all over the internet and the number is increasing every month. The online medium enables the guys and girls to find their potential matches from abroad while simply sitting at home. The cross border matrimonial sites are designed with several profiles on the mail order brides for the prospective grooms to have his pick. The great part is that all the profiles have usually full details with a bio-data on the girl plus snaps.

If you are interested, simply log into our website and create your own account. Look through the catalogues and go through the profile content of the different applicants covered by the site. The profiles will give you an idea on the girls’ interests, expectations and demands that make your search for your soul mate even more convenient. As you pick the girl/girls matching with your personal reservations, you can start to interact with them. The international matrimonial agencies online enable interaction between members via e-mail, chat, posts and telephone. There are translation services available too to make the communication easier between the foreigners. Moreover, some of the high end matrimonial websites even allows for video chats to make your virtual affair better and more intriguing.

Now, it should be stated that at times these women are simply perceived as opportunists from the developing countries on the lookout of a secure footing in the First World nation. This has become more relevant given the infamous mail order bide scam reports doing the rounds recently. But again it must be reminded that those scams do not portray the ultimate truth about this kind of service. Yes the scam reports cannot be denied yet shouldn’t be implied as a generalized conception on every bride out there. The scam girls were like a few rotten apples which have maligned the other innocuous girls in the scene. Honestly, these simple girls only looking for a relationship outside of their native lands, just like you. You are just required to embark with a trusted website. If you need a credible website, bridesagency.com, could be the ultimate choice for you. It’s an esteemed name online and serving successfully for over ten years now.

If you are looking forward to order a bride through an online portal, our website is the best place to be. We provide the best service in mail order bride throughout the world. The Russian mail order brides along with other women on our website will surely impress you a great deal. It is an easy process to order a bride through our website once you register yourself with us. You can enjoy the content of all the women listed down on our website to search for the right one. You can view their photos and even chat with them freely once you are a registered member.

Women who seek men from other parts of the world register themselves with us and then create a profile of them on our website. They are free to fill in whichever details they wish to share with the men who seek to order a bride on our site, and also have the liberty to upload their best photos to woo men towards their profile. These women are free to interact only with the males which they feel can turn out to be their life partners. There is no hard-and-fast rule for them to respond to every person who leaves them a message.

Bridesagency is a website which is only meant for men and women who are looking forward to settling down with a serious relationship. The order a bride phenomenon has become a very common thing these days where people find it difficult to take out time to find their soul-mate. Through our website many men & women have found their partners and are leading a happily married life. The success rate of marriages through this ‘order a bride’ service has seen a commendable growth in the recent years, and people are opting for this service more readily these days.

The mail order brides which you will find on our websites are the most pleasant ones to interact with. Their appearance and the way they will communicate with you are sure to impress you a great deal. Most of the men, who register on our website, do order a bride sooner or later. Some people take time to get to know each other while some are really quick to take the final decision. Those who are pretty serious of getting a bride and interact with women very easily online are the ones who order a bride within a month or two at the max. It will hardly take you time to find your type of women on our website as we have many in numbers.

The popularity of Russian women being wanted as a bride by the men from the east has been rising a great deal in the recent times. The Russian women find it difficult to find a good partner in their country because of the male to female ratio inclined towards more number of females. This is the reason why we have uncountable number of Russian women who are joining our service of ‘order a bride’. Even they want a responsible person who will take care of them, love them and treat them like a princess. The order a bride service which our agency provides is a big hit all over the world.

We try to provide all the facilities which can help our clients to find their right female partner. We have profiles of woman of various age-groups for this service. The order a bride team of ours put in lot of efforts to bring positive alterations in the content of the website to make it even easier for males to find their bride. People can order a bride from our website once they are completely sure of the fact that they have found the right girl. Our subscribers can take their own time to find the suitable women to get married to.

After you order a bride from our website and get married to her, and wish to keep her happy thereafter; follow the guidelines that we have for men who get married to mail order brides. According to our research and study on marriages which do not work through the ‘order a bride’ service of ours is usually because the male tends to pay less attention to his wife and does not give her the love and attention which she needs; at least during the first few months after marriage. A man’s real duty towards her bride starts after the order a bride formalities are done with.

We would advise men to treat their mail order brides the way they deserve to be treated. The women on our website are ready to sacrifice a lot of things just for the sake of a man who promises to keep her happy and be loyal to him after marriage. Men need to stick to their promises and show them the love and care they wish to get. Our ‘order a bride’ service is doing exceptionally well in different countries and is spreading the news of how easy it is to find a partner through a website like ours. Men and women both use our website to find their partner and have been successful in doing so.

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Are you interested in getting hitched with the foreign beauties? Inter-border marriage is not rare these days with the spread of communication and you are most likely to find some of your referrals readily engaged with a beautiful damsel from other land. So, it’s something really nice to find your match from among the foreign girls especially if you are interested in different cultures and practices. Now, it’s very easy to ask “are you interested in the girls from abroad” but the catch is how to find them. Well, nothing to worry about as the article here is all set to explain the precise way to get introduced with foreign girls.

First it’s good if you have any of your buddies or cousins engaged to some beautiful foreigner. If it is so you are really lucky as you can readily tell your sister-in-law from abroad to get yourself introduced to some of her native acquaintances if they too are on the lookout of a foreign groom. It’s going to be a credible affair as everything is taking place within the family. But again everybody cannot be that lucky or else it could be that these foreigners might prefer for a native alliance. So what to do? Well, an excellent suggestion here would be to depend on the mail order brides. It’s because mail order brides are those women who are actually on the lookout of foreign grooms.

Are you interested to know about mail order brides? No, don’t take the term literally - the mail order brides do not come in a postal parcel; actually the entire affair was organized through letters usually and so the name “mail order brides”. These mail order brides are especially from the S.E. Asian nations such as Korea, Japan, Philippines, China and Taiwan. However, a good proportion of them are also from the Soviet countries of Balkan and Ukraine. These days you are even likely to find mail to order brides from Sweden, Australia, Germany, Italy and Poland. Thus you have a broader selection to pick from as you readily agreed when asked—“are you interested in these foreign girls?

Now, are you interested to delve a little further into the mail order brides? Well, first of all you must know that it’s a true delight to get hitched with the mail order brides. Why so? These foreign girls are known to be extremely beautiful and blessed with a soft feminine charm that’s rare today among their Caucasian counterparts. The Russian girls especially are the most prominent pick in the pertinent scene given their unmatched gorgeous appeal.

But there is something more important in the mail order brides other than their enchanting expressions. Are you interested to know more about them? It’s necessary to mention that most of the mail order brides are brought up in some kind of conventional atmosphere. The traditional environ have the great advantage of rearing up the girls with rich moral values. The girls in the oriental civilization and Balkan regions as well are taught to bear a profound respect for the holy wedlock and family. They know how to treasure their man and kids and can be a perfect support for them anytime. You would be happy to know that the mail order brides are a master in different household chores and at the same time educated enough to help out in your career decisions.

Unlike the American chicks, who are ever engaged in their professional aspirations these days, the mail order brides would willingly compromise their career for the sake of family. They are brought up with the understanding that nobody can look after a household effectively but a woman. The very understanding assures the marital stability with the mail order brides. If you consider the statistics, maximum of the American men engaged to mail order brides are having the finest times of their life. So, now it would be needless to ask are you interested in mail order brides especially when you are inclined to a romantic liaison in the foreign lands.

The most pertinent question here would be are you interested to know how to find mail order brides? It’s great to mention that with the advancement in the internet communication, today you have the cross border matrimonial agencies online only where you are going to find foreign girls abound who are vying for a foreign groom. These mail order bride sites have several profiles on these girls from abroad with complete information on them. There will be the snaps plus an extensive data on their background covering their home state, educational qualifications, career interest, likes and turn offs. Moreover, you will even find pointers on the girls’ expectations from their prospective grooms.

You are just needed to subscribe with such a site and get yourself introduced with the girls of your choice. Now, are you interested to know whether the sites are available for free or not? Well, it should be warned that despite the free sites you should opt for the paid services as the free ones are mostly the frauds. Pick up a reputed name and start off.

Are you interested to learn about a credible mail order bride site? The answer lies in bridesagency.com, one of the most reputed options today which are operating successfully since 2001. The esteemed mail order bride site greets you with a vast collection of foreign beauties that are all in quest of an eternal support from a prospective foreign groom like you. There are girls of all ages and different interests to pick from as per your expectations and preferences. Are you interested to know about the brownie points of bridesagency.com? Well, the cross border matrimonial site today has earned several followers given their postal facilities, nominal charges, video chatting facilities as well as the different articles informing you on dating tips. There is a special feature here called the “hot list” where if you mark a girl the site will keep informing you about her every whereabouts on the site.

If you are interested in mail order brides, the first and the foremost thing that you should be concentrating on, beforehand, is the proper calculation of the mail order brides prices. Many a times it happens that you jump into this world of finding foreign brides online thinking that an internet connection is all that you have to pay for, but gradually when the reality dawns on you, you find yourself in a complete financial mess, thereby crash-quitting the service. By neglecting mail order brides prices, you not only endanger your online reputation but also upset the prospective brides.

Don’t get the wrong notion that mail order brides prices are always sky high and take you from riches to rags, but it is always advisable to make an estimation of the mail order brides prices before you sign up for any of the websites offering these services. The exact total mail order brides prices, as can be predicted, are often mentioned in figures in the various online sites and articles. However, evaluating mail order brides prices yourself is always a better idea. So here you will be guided through the various steps involved in analyzing the total mail order brides prices. All you need to do is, fill in the blanks. Following are the things you need to keep in mind while cyphering mail order brides prices:Internet connection: Although inclusion of this parameter in mail order brides prices might seem stupid, you need to do it. Make sure, the scheme allows you unlimited download. Wondering why? After having gone a long way, chatting with your prospective wife, you might want to exchange large sized pictures and videos or might even need to download her favorite movie to get a common topic to talk about. So, unlimited download will reduce the total mail order brides prices. This becomes more important when you are taking an internet connection especially for finding a bride online.

Website charges: Most sites allow free creation your own profile and browsing through the various mail order brides’ profiles. This hence does help to keep your mail order brides prices low. But the moment you come across a site advertising low mail order brides prices by offering free interaction with the brides to the extent of exchanging contact information, just turn around and run for your life. That is a scam. Mail order brides prices necessarily include the money the website charges for letting the two of you exchange email ids, contact numbers and addresses.

Phone bills: After having chatted for a pretty long time, when you finally agree to exchange numbers, mail order brides prices will have new inclusions. Quite obviously, to show chivalry, most of the times you would need to make the cross-country ISD calls instead of her. Often these calls stretch to hours taking your mail order brides prices to a higher level. But this is how you get to know each other better, so can’t quit. And once you fall in love, it will be difficult to bother about phone bills. However, best would be to get an affordable scheme for this too or else the mail order brides prices will become unmanageable.

Postal costs: After exchanging postal addresses, the first thing that you might want to do is send her a small gift of love and appreciation. Apart from the cost of the gift, the cross-country courier service will also add to the mail order brides prices. Even if you are planning to send a simple handwritten love letter, mailing to a foreign location will make a significant difference to the estimation of mail order brides prices. So better count it in advance.

Travel cost: After being completely sure of your choice, you will need to plan a face-to-face date, preferably in her country. Pretty obviously, this will include your transportation cost which will add to the mail order brides prices. Depending on your budget, time constriction and distance, you will have to select the right mode of transport. Make sure you have a rough idea about ticket prices before estimating mail order brides prices. Apart from the inter-country transportation cost you need to add to the mail order brides prices, the intra-country transport costs, value of which will depend on the country you have travelled to.

Lodging cost: Even if your mail order bride is offering a place to bunk in, do not completely depend on it. Be prepared with some extra money for a hotel room and add them to your mail order brides prices.

First date: If you want a good first impression on your prospective wife, you have to be excellent on your fist date. So be ready to count in your mail order brides prices, the cost of arranging a good first date with flowers, gifts, wines, grub and everything that she likes. Mail order brides prices will also include the cost of the venue chosen.

Marriage expenses: Mail order brides prices are more worth calculating when things go well. Once both of you are satisfied with all your chats, phone calls and face-to-face meetings, you would need to make a solid decision. If it is positive, your mail order brides prices will enter a new dimension. You, along with your wife, will have to bear the cost of your marriage. However, you should be happy about it as all your previous inclusions in the mail order brides prices will finally come of some use. Mail order brides prices will also include the cost of bringing the bride’s family and relatives to your place all the way from a different country.

Care should be taken that you do not include unnecessary expenses in your mail order brides prices. You are not supposed to send huge sums of money to your foreign lady love when she is still practically a stranger to you.

Mail order brides are those women who sign up with international matrimonial agencies in a quest to find their ideal soul mate from foreign lands, especially America. These women are usually from Russia, Ukraine, the Far East Asian countries, Poland, Sweden and some of the South American nations. For more detailed information on mail order brides, read the extensive breakdown on Wikipedia. Mail order brides enjoy massive popularity amidst eligible US bachelors, however some of the recent scams have created a series of common myths and these foreign beauties which is greatly affecting the reputation of the entire phenomenon.

The article here aims to highlight the common myths regarding mail order brides followed by a discussion on the actual facts. Myth: Mail Order Brides Are Looking For Sugar Daddies

The most common myth assumes that these foreign girls are basically in quest of a rich fat wallet from a developed nation and thus they sign up with international matrimonial agencies. It’s believed that these women simply mean to scam the wealthy hunks from America, preying on them with false love and sentiments and once they secure the money from them the girls are gone forever, leaving the guy with a broken heart and an empty wallet.

The Truth: While it is true that there have been cases where some evil-minded foreign girls have scammed innocuous American men in the name of love, this is more the exception rather than the norm. The basic fact is that the typical woman on these sites belongs to a very conservative and patriarchal society where they are not entitled to equal importance with men and hence wish to settle with a loving American man in a foreign country which portrays an egalitarian society with equal respect and regard for both men and women.

Besides, the disturbing ratio between men & women in some countries also compel the women there to look for men from another land. For example, in Russia the ratio between women and men is 100:88 which makes the Russian beauties search for their prince charming from foreign lands. (See this lengthy article with plenty of data on other women’s issues around the world.) Myth: Mail Order Brides Are Always Dependent and Lack Financial Independence

Another common myth about the mail order brides is that they are always dependent on their partners and lack financial independence (again, playing off the “sugar daddy” meme).

The Truth: This is a false and overhyped notion. Just because mail order brides are expert homemakers does not necessarily imply that they are always dependent on their husbands. The truth is that most of the females are well-educated and some of them even attend major universities abroad in pursuit of higher education. In fact, if you browse around reputed mail order bride sites, you will find a lot of professional women with strong credentials. These foreign beauties are brought up in a conservative atmosphere where they are taught to place their family and loved ones above everything else in life and even over their career. Unfortunately if a Russian woman isn’t married by the age of 22, she’s often considered an old maid (Source: Sullivan, Kevin. "Blissful Coexistence?; U.S. Men Seek Mail-Order Brides in Russia." The Washington Post. 24 May 1994. Web. 12 Nov. 2010.)

Although 52% of Russia’s workforce is made up of women, they usually hold low positions in jobs with lower respect and less wages, while earning only 43% of what the Russian men earn. (Source: "Russian Mail Order Bride Case Study." Welcome to American University, Washington, DC USA. Web. 10 Oct. 2010.).

Thus, to conclude, mail order brides are well educated, independent yet simple women who are just looking for true love and respect in the foreign lands.

Russia is renowned all over for its rich history and culture. The Soviet land flaunts a fantastic tradition of many impressive achievements in the fields of literature, classical music, philosophy, architecture, ballet, cinema, painting & animation, all of which had significant influence on the world culture. Early Russian history & culture was hugely inspired by the Finno-Urgic tribes & by the nomadic Turkish people of Pontic Steppe. The Varagians or Scandinavian Vikings too contributed much in forming Russian identity and the Balkan culture & history is largely defined as a unique blend of Slavic & Byzantine cultures as well. Besides, Russian history also involves a powerful influence by the Western European culture. Then, since 20th century the Communist ideals became a principle part of Soviet Union which has greatly shaped of the political identity of the nation today. Thus, Russia displays an exotic past with a tradition uniquely enriched with a confluence of a large number of dynasties, cultures and ideologies.

No wonder, the Russian damsels seem interesting given that they are well-shaped by such a diverse national history and culture. The beautiful Balkan lasses are widely popular in the international matrimonial scene and are a favorite of the Western men. There is a great host of cross border matrimonial sites over the internet dedicated to the Russian girls interested to tie the knot with American hunks. However, the Soviet beauties are not so strong in English and hence you have to take the help of translation services to converse with the lovely Russian ladies.

You can count on Google Translation services here which is a free of cost translation service that translates almost any major world dialect in English and vice versa.

This Saturday I will be presenting a paper about Cyberbrides at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.  While my focus for that paper is the impact on mothers and families, my research also revealed how some Cyberbrides (or Mail-Order Brides) are selected from internet catalogues with “satisfaction guaranteed” and how “International Marriage Broker” may be a cloak hiding the agencies’ involvement with human trafficking.Cyberbrides are essentially mail-order brides, but like pen pals, they can chat and exchange pictures on the Internet and interact through video or instant chat.  There are almost 2.9 million website matches that turn up when Google-ing “Mail-Order Brides” within 19 seconds of pressing the “return” button. With the low cost of social media, a new venue to market and display this “commodity” is available.  Presently,  about 30 Facebook sites exist that advertise “Mail-OrderBrides.

With the Internet, the potential for abuse emerges due to freedom to view and post material without adequate oversight.  Even with laws in place that are meant to protect the estimated 5,000 Cyberbrides that enter the United States annually, the issues of violence and oppression surrounding internet brides still escalate today.  In fact violence for Immigrant Brides (not Mail-Ordered) range around 8.8%.  Violence against International Mail-Order brides average around 25% with the perpetrator being the American husband.

Many attribute the emergence of Cyberbrides to the feminist movement–with a noticeable escalation in the 1990s, after the break-away republics of the Soviet Union began to form.  It seems that Consumer Grooms, as they are labeled, are looking for a wife steeped in values that are more “traditional.”  These grooms believe that women from third world countries will steer away from feminist values and an embrace a subservient, congenial “June Cleaver” housewife stereotype.  They seek a wife whose desire is to serve her husband obediently and to  embrace old-fashioned family values.  They want a woman who will bear children, mind the house, and not pursue a career.   An ideal wife for these men is a submissive companion, sexually available, loving, faithful, and domesticated.The age difference between Consumer Grooms and their prospective brides is, on average, about 20-years.  The men are usually white males born in the US, age 40 and older.  Many are divorced or widowed.  Prospective brides are usually in their 20s and, in some rare cases in their 30s.  It was quite disturbing to find that some brides can be as young as 13.

Geographically most come from the Philippines and former Soviet Union.  However, the reach for brides extends all over the world – from Latin America, to Africa, to Thailand.  What these women have in common is that they come from impoverished societies and that they feel marrying an American man will give them “a piece of the American Dream.”

Many International Marriage Brokers post online catalogues of eligible brides.  What I found to be quite disturbing was the way in which the consumer shops for his bride.  Just like on Amazon.com, you place the item in your cart, proceed to check out, and are provided with a “Satisfaction Guarantee.”  In some cases, you are promised a refund if you are not happy.

There is also the issue of the packaging.  Some women are photographed in provocative poses with scanty outfits, while others are photographed with little to no make-up wearing schoolgirl uniforms.  In some cases, measurements of a potential bride are provided.

From a consumer marketing point of view, an illusion of putting forth “our best product” is given.  Some sites will state that they have 60,000 available brides that were chosen out of a pool of 400,000.  Some marriage brokers even have training courses for the potential brides, teaching them “how to be a good wife” and using Good Housekeeping’s “The Good Wife’s Guide,” published in 1955*, as their manual. Some International Marriage Broker sites will actually have photographs of potential brides next to this guide to help prospective consumers visualize a potential wife in a subservient role.

In the cases where abuse occurs, culture and language barriers are used as a means of control. 

According to FuturesWithoutViolence.org, the types of abuse that these women could endure include:

Isolation:  Not allowed to learn English, being isolated from friends and family or anyone that might be able to speak her native language.

Emotional Abuse:  Lying about immigration status, writing letters full of lies to her family, calling her racist names. 

Economic Abuse: Threatening to report her if she works “under the table,” not allowing her to get job training, being controlled financially by her husband.

Sexual Abuse: Calling her a prostitute or a “mail-order bride,” alleging that she has a history of prostitution on legal papers.

Intimidation:  Hiding or destroying important papers including passports, identification and insurance cards; destroying all property from her country of origin

Citizenship:  Using citizenship or residency privilege, failing to file papers to legalize her immigration status or withdrawing or threatening to withdraw papers filed for her residence.

Threats:  Threatening to report her to the INS to get her deported, threatening to withdraw the petition to legalize her immigration status.

Using her Children:  Threatening to take her children away from the US or report then to the INS.

Despite safeguards like the International Marriage Brokers Act, the potential for violence (not often reported) and using women as a commodity is there.  Donna Hughes in “The Internet and Sex Industries,” states that the growth and popularity of the internet is largely due to the sex industry.  What else can be done?  How can we be advocates for to ensure the safety and proper treatment of these women?

In a society that has moved to the notion of instant gratification and where divorce rates that exceed 50%, having a guarantee that someone will cater to one’s every need and desire might be an appealing concept (to some).  But we are dealing with human beings and their lives (and by extension – the lives of their children)!!  No matter what – it would do well to remind the public that Life NEVER comes with a Guarantee.

Update:  “The Good Wife’s Guide” may not actually have been published in the Good Housekeeping magazine – nonetheless, this caricature of what a ‘good wife’ is and does remains true in many society’s social imagination and is references as a guiding resource.

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Russian brides make great mail order brides.
The concept of contracting for a bride sight unseen originated over one hundred years ago. But, the negative connotation associated with this phenomenon it is no longer appropriate. Find your Mail Order Bride
There have been many mail order bride success stories, most originating in the Russian speaking countries. There is now a general acceptance of online international dating. Russian mail order brides are truly beautiful, cultured and educated and they truly do want to meet men from western countries. But why is this the case? Is it a case of economic opportunism or is it a case of profound dissatisfaction with Russian men and life in Russia? Most Russian brides will tell you that it is the latter, a few will tell you that it is the former; but all will tell you that it much more complicated than just those two factors. One factor you might not hear much, but is nonetheless profound, is the great shortage of Russian men over the age of thirty.

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Over the last decade, it has become possible to search online photos and personal details of hundreds of thousands of Russian brides. These women are located all around Russia and Ukraine. And, they can be emailed instantly.

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Meeting Russian brides has never been so easy and convenient. But still you must apply yourself to the process to make it work. The most common mistake is to fall in love with the first beautiful lady you contact or to fall in love with a photo. Resist this temptation. Communicate with as many ladies as you can. And meet as many as you can. Don't rush the process. Try to learn a few Russian words and a little Russian culture.

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Get to know Russian women in general before you focus on finding that one special Russian lady. After all, you must meet the many in order to find the one. There are over one million women from the former USSR desiring to become mail order brides for foreign men. There are also many in other countries involved in this phenomenon. With the advent of the Internet, Russian dating and matchmaking exploded. There are many factors forcing Russian women to resort to international Russian dating. Many hope to leave soviet style societies and governments. Others seek to escape abusive Russian men. And some, specifically those hoping to marry, simply have very little chance to find a good man in Russia or Ukraine. This primarily is due to the severe shortage of men.

There are twelve million more women than men in Russia. Men die sooner. The reasons for this are numerous and are detailed in the articles featured on this site. Marrying foreign brides sight unseen is a phenomenon that has not existed for more than 80 years. The phenomenon actually originated with Japanese agricultural laborers in Hawaii. Soon followed by Chinese railroad workers in the western United States. These men would marry brides from Japan, China, etc. in absentia. Marrying Russian brides in absentia has never occurred in history. Modern mail order bride match making is no different than conventional dating agencies in your home city. The only difference, of course, is geography.

Mail Order Brides matchmaking online
The majority of Russian brides join match making sites with the principal purpose of finding romance and longtime relationships. These sites feature thousands of photos of beautiful Russian women who come from almost every corner of the globe. If you have thought about searching for a bride overseas, obviously you will probably be most interested in women from countries who have the down-to-earth values and attributes that western men are seeking. Fortunately for western men there is an endless variety of beautiful, loving, and family-oriented foreign women hoping to become brides to men overseas. All eager to meet you for love and romance, and most are seeking a soul mate or even a lasting marriage. This site can be your starting point. Take it slow and let the process work for you. There are thousands of potential mail order brides waiting. With a little effort and luck you will find yours. So, good luck in your quest for international love and romance.

The Russian brides ransom is a native Russian tradition that has very old roots. In times of old, a woman's marriage was considered an essential economic blow to her family. For this reason the woman's parents naturally demanded compensation. The higher the social status a bride had the higher the compensation that should be offered. A wedding was arranged colorfully and very creatively. Many relatives, friends and neighbors were invited.
Some elements of the historical ransom have been preserved to modern times, but they have been transformed from obligatory ritual into a bright modern show. Modern Russian grooms, as well as their ancestor's, slap their pockets frantically, looking nervously back at their best man and friends as if they are worried that they do not have enough money to pay the ransom for the bride.Find beautiful Russian brides
But money in the modern wedding is not the most claimed currency. The main task of a Russian brides wedding ransom is to check the future husband's creativity and keenness of wit. Nowadays the ransom of a Russian bride begins when a groom and his friends come to the bride's house to take her and the groom to a marriage registry office. The ransom starts when the groom and his friends come into the yard and move down the path toward the front door. The bride's neighbors block the path and ask for a ransom in order for the groom to proceed further. Near the front door the groom is met by the bride's relatives who also demand a certain amount of money in order to be allowed to proceed further. They are given coins, sweets, fruit, whatever.

The main obstacle awaits the groom on the staircase to the bride's front door. Every stair will cost the groom a tender word in his address to his bride. If a Russian bride lives on an upper floor in a block of flats, and the groom runs out of tender words, money can help. If a groom cannot say any more lovely words he must pay a little for every step. When finally a groom gets to the bride's apartment, he is met with some more tests. Sometimes the main "gold digger" is the bride's maiden. She can ruin a groom even before the beginning of the wedding process. She creates different obstacles and tests that the groom must overcome or render - to sing, to dance and of course to pay money or give presents to the bride's girlfriends and relatives.

The most popular Russian brides test is when various imprints of women's lips on a piece of paper are shown to the groom and he must guess which one belongs to his beloved. If the groom identifies his bride's lips correctly, he is allowed to pass and enter into the bride's apartment. If not he must pay to enter.

Inside the apartment the groom encounters more insidiousness. The apartment corridor is blocked by a wide table. And on this table the groom is demanded to spell out the full name of his bride using banknotes. In some cases he might be asked to spell out her full name: her first name, middle name and her last name. At this moment a groom probably feels as if he is a customer of a casino. His money flows across the table but the wedding procession is close to its destination - the bride's room. The groom presents flowers to his bride, kisses her, they drink champagne. The procession then goes to the marriage registry office and the wedding continues. In these days Russian brides ransom is a kind of game and is arranged to please everyone, including the groom himself. The groom should smile even in a difficult situation and consider the ransom as a funny kind of game or test. But in this test the reward will be not an excellent mark or grade. No, his reward will be his Russian bride who, to him, looks like an enchanted princess sitting in a high tower, waiting for her prince.

1. What are the requirements for the Fiancée visa? You must meet in person before you can file the petition.
You and your Fiancée must both be single.
If either of you have been previously married, you will need all filed final divorce decrees, death certificates or annulments.
The minimum income requirement is currently $18,212 for a family of two. If you are an Alaska resident, the minimum income is $22,762. If you are a Hawaii resident, it is $20.950.
If your income is less than the minimum requirement you will need to get a co-sponsor.
You will provide financial documentation as proof that you can support your intended wife and all members of your household.
You must have 10-15 photos of you with your Fiancée and, if possible, of you with her family.
You must have documented evidence of communication spanning your relationship. Best evidence: emails talking about your lives (about 30 pages) & telephone bills with her phone number on it. Copies of IM chats are a poor choice and not always accepted. Phone cards and video chats are not accepted as they are not documentable! LACK OF EVIDENCE CAN RESULT IN VISA DENIAL!
2. If my Fiancée has children, can they come to the US with her? Your Fiancée's children under the age of 21 may accompany your Fiancée on an approved K-1 visa.
3. How much does it cost? The USCIS filing fee for the K-1 petition is currently $340. There will also be fees associated with the Embassy interview totaling about $700. You will also be responsible for all travel expenses.
4. How long does it take? Approval of the K-1 Fiancée petition is 6-12 months from the date of filing with USCIS, depending on country.
5. What happens after we file? The petition is approved by the USCIS, the National Visa Center, and then it is sent to the US Embassy in the country in which your Fiancée is currently living. She will have her interview there.
Your Fiancée will have a medical exam prior to her Embassy interview.
Immediately prior to her Embassy interview your Fiancee will obtain a police clearance for every country where she has lived after the age of 16 for 6 months or longer.
You will provide your Fiancee with financial documents to hand-carry to her interview as proof that you can support your intended wife and all members of your household.
After her Embassy interview, your Fiancée will usually receive her visa within 14 business days.
Once the K-1 visa is granted, your Fiancée has 6 months to come to the USA.
Once in the US, your Fiancée has 90 days to marry you or is required to return to her country.
Once you are married your wife is required to file for a Marriage Green Card (Adjustment of Status) to obtain her residency status and avoid deportation.

Being married does not guarantee visa approval!

1. What are the requirements for the Spousal Visa? You must marry in her country. Please contact the US Embassy in her country for specific requirements for marriage.
If either of you has been previously married, you will need all filed final divorce decrees, death certificates or annulments.
The minimum income requirement is currently $18,212 for a family of two. If you are an Alaska resident, the minimum income is $22,762. If you are a Hawaii resident, it is $20.950.
If your income is less than the minimum requirement you will need to get a co-sponsor.
You will provide financial documentation as proof that you can support your wife and all members of your household.
You must have 10-15 photos of you with your wife and, if possible, of you with her family.
You must have documented evidence of communication spanning your relationship. Best evidence: emails talking about your lives (about 30 pages) & telephone bills with her phone number on it. Copies of IM chats are a poor choice and not always accepted. Phone cards and video chats are not accepted as they are not documentable! LACK OF EVIDENCE CAN RESULT IN VISA DENIAL!

2. If my Spouse has children, can they come to the US with her? A separate I-130 petition must be filed for each child under the age of 18 at the same time the mother's petition is filed. There is a filing fee for each submitted petition.

3. How much does it cost? The fee to file a Spousal Petition with the USCIS is $420 per applicant. Additional fees from the National Visa Center and the US Embassy will total about $1,100 per applicant. You are also responsible for travel expenses.

4. How long does it take? Depending on the country, Spousal Visas take from 10 - 18 months to be approved.

5. What happens after we file? The Spousal Visa filing is complicated multiple filing process. Two separate petitions are filed, the required CR1 (I-130) and the optional K3 (I-129F). They travel independently of one another through the government processing.
If she enters the US on the K3, usually quicker by several months than the CR1, she will need to apply for a Green Card (Adjustment of Status) as soon as she enters the US.
If she enters the US on the CR1, usually several months slower than the K3, she will receive her green card within a few weeks of arrival in the US.

1. Who needs to file for a Green Card (Adjustment of Status)? If your Fiancée or Wife entered the US on a K1 or K3 visa, she will need to file for an Adjustment of Status upon her arrival in the US to receive her residency status, to get her SSN and be able to travel outside the USA. If she does not file, she will be subject to deportation.
If your Fiancee or Wife has children traveling to the USA on a K2 or K4 visa, they are also required to file for an Adjustment of Status.

2. What are the requirements? If either of you has been previously married, you will need all filed final divorce decrees, death certificates or annulments.
Birth certificates for all children that each of you have, even if the children are adults.
If the child traveled to the US, your wife must provide custody papers.
The minimum income requirement is currently $18,212 for a family of two. If you are an Alaska resident, the minimum income is $22,762. If you are a Hawaii resident, it is $20.950.
If your income is less than the minimum requirement you will need to get a co-sponsor.
You will provide financial documentation as proof that you can support your wife and all members of your household.

3. How much does it cost? The current USCIS filing fee is $1070 for each applicant 14 or older. The filing fee for each child under the age of 14 filing with parent is $635.

4. How long does it take to get the Green Card?
The approval time for the Adjustment of Status, in most cases, takes 6 months to 1 year.

5. What happens after we file? You will be instructed by USCIS to provide any missing documents or medical forms.
USCIS will give your Spouse an appointment to be fingerprinted.
You are both required to go to the interview.
She will usually have her conditional green card within a few weeks of the interview.

6. If my Spouse is already in the US, is it too late for her children to join her? After your spouse has been a permanent resident for 2 years, she may petition for her child(ren) to join her in the US. This processing is currently taking over 7 years.

Account & Membership Questions

What is an easy way to Order if I do not want to use my Credit Card? If you do not want to use your Credit Card or Paypal, then you can get a "prepaid credit card" at K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Long"s Drugs, CVS Drugs, Walgreens, and about 20 or more others locations. Our experience says to get the card for about $5 more than what you plan to order, just in case there is a fee for using it. With this card, you can just order as you would do on the website, and you are all set.

How do I make changes to my account? To make changes to your account or profile, click on "My Account", then on "Edit Profile" in the top menu. You can update everything from your ad text, a new email address, change in mailing address to your marital status.

How do I let my Full Service Membership expire? To let your membership expire, click on "Account", then "Edit Profile" in the top menu to see your current status. Go to the "Membership Options" Section and select your rebilling preference.

I am getting/ I have already gotten married, how do I stop receiving Matches? If you have become engaged or have gotten married, please click on "My Account", "Edit Profile", then change your "Marital Status" to "Engaged" or "Married". You will not show up in any new searches, or get any additional profile matches. Your profile will also become part of our Testimonials, so please update your ad text!

How do I add photos? Please click on "Photos" in the Top Menu and then "Add/Delete Photos" in the Top Menu.

I've been trying to upload photos, but the system says they are too tall or too wide/

I've been trying to upload photos, but the system will not accept them.

What do I do If you are having issues updating, please send your pictures as attachments to office@blossoms.com. For fastest service, please include your CB ID number or the email address you are using on the site. Please note it can take up to 24 hours for your photo to be updated.

Why can"t I send Email Messages? Please be sure you have completed your profile page, if it is complete, please log off and log back in.

I can"t see any photos on Cherry Blossoms- How do I fix this? If you aren"t seeing images on our site you may have blocked them by accident, which is pretty easy to do in Mozilla Firefox. To unblock the images, open Firefox and go to the Tools menu, click Options, click to the Content tab and find the option that says "Load images automatically". To the right of that option you will see the Exceptions button. Click that button and find "images.blossoms.com" click that and click the Remove Site button at the bottom of the window. Close each window, open the site and you should now see images again. When Corresponding

Why would someone want to marry a person from a different country Our clients believe there is a special person out there who will love them for who they are. They are unafraid to search beyond the boundaries of their city, town, state or even country when looking for true love. Ninety-five percent of the men and women who use our services have the same basic desires and hopes relative to love and marriage and are open to the idea of a foreign spouse.

Should I send money? In most cases the answer to this question is NO. We realize it may not be a lot of money and you want to be helpful, but it can send the wrong message. "Good girls" are taught never to ask for money."" blurb22 = """If you have already met her, fallen in love, become engaged and want to help out a little, it is up to you. If you do send money, do not go overboard on what you send. The average wage in most countries is around 200 USD a month.

What does Deactivated by Admin mean? If a member"s profile is deactivated by Admin, it means they asked for money, sent the same exact email message to many other members (spamming), tried to redirect members to other websites, had multiple accounts or fake profiles, or were being rude to other members.

The website says I cannot put my email in my first message, why not? We are unable to allow this for business security reasons. You will be able to do so in a reply to a message you have received. Our experience shows it"s best to wait until you have gotten a chance to know someone before you share your private info.

What is a realistic age difference? If you are a mature man writing to a young woman, there is a possibility of a gap in emotional maturity. Our experience shows that a 5 to 15 year age difference is best for most people. However, a fifteen to 20 year difference is reasonable if you are 50 years old or older. Almost all scams occur when men over 50 are chasing after women under 25.

I've found someone I am attracted to; what do we talk about? Make sure you know what"s really most important to you. Talk about real things such as health, happiness, love, family and religion. Take the time to get to know them. In doing so, you will screen out 99% of the people who have other ideas besides love and marriage. Technical Support

I am having an issue with connecting to Chat-What can I do to fix it? #1 Fix for 99% of all chat issues... Download the latest version of either IE, FF, Chrome or Safari.
a) Lower your security level in your browser to either Middle or Middle-High.
(Internet Explorer; internet tools then the security tab).
b) Make sure that www.blossoms.com is in the Allow List for the browser you are using.
c) Do not use the AOL Web Browser or WEBTV.
If you use AOL, connect with AOL minimize then use Internet Explorer.
d) Make sure your web browser is the latest version.
e) Click on INTERNET TOOLS / SETTINGS and change the check for new page setting to:
new page setting to: Every visit to page.
f) Clear your history and cache (Internet Explorer; internet tools Delete Files then Clear History.
g) If you are unable to connect with Internet Explorer try Mozilla Firefox (www.getfirefox.com).
h) If you see the "Get Java" message, please download the latest Java Software (www.java.com/getjava/)

I am getting an error loading the Chat window- How do I fix it? Press and hold the SHIFT key and press the F5 key to refresh. In most cases, doing this will fix it.

Why am I getting the "unable to load chat" error when I log in? Our system may be showing you as already being logged on. Make sure you are not logged in on another computer or in another window.

Start Chat isn't working and I'm using Norton Internet Security, what do I do? If you are using Norton Internet Security and the Start Chat is not working, please click on CHAT / Instant Chat Popup Window and this will open a new window which may help.

Why am I not seeing Scrollbars? If you do not see the scrollbars it means your screen resolution is too low. To fix this, you can do the following on any PC. Click on START / CONTROL PANEL / DISPLAY / SETTING and then move the display setting slider from LESS to MORE, or somewhere in the middle. Visa Support Questions

General Visa Info

Can she come to the US without using a K-1 or K-3 Visa? Click here for the official word from the USCIS.

Do I need to get a Travel Visa when I go to see her? This will depend on which country you are visiting. Please click on here to check the Consular Information Sheet for her country.

What should the Visa Photos for the I-129F look like? Click here for government specifications.
Fianceé Visa Specific Info

What are the qualifications for the Fiancée visa? You must meet in person before you can file the petition.
You and your Fiancée must both be single.
If you have been previously married, you will need your filed final divorce decrees, death certificates or annulments.
The minimum income requirement is currently $18,212 for a family of two. If you are an Alaska resident, the minimum income is $22,762. If you are a Hawaii resident, it is $20.950.
If your income is less than $17,112, there are other options. Please contact the Cherry Blossoms Visa Dept.
You must have 10-15 photos of you and your Fiancée together and of you and her family if possible.
You must have documented evidence of continued communication, such as emails, telephone bills and chat logs. Phone cards are not accepted.

If my Fiancée has children, can they come to the US with her? Your Fiancée"s children under the age of 21 may accompany your Fiancée on an approved K-1 visa.

How much does it cost to file? The USCIS filing fee for the K-1 petition is currently $455.

How long does it take? The average time for approval of the K-1 Fiancée petition is 6-10 months from the date of filing, depending on country.

What happens after we file? The petition is approved by the USCIS and the National Visa Center, and sent to the US Embassy in the country in which your Fiancée is currently living. She will have her interview there.
Your Fiancée will have a medical exam and police clearance prior to her Embassy interview.
If your Fiancée has lived in another country after age 16 for 6 months or longer, she will need to obtain a police clearance from that country at the time of her interview with the US Embassy.
After her Embassy interview, your Fiancée will usually receive her visa within 10 days usually by courier.
Once the K-1 visa is granted, your Fiancée has 6 months to come to the USA.
Your Fiancée has 90 days to marry you after her arrival or must return to her country.
Once you are married your wife required to file for an Adjustment of Status to obtain her permanent residency and legally remain in the United States.

Do we need to file the Adjustment of Status? If you are now married and brought your wife here on a Fiancée (K1) Visa, you must file an Adjustment of Status. If you do not, your wife will not have a valid visa for the USA, and risks deportation. She will not be able to get her SSN and cannot travel outside the USA.

Spousal Visa info What are the qualifications for the Spousal Visa? You must marry in her country. Please contact the US Embassy in her country for specific requirements.

If my Spouse has children, can they come to the US with her? A separate I-130 petition must be filed for each child under 21 in conjunction with the mother"s petition. There is a filing fee for each submitted petition.

How much does it cost to file? The fee to file a Spousal Petition with the USCIS is $355. Additional fees from the National Visa Center and the US Embassy will total about $900, in addition to the filing fee.

How long does it take? Depending on country, Spousal Visas take from 10 to 16 months to complete.

What happens after we file? The Spousal Visa filing is complicated multiple filing process. When the I-130 and I-129F are filed, they travel independently through the USCIS system at the same time. If she enters on the I-129F, usually quicker by several months, she will need to apply for permanent residency when she enters the US. If she enters on the I-130, she will receive her green card within a few weeks of arrival.
There is no guarantee of approval, even if you are married.
If you would like support for the Spousal Visa, please contact the CB Visa Dept at: visa@blossoms.com
Adjustment of Status info Do we need to file an adjustment of status The adjustment of status is the petition for her 2 year conditional green card. If your Fiancée/wife entered on the I-129F petition, she will need to file for an adjustment of status upon her arrival in the US and after you get married. If she does not file, she will be subject to deportation. If she has children traveling to the USA on the same petition, they will also require an adjustment of status.

If my Spouse has children, is it too late for them to join her in the USA? After your spouse has been a permanent resident for 2 years, she may petition for her child(ren) to join her in the US. This processing is currently taking over 7 years.

How much does it cost to file? The current USCIS filing fee is $1010 per petition. The filing fee for each child under the age of 14 filing with parent is $600.How long does it take? The approval time for the Adjustment of Status is currently averaging between 4 months to 1 year, if there are no other issues.

What happens after we file? You will be instructed by USCIS to provide any missing documents or medical forms. You are both required to go to the interview. She will usually have her conditional green card within a few weeks of the interview.
The Adjustment of Status is to get a conditional green card, good for 2 years. If she does not petition to the government to have the conditions removed within 90 days prior to the 2 year anniversary of the adjustment, USCIS will begin deportation proceedings. An additional interview will be required to confirm that she is still here under the circumstances which the green card was granted.

Suggestions for Success on the Cherry Blossoms WebsiteWhile the majority of our members are seeking love and marriage; not every man or woman who publishes their profile with Cherry Blossoms has come here for that reason. Please use common sense when meeting someone over the Internet. If something does not feel right, it probably isn't.

The following suggestions are based upon over 30 years experience in the Picture Personals business:

1.Focus: We suggest you focus on what you are looking for in a mate. Take the time to write down the qualities you are looking for so you can focus on communicating with women who have those qualities, rather than women who do not.

2.Strategy: Once you know what you are looking for, start sending emails and chatting with members who give you a good feeling. Talk about things that have meaning in your life; your work, family, hobbies, and what you are looking for in a mate. Ask the same questions of the person with whom you are communicating. Avoid references to your financial status or overly sexual subjects, as these could make you a target of scammers or women with agendas other than love and marriage.

3.Photos:" Posted photos do make a difference in how many responses you receive; 90% of the messages sent out on our web site are sent to people that have their photos posted. A Full Service Membership will allow you to post up to twelve! Click here to upload photos.

4.Age Differences: While focusing on women you find attractive, be sensitive to large age differences. Over the years, our members have found that if the difference in age is too large it can be challenging in a relationship. There can be a gap in maturity levels and you may not have much in common. In Asia, it is socially acceptable to have a 10-20 year age difference. In Eastern Europe, the age gap is more commonly 10 years or less. The majority of scams/cons reported to us occur to men age 50 and older corresponding with women 25 years and younger.

5.Personal Contact: Don't give out your private email or other personal information before you've had a chance to really get to know someone. Many women who ask for this kind of information or invite you to go to an independent chat or webcam site on a first contact are likely to be scammers or someone with an agenda other than love and marriage. Stay on Cherry Blossoms while you are getting to know each other. Many of our members, men and women, have regretted giving out personal contact information too soon.

6.Asking for Money: Would you give money to someone you don't know living in your own country? Probably not. Our members find value in following this principle when meeting people over the Internet. Never send money to anyone you have not met in person, for any reason. If someone asks you for money we ask that you report them to office@blossoms.com immediately.

7.Tourist Visas: Tourist visas to the United States are difficult for most women on our web site to obtain. If a woman asks you for money to help on a tourist visa it is usually a scam or a con. Please report this to office@blossoms.com

8.Immigration: Once you have met someone on-line and would like to explore the immigration process to the United States or Canada please email visa@blossoms.com

9.Help: If you are having technical issues with our web site please click on the help link.

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